Welcome beloveds we have come to communicate and support at this time. We are the BEings from beyond and before time and we come to guide around the further dissolving of the old energies and concepts and the emergence of the new energies. We are here to help YOU understand and anchor the new energies as YOU detach and dissolve the old.

Much is written about the concept of time and that is what we wish to guide on at this time, as many humans across the planet start to detach from the illusion of time in all forms. For many this transitionary period of integration has caused much anxiety and many fears have arisen to the surface in order to be released and transmuted. For many others those fears still hold on, unable to be released as the human concerned holds on to that which is routine for fear of the unknown, yet the unknown contains their highest potential and it is this we wish to guide upon.

Time is a concept that has enslaved the human race and constrained and contained. Many humans across the planet have anchored the concept of time so deeply into their BEing that they are unable to see how to detach from something that suppresses. Many cling on to the concept of time and “same” in a desperate attempt to make sense of the world around them and we guide ALL to detach from this behaviour. Whilst the mind whirls into overdrive driving to prove and disprove, trying to make sense of the chaos that is freedom, illusion grows dear ones and it is illusion who is YOUr keeper. We ask why the need for so much constraint in a world that is now FREE?

Many have not understood fully the concept of time being a ruler and we note that until recently our channel did not fully understand the whole concept of this. She has now been shown the biggest illusion of all in relation to the calendar and we are confident she can move past this. We guide on the concept of months, days and years and guide ALL to detach from these teachings. The calendar was invented as a form of control and many now live their life experience through the containment of the 24hour period and the time called months. This is a form of control that perpetuates “same” beloved ones and that is a tool of illusion.

We note that many are now gearing up to the 11/11/11 and we guide ALL to be wary of falling into this. Whilst this date is a portal and contains much significance for the human race it has not come into the moment beloveds. At this time the “date” is moving to take ALL who attach to it out of the moment and into the future, which is a teaching of illusion. YOU create at this moment beloved ones, this moment, not in the future nor the past for that is illusion, the only time is NOW.

Many are now looking forward as they did to the Ascension process and expecting miracles to happen when they have not created the energy of the miracles prior to the creation of the miracle. Do you understand our analogy? do you understand our words? The gateway will produce miracles but it is the potential that is to be worked with, if YOU stand and wait dear ones then YOU will wait forever for the universe awaits YOUr call to creation. We guide most clearly that YOU create, YOU are the driving force of this YOUr human life experience and that is co-created at will with ALL realms.

If YOU sit back as illusion is teaching and await a date in the future then YOU give YOUr power away and we guide ALL to detach from this way of BEing. Many are now making plans for this date and yet we note that none are working with the universe to create on this date. Let us explain further to clarify our words. The energies available on this date are immense and will seek to push dreams further than dreams have gone before yet we note that many across the planet do not dream. Many are still bound by the teachings of illusion that seek to teach that life is something that happens to the human BEing. This is not TRUTH. Life experience is created from within the human BEing at ALL TIMES. Many will awaken on the 11/11/11 to find that their power has not increased, as they have not created the dream to bring into creation.

We seek to guide most strongly that the universe that YOU understand co-creates; it does not idly deliver to those who wait patiently. Such is the change in energies that YOU are powerful beyond measure yet many wait as they have been instructed to do for aeons. This is not seeing the new unfold beloved ones this is the attempt by illusion to maintain “same”. Akin to the rules invented by illusion to seek to lower and contain the human vibration this waiting achieves the same thing.

Many are under the illusion that somehow all will be delivered to them on this auspicious date yet those same humans have not co-created or “sent in their order”. How does a universe that works to co-create and bring the magic of the dream to creation react to this? Many will awaken to disappointment when they realise that the doorway was open yet they failed to step through it.

We seek to guide and support to show that YOU are the creators beloved ones but the lower energies of waiting and rules are still in operation. YOU are not bound by ANY rules, the new energies do not support the oppression of the human race yet many have not moved in behaviours nor action and we ask why?

Many are now seeking others to explain to them how to create and we guide that creation comes from within each human BEing. Whilst many appear to work together they are in fact creating singly. The creations may be blended to bring dreams that are similar into creation but as each human BEing is individual and unique it is not possible to recreate the same dream exactly. Do you understand our analogy?

We cannot guide strongly enough for humans across the planet to take up the reigns of their life experience and to create, the pages are blank and until you do the work to fill the pages they will remain blank. Being able to access higher portals of immense energy will seek to make the blank pages glow with energy but if there is nothing written on the page there is nothing to bring to creation. We guide this to show the level of power of the human race and not in judgement for judgement is not our role.

We wish to guide now on blending and ask that YOU read our words and process with the heart for the heart knows TRUTH. Many humans across the planet are still in mind centred life experience and we guide to detach from this. The human mind will not be able to make sense of the new energies as the human mind is unable to FEEL, that is the role of the heart. The clearing that has gone on across the planet has opened the heart yet many still pull back from fully engaging in this process. We guide once more beloved ones that the mind is not the organ for FEELing emotion.

Many of the creations that appear on earth are brought into creation from the thoughts and feelings of the creator of them. They appear as visions and then the emotions bring the vision to life as it were. We guide YOU to FEEL the creations and pour the emotions through YOUr vision of YOUr human life experience. Those who are able to connect fully with their dreams and visions have the power to bring them into the physical for the emotion drives the energy that drives the creation. Do you understand our analogy? That is why ALL realms guide that the reason for the human life experience is to follow what makes the heart sing. For the heart singing has tremendous power that is sent out across the ethers. This power is vast, for the power of sound, the power of the note that the LOVE that IS creates is vast. Combine this with FAITH and YOU will create at powerful levels. Yet many do not connect with the heart and do not allow the creation of the note of the LOVE that IS.

Many humans across the planet work in roles that they do not connect with and we guide that this was created to contain by illusion. If what YOU do most of the waking life experience does not resonate and does not make YOUr heart sing then how do YOU create the note of the LOVE that IS that will resonate throughout the heavens? The answer is that YOU cannot and this has been used as a tool of suppression by illusion for aeons.

For those who connect with the heart and who follow the heart to create the notes the creation of the dream is more straightforward, for the power behind the creation is LOVE and LOVE is the answer to ALL beloved ones. For LOVE creates and LOVE soars and LOVE is what YOU are. Do you see our analogy beloved ones? Do you see how illusion still teaches through the behaviours and beliefs that is has anchored within YOU? Illusion may be breaking down and dissolving but the dissolving of the behaviours, borne out of illusion teachings, must be dissolved by each human who has anchored these teachings within their BEing.

Music is the key beloved ones; music is not a creation or an invention that is co-incidental. The music of the spheres is the orchestrated song of creation. Work with the notes of YOUr human life experience and allow the notes to sing to YOU for YOU are the music of the spheres. Each human BEing alive on planet earth has a note and it is this note that identifies who YOU are to the universe. If YOU blend YOUr notes with the notes of the realms who are here to guide and support YOU create the song of creation. Whilst YOU wait for something to magically change in YOUr life experience what is sent out to the universe is a single note and silence. That silence can only be changed by YOU, do you understand our analogy?

Many are now excitedly looking FORWARD to the 11/11/11 but in looking forward they take their eyes off the power of NOW. That for many human BEings will rob them further of their power as they believe that they have no work to do, that life will somehow open and expand with no input on their part. We guide this is a teaching of illusion and to detach from this teaching. If YOU do not work beloved ones, if YOU do not send YOUr dream, YOUr song out the universe then what do you expect back? For the human life experience is created by YOU at all times, it is not a series of co-incidences that just happen to land on YOUr doorstep.

More frustration will arise within many across the planet as the new energies unfold and they realise that illusion taught them to wait and to wait. For the waiting will see the universe send YOU more waiting for that is how the universe works beloved ones. It delivers what it is asked to deliver. If YOU wait and wait then it can only send YOU waiting time. Many are now beginning to anchor the new energies and this has seen vast leaps forward in the creations that they dream, for to dream is to be able to create. It is not possible to create without first dreaming. For many the dreamtime is still a place of nightmares and of memories that they are trying to run from. We guide most strongly to use dreamtime to allow that which no longer serves to go and be transmuted back into the LOVE that IS. Do not be afraid to dream beloved ones for illusion has tried to teach that dreaming is useless, illusion knows the power of dreams and that is why it uses the scenarios of death and destruction via the media and games to keep YOU out of dreamtime. A human BEing so exhausted they cannot dream is a human BEing enslaved and contained. A human BEing so afraid to close their eyes for they do not want to see what is there is a human BEing who is controlled and suppressed.

The time of freedom is NOW dear ones, take back the power that is YOU and dare to dream, dream BIG in bright beautiful colours and then ask to blend with ALL realms to increase the volume of the song that YOU send out to the universe. For we all dance the dance of creation to the tune that is created by YOU beloved ones. Learn to tune the note that is YOU and learn to create beautiful music by becoming the conductor. An orchestra without a conductor is lost. Find the music within YOU, connect to it and let the music play for YOU are a vastly powerful BEing.

Do not let the calendar; the clock and other instruments of illusion remove the power that is YOU. For YOU create at all moments and not just on one day or one date of the year. We are the BEings from beyond and before time and we come to guide and support ALL as they begin to find their feet and learn to walk once more. ALL ARE ONE.

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  • thanks bro i been trying to tell people this for years because jesus gave one point to this truth too about why do shepherds look at the sky at night to bring these shepherds great delight when yet tomorrow has it's many problems but trying to believe in the aspect of nowness is the only way to create your reality. Back then not many people understood this one great philosophy, because it went into the great hard basket anyways as time went on. but the churches of the greats new this and manipulated the people using this truth so people over the centuries became entrapped by those who came into power and fooled the world into their way of thinking


  • I like this article. Live in the now moment and create your own reality. Our canvass is blank and the universe will create the reality that we painted in the canvass. If we do not do anything in our canvass, there is also nothing that the universe can create for us. Do not wait for the expected date to come. Start doing now what you expect to create when that expected date comes.
  • Good post, I try'd to link my post Pandoras Box to this message from Beings from Beyond, didnt work but did find a video of a american indian who talks of the same topic, Hope also takes you into the future and away from the NOW and has you do nothing just wait and HOPE.

    • I'd say rather have faith than hope, cos the other side of hope is despair! Hope is humanities biggest downfall, quit hoping & hoping something will happen and just have faith with conviction that it has already come to pass, and it shall be so for you.

      • Belief, Hope, and Faith can all be parts of something positive, if you allow them to be, but I get the taking action part, and totally agree.
      • I think this post is just reminding us to stay in the moment as best we can by staying out of the future or the past as the human mind and all its noise is mainly thoughts in the past or future.  and simply stay centered in the heart were all light from source builds your power to hold the space and leave elusion outside in the world were it belongs.  not so easy to do though. practice, and meditate and turn off the TV,. ect.
  • What???
    • I think this means that the wagons are starting to circle around the burning bush.. the wagons our minds, and the burning bush is our hearts, were all the power and answers are found in the present moment each breath we take is life one breath at a time, and the only absalute power over the moment is in the moment. How can you stay in the moment if you mind is busy circling the heart all the time.  stop and enter that space in the moment, it works, thats the power of now and creation of love that make the bush burn for ever.
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Tragic stories continue to come documenting the horrific loss of life and crippling effects of the COVID-19 shots, which many medical doctors and scientists are now calling "bioweapons." Most of these are simply statistics reported to VAERS,…

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