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im happy to see you got nice weather!! Chearz


Thankyou dear Brother Ben , for sharing, these wonderful  update video's.....Love & Blessings on your journey there...

Thank you brother Ben Arion for sharing

Have a Great Time, Will be joining via live stream. Peace love & wonder to you

i will be there as much as i can these next four days.your only 10 min. away from me.

thank you for sharing these wonderful videos...your glasses look cool...much love to you

Thank you Ben Arion from Sweden. Please to contact Henrik Edberg of Positivity Blog on Facebook or web site.  Tell him I recommend.  LOVE!  i WILL FOLLOW YOUR STREAM SINCE i HAVE NO WAY TO BE THERE. Left my cap lock on by accident. Will go to YOU TUBE for you. I am in contact with Telos people.  I pray for us to take our selection.  May God be with us ALL  <3

.. the futures so bright.. you gotta wear shades .. 

brother , i am so lucky ,spent all day at the meet up and saw bashar in person.they is way better than i could imagine,spoke with and got a few big hugs from ben, what a wonderful gift to humanity and a pleasure to be in the presence of one so humble and respectful and caring and loving and radiant as all there where ,i will be there perhaps tomorrow but for sure on monday ,the future is bright indeed my friends

Nice Obi Wan ~ I will be there tomorrow and Monday :-) Cant wait to meet you All !!!! :-)

@Delilah =) Wonderful! I will be there around 12 PM and to Late evening. <3

Wonderful Ben!!!! :-) Going to be amazing!! <3



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