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       I've been having this certain dream since my spiritual awakening about 3-4 years ago. Each time i have this dream it gets more vivid and clearer. Faces off people begin to show and surrounds are more defined. I can always remember this dream and can describe it to anyone perfectly, but I've yet to figure out what it means or what i should take from it. 

       I know that the place i was happened to be in a castle of some sort maybe even a mountain, and i'm inside of this mountain. It's starts out by bringing me to this classroom setting where there is a teacher at the front of the class and i'm sitting as a student facing her/him. (Im not sure of gender so much in this dream i just know it's a person) Around me are about 7 of my friends. (I don't know who these friends are. I recognize that they mean something to me and i may know a few of them for sure) The discussion in the class is about something i don't agree with and remember being upset that it's being taught. My friends i began a revolution of some sort to bring the truth forward. In turn this cause sort of a "war" in the classroom where my friends and i are the warriors fighting for the better cause.

        When the negative energy builds up, my friends i begin to find a way out. I felt as though we had won something or obtained an item and were running away to victory. We began to dig underneath this place (mountain) out through a very tiny hole. Once we breached the hole we came out into the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I remember crying in my dream because it was so magical and fascinating!! It was a Beach lined with crystal white sand that opened up to a massive clear blue sea. Behind us was the place we left which looked ominous and evil. Lots of smoke and fire was coming from around the edges and through the tiny hole we came i could the "teacher" who now looked like an evil serpent.

        We began to walk towards the sea and i see something floating part way out about the water. It looked spherical and clear. It had no form but was moving on the inside. i swam to it remembering the happiness i felt and the joy of being free spirited with the people i loved beside me. At this point i noticed that a few people's faces began to show. Once i got below the "orb" i tried to reach it. My friends helped me up and right before i touched the orb i wake up. 


      Each time i wake up. I haven't been able to touch it ever. What do i take from this? i love when i have this dream, but at the same time it's discouraging. I need to be able to understand my path and i feel as though not being able to reach that orb is somehow putting a block on my conscious. 

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  • Could be Agartha and the snake represents the earth because it crawls on it's belly,

  • Interesting dream. I have dreams where there is a war and I am staying behind to help. I think that maybe in the astral I am in fact in a war. Then volunteering I realized I was in fact in somewhat of a "war" and it truly felt I was here to help. Do you notice that battle showing up in real life. It does not have to be a literal battle where you are fighting, but it could be a subtle as defiance against the material being presented.

    The winning is a great sign as peace is restored. It is like you have gone through a "war" and have survived the battle. Peaceful beautiful ness is your land now. You have reached your destination.

    What do you think the orb represents? Trust that you have gotten it and reached your destination. When I had a dream with archangel Gabriel. I put large peices of paper on the ground and drew out my dream and the possible meanings with crayon.
    find the links to waking life and the dream.
    I had the dream where at the end I surrender to the archangel and in my waking life I have to trust that it has happened or will happen regardless of what is going on in my physical surroundings..... Sounds like a great dream....I hope this was helpful...
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