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We have all set ourselves up to overcome certain obstacles in this lifetime that will ensure we reach the ultimate goal.

Ascension: This is the lifetime to end all lifetimes as we have known them here on Earth. The time of salvation that humanity has long awaited -  is at hand.

Unfortunately,most people will be sorely disappointed when they realize that salvation, as we have been taught to believe, is nothing but an illusion.

The reality is that each one of us are required (by our own soul) to cultivate our own salvation, and the only way that can be accomplished, is through turning inward.


We hear this all the time. "To turn Inward"- but what does it mean?


It  means "to listen to the heart" It means "to recognise your own self-authority and to stop giving your power away".It means to "stop listening to those around you telling you what to do, how to think, where to go, and how to be."


It means asking yourself two vital questions: "Who am I" and "what do I truly believe about myself"?


These questions may be answered by one heart alone, and that is your own. The heart is the Soul that speaks gently to us and it is God's voice within us.

For each of us, listening to, and following the heart, means becoming vulnerable.There is no way around it: to know the Soul, one must become vulnerable, and to ascend, one must know the Soul.


In order to 'hear' the Soul, one must make peace with their world. For only in peace is the receiving power of God's Grace prevelant.

One must be willing to 'take responsibility' for their personal happiness, by eliminating drama from daily llife.

Drama or (Karma) is the illusion,within the illusion, of the dream called Life that has kept us busy, focused outside of ourselves.

Once again it all begins with the 'Self'.It has been said. 'Know Thyself'..... this is a simple and powerful truth, because in reality, you cannot help another until you know yourself.


You must become very clear about what is your "stuff" and what is not.

For many of us, this means completing relationships that no longer serve us.As we begin to awaken and connect with our soul, we begin to see how people and things that we have held near and dear to us do not quite fit together any longer. If we are brave enough to act in complete faith, with honesty and open ness (vulnerability) we will naturally begin to recognize the prevelence of God's Grace (EFFORTLESS SYNCHRONICITY) in our daily lives.

Eventually, each one will reach the sequence within the dream where one must admit that they cannot do it alone. It is that moment of 'true surrender' when one says "Dear God Please Help Me"! In this moment there is usually a great deal of emotion and tears. Human emotion is the connection to the Soul. You will not be able to 'ignore' the emotions and know God completely.(Ascend)

You must pass through the emotions and learn to bless the tears. For tears are the wonder of life, the rivers of life that nourish the true desires which are of the Soul.


When one has truly aligned with the 'desires of the Soul', then and only then, does life finally begin to flow.

In other words, until one completely surrenders to the 'God within' and allows their life to be guided implicitly by the Soul, life will continue to be one obstace after another....




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