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Bilderberg Plans World Population Reduction Of 80% ...SO THEY PLAN TO KILL 80% OF THE HUMANS ON THIS PLANET...IT IS NOT A VERY NICE THING TO DO

This is HEAVY KARMA what else can you do except kill them first before they kill you

Please watch the Video's below so you know what these demonic beings are planning

Bilderberg Plans World Population Reduction Of 80%

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It's my thought that the Galactic Federation of Light wouldn't believe some conservative guy with a Bible that speaks lies....

Thats what I think....

Sorry but it's true.

True the dark are loosing their battle but i have a feeling that we are getting a lot of help from Higher Dimension Beings without them totally revealing themselves. Also the Galactic Federation of Light are doing the clearing work without totally revealing themselves. MORE ACTION WILL HAPPEN AS 2012 APPROACHES


If the Bilderbergs would leave, than we have already a reduction of 80% of all world problems. *evil grins*
Maybe some people are good people no matter what their last name is... Maybe even they can change.
The Egypt situation is a set up to inject  Mohammad Albaradi and manipulate regime change. A tactful way to topple the government from the inside, making the people think there is a change underway.
Humans are not bred for slaughter and slavery... I don't know what world you're living in, but it's definitely different than the world I see evolving.
I think some of us have sacrificed physical form to get in and see what is going on- I believe we are eternal beings-- all of us- death in the physical is an illusion-so they really can't "finish you off".  As far as eating you?? Not sure..I don't think you can eat a persons true essence. I am trying to figure things out like everyone else.  I think it is more likely that we just fall asleep again.  Only to try once again to break free when given the opportunity to awaken to the beautiful beings that we were in the beginning.  I am trying a record reversal at this point....Where did my garden go???? I remember the silence prior to all of this......Really think about what that might have been like.  Be careful with your thoughts and words.  You get caught again in the illusion. Keep it simple.  I have been floundering like everyone else.....we have to take it back...all of it --your divinity--your right to be. I don't know about you guys but I don't want anymore so called lessons....I am learning to say NO again and it feels really good. No I don't have to believe you..No I don't have to follow the sheeple. Dare to be who you are - that is the gift of Gods Grace!  I am pretty sure that we have all been through this before.
One more thing, I believe the groups such as the Bilderberg's are being watch and have been for quite some time.  I get overwhelmed just thinking about the magnitude and scope - a long time ago I surrendered to the Light.  I ask for assistance from the beings of light.  They can get things done that those of us in physical (ground crew) are not able to do. I am pretty sure they know what is going on. I just have to trust in the help that I believe we are getting in many diverse and different ways and forms.  What one can not help with another will.  Traditional God and the angels do exist
The best thing to do is to INVOKE THE LIGHT WARRIORS who were created to help the Light Workers to destroy this 20% before they destroy all of us
Like so...which I will do on behalf of 80% which includes me
I pray to the Prime Creator who created the special Light Warriors..
I pray to the Light Warriors to move into action and destroy the 20% Dark Forces who are trying to harm us now and planning to kill us
I pray to the Light Warriors to remove all darkness from this Planet so we all go into 5D New Earth smoothly and more into the 7th Golden Age as was the Divine Plan of the Prime Creator
We Thank the Light Warriors for helping us Now
May there always be Victory to the Light.

So you're saying that people should go out and Kill the people who are evil?  Who decides a man or woman's fate?

What if someone tried to kill you because you believed in Aliens?  Killing isn't the Solution Ravinder....

You need to see that... really.... It's so horrible to condemn someone to death because you think they are evil....


When they probably aren't evil at all.... I know for a Fact that Oprah and Gates are good people and have done more to help people then you probably ever will. 

This is also not to be taken lightly and could effect us all.
However the Inner Earth Beings, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Earth-Keepers should already know about this and must be taking action to prevent major disaster occurring
Unless we are going to Nuke the whole planet Earth thereby setting off galactic consequences, the GFL etc will not interfere or save us. There is the law of non-interference. We must be allowed to evolve as we will, collectively. It is up to us to save ourselves.



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