Ayurveda: The Healing Properties of Gems and Stones

As we said in our previous article metals, gemstones, and colors contain unique, potent forms of energy which may be drawn upon for healing purposes.

In this part, we will concentrate on the healing properties of gems and stones.

Gems and precious stones contain healing energies that can be activated by wearing them as ornaments, such as rings or necklaces, or by placing them in water overnight and drinking the water the following day.

Gems enliven the vital energy centers in the body (the chakras) and have a direct influence on Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. They may be used to pacify or activate specific organs of the body or to enhance or neutralize the effects of particular planets in the person’s astrological birth chart.


General points

Gems tend to absorb the qualities and energy vibrations of their owners. It is beneficial to purify any stone before using it. Soaking it for two days in salt water or milk should be sufficient. The process will not harm the stone.

When you wear a gemstone, it should touch the skin through a small window in the setting, so that the subtle energies of the stone can interact directly with the energies of the body.

Where you wear the stone is important. Here are some recommendations:

diamond—ring finger
pearl—little finger
red coral—ring finger
emerald—little finger
opal—ring finger
yellow sapphire—index finger
blue sapphire—middle finger

Ayurveda recommends that rings be worn on the right hand, though in the West if someone wants to wear their wedding ring on the left hand to conform with tradition, that is all right.

Processed or chemically treated stones may not have the same healing energy. It is best to get authentic, unprocessed, clean stones without a flaw or crack. When you are considering buying a stone, be sure to use a magnifying glass to examine it for cracks or imperfections.

Stones should be 3 to 5 karats if possible, but a 1-karat diamond is large enough. A stone that is too small will not produce much of an effect.

Unless you are knowledgeable both in stones and in Vedic astrology (Jyotish), it is wise to consult an expert before investing in stone. The wrong gem for you, or one worn on the wrong part of the body, can have a negative influence.

Here are some of the characteristics of the main gems and stones.


Astrologically, the ruby represents the sun. It is a life-protecting stone that promotes longevity, especially for Vata and Kapha individuals, and brings prosperity. This gem strengthens concentration and bestows mental power. It also strengthens the heart.

Rubies pacify Vata and Kapha but may elevate Pitta. Garnets have the same vibration as rubies; they are the poor man’s ruby. Wear both rubies and garnets either in a ring on the ring finger or in a necklace.


As rubies represent the sun, pearls symbolize the moon. They have a cooling effect and a calming, healing vibration. Pearls are balancing to all the doshas, though their cooling action is particularly good for Pitta. Pearls confer mental peace and tranquillity.

Pearl ash is used internally to treat many ailments effectively. You can gain many of the strengthening effects of pearls by making pearl water. Place 4 or 5 pearls in a glass of water; let it stand overnight, and drink the water in the morning.


This precious stone, which represents Jupiter, brings groundedness, stability, and wisdom. It helps to calm both Vata and Pitta and may slightly increase Kapha qualities. It strengthens the heart and also builds lung and kidney energy.

Yellow sapphire should always be worn on the index finger, the finger of Jupiter. Yellow topaz, the poor man’s sapphire, has many of the same qualities and produces similar benefits.


This beautiful precious stone represents Saturn and brings the benefits of that very spiritual planet. Saturn, a deity of earth and iron, confers enlightenment. Blue sapphire calms Vata and Kapha and may stimulate Pitta.

It builds up muscles and the skeletal system and helps to heal arthritis. Wear blue sapphire on the right middle finger, preferably in a silver setting. Do not wear it with diamonds; this will create disharmony.


This stone, which has Saturn-like energy, is heavenly and sacred. It gives strength to the body, mind, and consciousness, and it sensitizes the wearer to higher spiritual vibrations.

It strengthens the eyes, calms Vata and Pitta, and is helpful for anxiety, fear, and weakness of the heart. It is also good for the liver and skin diseases. Lapis should be set in gold and worn on the little finger, or worn as a necklace.


This powerful, precious stone brings prosperity and spiritual awakening. It calms Vata and Pitta, settles the nervous system, and relieves nervousness.

Symbolic of the planet Mercury, emeralds improve writing skills, enhance the power of speech, and promote intelligence. They are best set in gold and worn on the little finger.


This very powerful gemstone combats premature aging, enhances the span of life, and strengthens immunity. Its energy brings subtle energy vibrations to the heart, brain, and deeper bodily tissues. It is the best stone for rejuvenation. It brings prosperity and is spiritually uplifting.

The effects of diamonds vary according to their color. Red diamonds have a fiery energy that stimulates Pitta; blue diamonds are cooling and calm Pitta while increasing Kapha.

Clear, colorless diamonds calm Pitta but increase both Vata and Kapha.

Symbolic of the planet Venus, diamonds do help to create a close bond in relationships and associated with marriage. These stones stimulate Shukra, the body’s reproductive tissue.

Art, music, romance, and sex all go together with this stone. Wear your diamond set in gold, either as a necklace or as a ring on the ring finger. But note: Diamonds of low quality may have adverse effects on the body.


This gemstone from the sea represents the Planet Mars. It calms Pitta and helps one to control anger, hatred, and jealousy. Coral gives energy to the liver, spleen, and pericardium.

Wear your red coral as a necklace or as a ring set in copper (preferably), silver, or white gold and worn on the ring finger. Red coral is strength-giving and imparts gracefulness.


This semi-precious stone represents the Planet Neptune. It strengthens Majja Dhatu (bone marrow and nerves) as well as Shukra Dhatu (reproductive tissue). It improves vision, relieves fever, calms Pitta, and is useful for migraine headaches.

Opals enhance spiritual feelings, increase devotion, and help to unfold intuition. This gem is particularly beneficial for individuals with Neptune in their third, fourth, sixth, tenth, or twelfth astrological house. It should be set in gold or silver and worn on the ring finger.


This stone is good for allergies, repeated colds and congestion, and allergic asthma. It pacifies Kapha and Vata while slightly increasing Pitta. It aids in healing kidney dysfunction.

Cat’s-eye enhances awareness and helps a person not get caught up in emotions. People working in psychological healing should wear this stone in a gold setting on their ring or little finger; it will help protect them from harmful influences.


These stones have a Venus-like vibratory energy that is somewhat like that of diamonds. They calm Vata, improve the quality of perception, strengthen communication, and enhance intuition. You can wear quartz crystals as a necklace, or set in either silver or gold and worn on the ring finger.


This stone is excellent for Vata disorders. It is useful for old age, debilitating disorders, and neurological dysfunction, and it helps with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and even schizophrenia. It induces quiet; deep sleep yet combats lethargy.

It is good for memory and promotes positive thinking. Onyx makes life peaceful and happy and enhances love in relationships. It has energy vibrations that are Sun-like and Jupiter-like. This stone should be set in silver and worn on the ring finger. (If your Sun sign is in Sagittarius or Gemini, it is better not to wear this stone.)


Jade is beneficial for longevity. It strengthens kidney energy and is reputed to bestow success upon its wearer. This stone is also good for the power of speech. It helps to prevent cataracts and is strengthening for the prostate. Wear a jade ring set in silver, on your little finger.


Amethyst is a stone for the crown chakra and is good for mental clarity. To bring prosperity, it should be set in gold. You can also wear it around the neck on a gold necklace. A person with neuromuscular weakness can be helped by wearing amethysts and by putting them at the four corners of the bed.

Some amethysts have a darker color, which gives them a Saturn-like energy similar to blue sapphire. Amethysts bestow dignity, love, compassion, and hope. This gem helps the individual to control emotions and is good for Vata and Pitta imbalance.


A substitute for emerald, which symbolizes Mercury, aquamarine reduces dullness of mind, promotes happiness and intelligence, enhances the power of speech, and improves memory. This stone also has Venus-like qualities; it is good for married couples to wear aquamarine to increase love in their relationship.

Aquamarine should be set in silver and worn on the little finger.

Remember that in all these cases, merely wearing the right stone is not enough to take care of a Dosha imbalance; you need to watch your diet, meditate, do proper exercise and yoga postures, and consciously and conscientiously look after your day-to-day and moment-to-moment health.

Four Inexpensive Stones to Help Balance the Doshas

Though some of the gemstones discussed in this article can be obtained for a moderate amount of money, many may be prohibitively priced for you at this time. If so, here are four inexpensive stones you can use to help create balance in your mind and body.

When Vata dosha is excessive, you can use rose quartz to promote balance. The warming color and energy of rose quartz can bring relief to Vata ailments such as nervousness, dry skin, constipation, intestinal gas, and lower back pain.

For aggravated Pitta, use red coral or pearls. Their cooling energy will help with Pitta disorders such as angry emotions, various inflammatory conditions and “-itises” such as colitis and conjunctivitis as well as hyperacidity.

Kapha dosha can be balanced by wearing garnets. The dark red color of this stone enlivens the energy in the body and reduces the effects of excess Kapha, such as water retention, lethargy, depression, and overweight.

Source: www.ibelieveinmothernature.com

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