Big News My Friends!!!!!!

 swiss parliamentarians to force way into bilderberg much more information at this website.


It's happening my friends, it's starting to roll out getting rid of the dark cabal.


love, light and peace






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  • Alex Jones has been to the Bilderberg site and shortly afterwards he never remained the same - the hotel claimed his mind.
  • Ingibjorg Solrun may have visited the hotel - she got cancer. David Oddsson visited it - he got sick and got cancer and he didn´t get another one after he made a decision never to visit it again. Steingrimur J. Sigfusson is reported to be a Bilderberger and he´s one of our worst ministers of finance ever. Bjorn Bjarnason visited and the hotel claimed one of his lungs. If people visited the hotel, they lost relatives and in some cases even their very lives. If that didn´t happen, mysterious circumnstances of extreme bad luck took over their lives and even their possessions.

    And it wasn´t until people began to actually realize that the hotel doesn´t want anyone to visit it - that word began to spread that there was something wrong about this hotel which couldn´t be explained rationally by any other means than that the hotel never wanted to be born there. It desires in my opinion nothing more than being put to final rest......

  • Of course it had to happen - but I´d advise these swiss congresspeople to STAY AWAY FROM THE BILDERBERG HOTEL.

    This is not a safe place to visit - it´s no good visiting this hotel. The hotel should be removed, any painting or other object belonging to the hotel which can be taken outside should be removed from the hotel.

    The hotel should be condemned and then removed permanently and no building placed in it´s place.

    There should be no one after that permitted to enter or leave that area unless it is absolutely sure there is no house resting upon it.

    I wouldn´t want to visit the Bilderberger hotel myself pointlessly only to get cancer, insanity or something else happen to myself in punishment. No way. I have much enough self respect not to do that.

    There´s a safe route to get the info though - legalize it out of the hotel, and into the public domain, without ever having to actually enter the damn building.

    For fuck´s sake.

  • Old but important news.........................
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