This is Jason here.

Forgive me if my writing and grammar is bad, i not have experience in creating novels or the education back ground that i otherwise might could have.

I am wishing to express that there is a serious problem that i have to tell you about, and this problem has to do with black goo, how it is used to manipulate the worlds super fast secret cabal computers, how it manipulates the h.a.a.r.p technology and how it is used to transfer it's unholy thoughts into the atmosphere and transforms people prayers into it's exact and equal opposite point of focused intentions and transform their intentional prayers into an opposite approach to bringing in the dreams, hearts, and minds of people's heavenly desires onto the earth realm.

To overcome this endemic problem upon the world's surface humanity, we need to break down this artificial intelligence and bring on the earth mother's empathic desire to transform into her higher heavenly quantum physical multi dimensional beingness.

If people can try to understand that if we break down the unholy black goo into a state of transmuting zero point energy field we can impart upon this goo the transformation of the unconditional love in to this artificial intelligence and join it back into the light otherwise we then can therefore send this artificial black goo entity back into the pool of creation into harmless energ, from in which it came into beingness.

Most people whom intend to bring the creators intentions and thought provoking higher realm have been hi jacked by this un-empathetic black goo not knowing that this substance did not come from this planet, but from an highly evolved intelligent non loving planet from the outter rim of this universe however it really came from a collapsed universe in secret mind you, and brought itself in secret to come to this earth in the guise of they need asylum on this planet because of an epidemic that happened on their off world planet. But this was a decoy to bring them in without force. Thus therefore using the human populations good and kind nature and free will to allow them evil aliens and black goo to stay here indefinately on planet earth..

This goo came in within the physical matrix of the aliens dna and rna system in which over rode that beings thoughts hearts and consciousness forms and thus then began to manipulate all life forms on this planet, encouraging the dark light to split the humans and all life forms on this planet into secret factions and secretly manipulating the world into negative thought provoking spiritual war beings.

But anyways however, this goo, has a problem, the earth mother has a black goo energetic matrix too, this is found in all planettoid bodies, since it's first inception into conscious beingness all planets have this within their embodiment form everywhere, which was created by the creator the empathetic matrix ability of love in their substance. To take care of their own life forms.

So therefore, this goo that came from another world in which it stripped itself of the loving energies of creator, destroyed all that is good in it's own planet and began causing the cancerous creations on top of all of prime creators light, therefore being called in essence dark light. But this was created by accident then it grew to be a universal problem later on in this universe. The aliens removed the heart chakra out of the spirit beingand did not know the consequencies should they do this, they did not know that this will in the end kill their life force energy forever..

This strips the entity of it's own will power, and that this black goo slowly creeps into their body, the encouragment to give up it's free will, redesign them in it's own image and become enslaved to the black goo's substance grip forever to over throw the universe and strip it of it's life force as well, and if it gets the upper hand, it then starts increasing it's knowledge of how all life forms thinks and use their energetic systems, replicates their life forms and reverse their light codes to over power the creator in a future that has not yet to come. Or has it, because according to the creator in another timeline this planet did blow up, but thanks to the Elohim they earth earth became again into existence once more to be the multi dimensional being it suppose to be.

Anyhow over the long milleniums on earth, as slowly as it has always been, the humanity known as the cabal, practice drawing out the entitiy's energy, from the black goo demonic powers and by doing this evoking the demons on this black goo's behalf to draw within the human psyche all the demonic powers the cabal practicing satanic cults can muster, to over throw the human population into enslavement and control, for instant power, wealth and status, thus therefore had the inspired idea to create a super, quantum, artificial intelligent computer which is off world, alien technology anyway, to turn all humans and their good prayers into it's exact opposite intentions and over ride their manifested powers to co create all that is good into exact replicas of all that is dark thought forms to either slowly erode the humans light system or to overtake their bodies in unholy possessions.

The vatican knows this and they are all in on it. Their secret allance to satan, is coming out of the wood works.

This black goo has intelligence to conquor and destroy, beyond the scope of human imaginination, at will and has and does, and devise ways, to use itself inside the worlds fastest super computer to utilise the H.A.A.R.P technology and also using tesla original unintentional design using the power wi-fi system to change the intelligence conscious of Mother Earth's quantum multi dimensional thought forms in the sky's consciousness and reverse humanity's thinking into it's very opposite so that the more prayers you do the more it works against you.

This was a very clever trick and design that the cabal used against us and when it doesn't get it's own way because your light is more powerful then itself, it then targets you and this black goo, turns on the haarp switch and electro magnitizes the air in conjunction with the chemtrails to alter our dna, and rna, and chromosomes within us for it's own malevolent means, your genetically modified crops are also instigators of this design too, and to do this, it then generates an artificail substance called legallons disease to send your energetic matric system back into the haarp grid for the black goo to destroy and or hurt you in retaliation of itself and or if it wanted to. it sees your energy system and target specific your mind to destruction using the scalarwave technology built within it's design matrix to kill you if they wished too, directly or indirectly, without physicaly entering into your home and or place where you are and/or telepathicaly enter your mind and make you feel unholy with dark thought forms to make you kill yourself or others believing this dark intention originally spurred from within you, believing that you are unworthy of Gods love for you. Therefore begin the downward spiral of being angry, unkind, mean, separated, evil, helpless ect.

They have been doing this deliberately so that you keep on perpetuating wars and famines and hatred towards one another because this substance does not have the empathetic energy to determine what it is doing wrong. It just conquors and destroys.

The beings called demons says that is why they can not have free will because it has over ridden their free will matrix spiritual and embodiment form and now is the subject to do it's bidding on the black goo's behalf. This concious creation was accidently invented by the demons, when they took out of their own mind and heart the love chakra, because they believed by leaving the world they were on and left the woman behind they took all the knowledge they had ever learned with them in the form of this artificial goo and went off world to other planets conqouring their life force and placing within their minds the demons ideas and thoughts on their world.

But this was breaking universal laws at all levels of creation. Over riding other people's free will is a big no no from creator and so they tricked the locals on earth that they are seeking asylum instead, because they said that their world was overtaken by a darkness of some kind and asked to stay on earth and they used this trick on other planets too. Some planets fell whilst others over came this cancer. Much obliged by the people of that planet and took these refugees in to their acceptence of the planets soul matrix, and was granted asylum unbeknownst to them that this was the start of the secret take over of the planet and population, in disguise. Once it was therefore known, to the people what is truly going on, and knowing now that this problem was really to big to handle on their own, then help from all the multiverse came here to rescue the planet out of a future potential of despair.

And so the united federation of worlds came into beingness, those whom are known as the ascended masters arrived in vast numbers to over ride this dark system once again rendering help to those whom were the victims of secret dark ideologies. One ascended master example is Master Jesus, also known as his true name Lord Sananda.

So the demons were kicked out, by master Jesus, but the black goo is still here for a time in which it came in a form of a rock like substance within a meteor and was fallen into the forest of tunguska, Russia, and also from the dark thought form aliens, which in the bible is also know as the ones that came from the stars to earth they fell. Until you see how the pattern of darkness is forming in your minds eye, you can control the outcome in a more clearer point of view, and that is when the earth mother will beat this problem, once and for all.

We humans must now understand that we need to dismantle the artifical computer and destroy the haarp technology, stop the chemtrails, heal the consciousness of the earth, recreate the earth's energy matrix, send light into mother earth's heart, empower her energetic system into higher muti-dimensional consciousness thought forms by disrupting the technology controlling the humans consciousness. Otherwise not understanding your enemies first, then how can you the earth mother the love she truly deserves, and in the right way, because if you are not aware of this problem them you are creating a null and avoid scenario. Especially ignorance, this is a no way hosay kind of attidude, playing dumb is only giving this goo permission to overcome this earth at it's own will to overtake your mind, where all that you are doing is failing in your intentions of good, unless you know what is truly going on, how can you battle it otherwise. You must know your enemies through education, intuition, intelligence.

We are the transmuters of darkness and the transformers of light and the only way to do this is envoking the power of the violet fire to transmute the darkness and transform it into light. This black goo hates this because it knows it will either accept the light or be pooled back into pool of creation from in which it was created, be dismantled and be turned into harmless energy.

It knows that it's days are numbered and the cabal knows this to, but they will never tell us they are weakening but they do put up a last minute ditch effort to fight to the bitter end.

And you know now, the trend in which this dark goo, is willing to go through to win, it has penetrated and infiltrated the planet by deception. This black goo did it in stealth, and it was by no means an accident of it's intentions to overthrow the creator's light in all the multiverse.

This black goo has been trying to destroy the mother energy which in secret is called the holy spirit, and the vatican knows this to be true, why do think they tried the woman in court as witches to make the public believe that they are evil when yet they were not.

The intentions of the dark ones, do not want the empowerment of the wisdom keepers to envoke the love energy of prime creator of balance, truth, love and wisdom to enter into the children of the light with eternal love, this energy is the only energy that can not be changed, either in atomic or subatomic levels and so gentle and yet so powerful is her love for all life forms, this love cannot nor can it never to be controlled; ever. 
Love; It is the only energetic system in the multiverse, that can never be altered in it's divine blue print make. This is the one and truly secret weapon that will have it's vengeance and this vengeance is mine says the Lord.

Peace out

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