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Last night, I have a magical dream where all else of Earth is in full love and light....
I'm going to describle it the best I can but the shortest I can since this dream is literally a wall of text.

At the dawn of my dream, It was 2014, I was watching the T.V but only to find a exotic event is happening. A huge ship crashing towards the face of Earth, missles were fired in fear it can theaten our existence but no effects. The ship then slowed down and somehow landed safely on the Atlantic Ocean. Bridges were being drawn out of that ship... a Alien specie pours out, walking around and waving. Strangely, they were all look human and all were female, their skin looks golden and they have beautiful green-lizard like eyes, their hair red or blonde. They call themselves The Ayveils... an-all female race, the U.S came to them and taken them to secret underground labs, a portion of Humanity wanted them to have freedom and so they were free. After that, the population of Earth is now 11 billion.

Then these events fades away and I awaken into the future, so this dream is like going from one year to 5 years.
Next I remember looking at the calender at some govrnment building on a govrnment wall. It was 2018, then some kind of Govrnment offical walked up to me along with an Ayveil beside him. "I'm glad you're willing to give these beautiful women the support to their rights on this Earth." he says. But these words came out of my mouth, like I knew what's going on. "Yes, I'm willing to give all my heart and support to them, how about 5 million dollars?". The man eyes gaze as well as the Golden alien... She said "Thank you!" and smiled. "You don't know what you done Sir, you have brought Light into the darkness! I'm sorry about the shortage of the meeting in our arrangement but we'll take it from here!" the man implied. So we all walked away, I walked out of the building only to see a group of teens punching and kicking a small child... that was a Ayveil. She was 10 years old, names were called "Golden B****!" or racist sayings "You don't belong here!". Anyway, I pulled out my Chrome Pistol and pointed at the teens shouting "Stop it now!". Of course, the group ran away in fear. I went over to the cute little alien and said "Are you okay?" but the scene fades and I'm going to the next future.

I was in a office, a very posh one. There was a poster of me saying "Join Unity and connect as One!" in the office, at the bottom it was 2019. I was talking to a family of the Ayveil (2 females and one child?), they were sat on the comfty chairs on the other side of my desk, we were talking about some estate or town I made (with my unknown source of money as course). "So Sir, how much does it cost to live in this house?" as the Ayveil on the right was saying and pointing at a house in a booklet for houses in town. "It's free" I told them and they were purely surprised "Are you joking?" they asked. "No, I'm serious. Look, you're a part of a race I love with heart as I love Humanity. As far as I'm concerned, you're family!" I told them and smiled.
The family was in tears, the Ayveil on the left said "We're just so happy we can finally be safe and happy, our oldest daughter was killed by that group who find one of us and hang us for free." We then all hugged and said our goodbyes. The scene fades.

Next I know, im a Boss of a very powerful company called 'The Unity'. Got sereval towns of Ayveils and human happily accepting each other. It was 2027, I might be 32 or 33 but I'm old enough to get wrinkles. As I am looking in the mirror in my private pent-house on my main HQ for 'Unity'. I got out of the bathroom to my luxury room only to find a Ayveil standing there, formally dressed. Must be an enployee of my company. "I have something important to tell you..." she says. So we sat on the coach. "What is it Zibella?" (Must have a relationship with her). "There's are Ayveil citzens kidnapped by the Human group, wanting an exchange for a billion dollars..." she informs me. "Send in the 66th savior group, they'll know what to do! But... I bet you didn't come to inform of that didn't you?" I said. "That's true... I want to talk... we only formally kissed each other on tuesday but we're more than that..." she says. "Yes we are..." I said. She then holds my hands "When our souls are connected in love, you will live as long as I live... I'm not sure you're okay living for a thousand years since you human live up to a hundred years. This is a tough commitment, Will you be commited together?" I imply "Yes, we will be commited in love as Soulmates...". Then we errr..... went into sexual detail on that night but we're going to view that part.

Next, I was walking on the 25th floor of my HQ. The department of Spiritually. I opened one of the doors to a classroom. There were 10 students there... both human and Ayveil... listening to Ben-Arion on how to focus on your inner-self. "Glad to see you here, join us... there's a free mat in the middle!" Ben said.
I chuckled and Ben asks "What's so funny?" and I replied "You added more wisdom than the last few years you worked here!" Since Ben has grey hair and a grey beard.

I'm going to stop now but I'll add more later!

Feel free to discuss your dreams!

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Great fantasy for a young guy.

Very interesting dream, thank you for sharing with us... I look forward to read more about your experience of being in classroom with Ben-Arion.  And thank you for sharing your dreams of Ayveils with us, it is very interesting read!

Most likely your sleep is the result of poisoning, resulting from the use of poor-quality food for dinner.



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