Who is Barack Obama? Is he an honest and sincere man, working hard to change things for the better? Is he a real light worker? Or is he a tool of the dark side, a great con man, somebody whos fancy words and great smile hide his true agenda to take down America and usher in the New World Order? I've come to share my thoughts, and I ask you all to share yours.


I've been following Barack, since he first announced his candidacy for the presidency back in 2007. I remember watching that speech and seeing a tall, young, ambitious politician express his desire to continue the work of the founding fathers, and create a more perfect union. I saw him express his desire to see people once again take interest in politics and actively engage in their government. I saw him call for change, a change in Washington, change in government, change in how people everywhere viewed citizenship and service. I saw him remind people that no matter what color or creed, region or station, out of many, we are one. Of course I was very impressed lol


Almost immediately, I came across information which suggested, predictably, that this was all a big con, and Obama was really a tool of the Illuminati, like everyone else in the election, with the old idea that ''Every candidate is a puppet on a string, giving the illusion of choice.'' And while that may have been true in the past, I still couldn't help but feel this time, it was different. But maybe not. So I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about this man, and see if he was the real deal, or ''just another puppet.''


I read his book, Dreams From My Father. There I came to learn his life story, and, he really has led an incredible life. I read about a young man trying to find himself. I was impressed by his desire to seek to be of service, from a very young age. Right after he finished school, both at Columbia University and Harvard, he could've chose to work at any job he wanted. He was getting requests to go work on Wall Street and make millions of dollars a year. Most people would've jumped at that, but he, instead, chose to take a job on the south side of Chicago, being a community organizer to help uplift the ghetto sections and crime ridden neighborhoods. That, right there, gives you a glimpse into his character. That's what sticks out most about that book for me.


I also read his book The Audacity of Hope. And I really want people to go read that book, it not only shows the true ideals of Barack, but it's a great discourse on what it means to be good citizens, what are the biggest problems facing us, and what we all can do collectively to change not just our own countries, but the entire world! It all begins with having HOPE! Then taking action and making our lives into instruments of service!


I admit, I was convinced of his goodness after reading his books. I've never backed from that view since. It's hard to get a good sense of someone from just news clips, if you really want to get to know someone, you have to listen to their life story, in their own words, and listen to them about what they say they are all about.


Since he took office, I've followed his every move. I guess like everyone, I was expecting big changes right away. I've since come to learn alot about government, and it really is not easy to change things, especially in a democratic system where your opponents stifle everything you try to do. I applaud him for getting universal health care passed, even if it took a bitter fight. I believe the republicans are heavily influenced by lobbyists and ''special interests'' which are serving the dark agenda. Not that they necessarily know it, I'm sure some do, but like most of us, the people in government are being manipulated. Most people in government, I think, are genuinely good people, and if their ideas can benefit the dark agenda somehow, they are supported.


I understand peoples concerns about, the fact that he has Kissinger and Brzezinski, and many others from old time politics who serve the dark agenda, directly around him. But, did we expect different? Of course these people are going to surround Barack, and try to influence him to do this or that, or make anything he does somehow advance their agenda. Kennedy had many ''NWO'' people around him too. And I think Barack is smart enough and wise enough to know how to, make these people happy, and still try and change things for the better.


People expect big fat changes, huge reforms which will solve everything immediately. Unfortunately, like with every quick fix, it just isn't that simple. To make real change in life, it takes hard work and little changes in many areas. Not one big swooping change, that never works. It's not realistic, and it wasn't realistic to expect Barack to come in and save the world and make swooping changes in 2 years. He said it himself, he couldn't make the change himself, it required everybody to make changes, but sadly, nobody wanted to. They were content to blame Obama for lying to them, and whine about how change comes so slow. They expected change to be handed to them, and, I mean..it's just not realistic.


It's clear, and the channeled messages also make it clear, it is up to US to make that change! Change doesn't come from the top down, and last. Change from the bottom up, is what really works! It's up to each of us, in our own way, to make the changes in our lives, to help make this world a better place. Like Barack says, it takes empathy, the ability to see ourselves in others, to really initiate real change. The change comes in how humanity views itself, and views one another.


Are we going to continue to be divided and lazy, or will be unite and choose to work hard to make the changes we want necessary! I've made my choice. But as Barack has found out, you can't change the world by yourself. My goodness you can't lol


So my view on Obama, from reading his books, listening to all his speeches, reading his body language and energy, following his presidency and the actions taken since day 1, I will say with firm conviction, OBAMA IS A GREAT MAN! His wisdom, intelligence, maturity, patience and persistence is so admirable. The responsibility placed on his shoulders is so enormous, and he has handled it all as well as it could be handled. He's mature, confident, and he's a cool guy too! lol He has taught me so much, and I respect the man to the fullest! He really is the definition of a public servant, and will go down as one of the great Presidents to ever hold office.


He might have some dark ones around him, he might be doing a few things to make them happy and not end up like Kennedy, but given the chance, I think he would do so much more to help the world, and when first contact comes around, I think he will be instrumental in leading us into the Golden Age! An amazing soul he is, and my support for him will never waiver. It is my great desire to, one day, follow in his footsteps as a great world leader, and great shining light for humanity! God bless Barack Obama, and God bless you, thank you for reading!

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    • yup, found your barbie, she ran off with ken doll :O  8115882462?profile=original

  • hey john, love this message! very wise and inspirational too, i agree with every word and ty for sharing. i may be risking some criticism and backlash from others for sharing my own thoughts with you, but thats ok, it doesnt bother me cause i've got a block against that stuff lol

    during the elections obama came to oregon to speak and both me and my gram got to shake his hand, which meant a lot more because we're very sensitive people and can often pick up energies and vibrations from others. for me, i felt he's a very  evolved, wise and a strong leader in a sense that isn't easy to describe. but i recieved very positive GOOD vibes from him which only reinforced my trust and respect for him. i love my prez! and this vid too, lol ....


    • Krissy,you got to shake the Presidents hand? Why didn't you breakout the nail polish and polish his finger nails and give him a quick manicure for 10 bucks?
      • =D <3 "oh yes we did"  lol!
    • :) People of love.  Let me pose these questions to you.  If you were president would you continue war & continue to make decisions that will only cause more war?  If you were president would continue to allow the indentured slavery of a nation by an illegal and non-government entity(federal reserve)?  If you were president would you bail out the banks that cause all the problems, but not the people of the country? Housing vacancies are at an all time high. If you were president would you allow thousands of innocent people to be herded into an area and slaughtered(gaza strip) & completely ignore it?  If you were president would you continue to allow Israel to murder palestinians, drive them from their homes, steal their land with no compensation, and continue to give Israel billions of dollars every year to do it? 


      If you were president would you ignore international law and order the bombings & murder of thousands of innocent people in the supposed name of justice (libya)?  And would you do all this while racking up a massive deficit & putting the people of your country further in debt?  If you were president would you lie to the people about where you were born & then when you do produce a birth certificate produce a fake one?  (youtube obama birth certificate adobe)  Would you and your vice president continue to ignore evidence of 9/11? (youtube joe biden or obama confronted about 9/11)  Watch how they dodge and avoid those questions. And last but not least as president would you not hold bush and company accountable for the war crimes they committed and abolish the patriot act that's stripped so many freedoms from the people? 


      If you people of love & light would do these things.. then obama must be a person of light because these are the things he's done.  Nothing has improved.  Education is not better, healthcare is not better, social security is being stripped, the patriot act still exists with more freedoms being taken away all the time.  


      He talks sly, but this man has done nothing to improve this country.  People of love & light I urge you to do the research before labeling him as a savior or person of light.  I urge this with nothing but love in my heart & truth in my soul.


  • When i log into my higher self i know this man was chosen to lead us the way. Don't forget he is in the middle of the illumnati and is yet not able to show his true face. Look further than what you can see and give him all the support he can get. Unfortunately America is a land of scoreboard journalism. One day your the man and the 2 nd day your shit. I cannot believe such narrow minded thinking. There are just too many fake people. Obama is real and a true blessing. I guess he needed a succes like osama, whether its true or fake. Just keep him in the seat till untill the time has come for him to do whar he has got to do. Hooray for Barack! 
    • The illuminati put these people into power.  If he was to break rank so to speak.  He would be killed like JFK.  They mind control, perform satanic rituals on and entrain these people as young children to do these jobs.  Mk Ultra, monarch mind control.. whatever you want to call it.  He is a manchurian candidate.  At this point they've perfected this form of mind control. I just wouldn't put too much stock into him waking up and becoming some sort of savior.  Put that faith into yourself and finding consciousness because we are the true powers on this planet and all the answers lye within.  Also, i find it disturbing that you refer to the death of another human being as a success as someone who is supposedly a conscious being.  Research & meditation is the key to truth & consciousness.
      • offcourse. Don't play a waiting game. I trust in myself and my higher self, my I AM so to speak.


        This discussion is about Obama and i true believe in him, but everybody is entitled to believe what he sees or feels. I just say, he isn't yet in the position to come out.


        Like Sun Tzu said in the art of war: 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer'. That's what he is doing right now.

  • What does it matter if OBL was killed in 2001 or 2011, he is dead and that's what counts, we the people of the world wanted him out of the picture, and now he is and we do not have to keep chasing a ghost out in the mountains of ?? wherever.

    If Obama doesn't serve you then fine be it, like Jesus...they crucified him because of (fear) what he represented, sucks to be you.

    • Anger is the weapon/defense mechanism of the mind.  Consciousness is the weapon of the soul.  When you are conscious you are in control of the mind when you are not the mind controls you. Be mindful of the energies you put out in the universe. Also,  Be careful of the thoughts and emotions you let your mind create over external things that in the end.. do not matter.
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