beloved lightworkers

October 10-17, 2010

Beloved Lightworkers,

You are now receiving powerful energies that will continue to createchanges within your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Allblockages and obstructions that have been keeping you from movingforward on your spiritual journey are now dissolving and you will finda greater sense of ease and well-being filling you now. All that oncekept you from releasing  that which no longer serves you is now beingremoved. Know that you have myriad helpers from the Higher planesworking with you to create a greater connection to your Higher Self. Beopen and observant in the days ahead and be willing to look at yourdaily existence in a new and different way.

As your mind expands into new possibilities and you cross boundaries thathave kept you chained to the old paradigms, you will experience agreater sense of freedom and a reconnection with your own sovereigntyand power and this will expand your thinking into new avenues andsolutions that were not visible for you before. As the greater Lightpulsates in waves upon your Planet, it opens your Higher chakras togreater awareness and perceptions than you have ever experiencedbefore. This might be confusing at first and you will find it difficultto explain to others what you are seeing and perceiving. This will bean experience that occurs on a personal level rather than one that isshared with others, for it is a time of the opening of your greatercapabilities. It will not happen suddenly, rather, it will be a gradualprocess and it will be helpful for you to be aware of the process sothat you can take full advantage as your extrasensory abilities beginto be noticed in your daily interactions with others around you.

Some of you will be experiencing a greater opening of your abilities,including the ability to channel the Higher dimensions. Always set theintent that only the very highest truth and 100 percent Light may comethrough you and that only that which is the Highest Christ vibrationmay come through. Be sure that you are clear of your own less thanLight energies by doing a clearing exercise such as the Total EnergyClearing that the Scribe has posted on her Decrees page -  before attempting to channel through a Light Being from the other side of thethinning veil. It is important to approach the channeling session withas pure an attitude as is possible in that moment. In order to attracta higher level Being, one must do the daily disciplines so that yourfrequency level is operating within the Higher realms. Most of you arealready doing this so this should not be a major problem for you. It isimportant to set aside a certain time each day for this practice and topractice diligently. You will also begin to receive impressions andthoughts from others around you so be aware that this ability isopening up and keep yourselves in equilibrium so that you do not reactto these thoughts in a personal way but will just be a witness to them.

As you can tell, you are now entering a time of the blossoming forth ofyour abilities and talents and you will begin to reap the harvest ofthe seeds you have been planting for such a long, long time. It is atime of harvest now, Beloved Ones, so keep yourselves on the High Roadat all times and hold to your Highest Visions. Do not give up in thefinal moments before the unfolding of this precious time and spend asmuch alone time as you can claim for yourselves in these changingtimes. Your Light is spreading and your sphere of influence is growingever larger. Be kind to yourselves and practice smiling at others, fora smile can melt the strongest shields that have been built around thehuman hearts around you, and find many things to laugh about andcelebrate each day. Nurture your ever growing attitude of gratitude,for this is the shortest road to the One Source. Make the words “thankyou” be a constant refrain in the inner recesses of your thinkingprocesses and prepare yourselves for the emergence of the miraculous inthe days ahead.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion


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  • ~ Bring on the Light ~


    It's an amazing time we live in!!!! :-)

    Thanks for the post, very cool message :)
    • another one happy! thank YOU! haha love mariza
  • thank you thank you thank!!!!! i'm so excited!!!! WOO!!!!!
    • haha you are double exited!
      great that you are happy with it!
      much love and joy!
  • thank you thank you thank!!!!! i'm so excited!!!! WOO!!!!!
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