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my friend that is a spiritual healer and does not have a computer asked me to put this in for discussion, we observed the northern lights in purple and she text-ed me this morning this: What comes to mind is in the days of change, the earth shall be shrouded in thee violet ray unto the human race thou will be glorified by thee coming of the awakened soul. her question is do you feel the same? do you see the same as she sees? i feel she is right on the money, but i want to put it out for discussion.


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  • thank you Gailene. Eric

  • thank you verySirius. Eric

  • thanks you Kat came back. i like and understand this. thanks Eric

  • my friend and i thank you for telling us your experience, i have had ones like yours since 12/12 and i feel more then i had before.  she does not have a computer and is looking for some one from here that is low tech that can text her from time to time to talk, would you be interested? thanks Eric

  • I call then mutually beneficial friendships.

    That is as far as my role models go.

    Someone that can do something I can't.

    Is the perfect role model.

    I recognize what they need. and give it to them.

    And they have to return in kind. 

    In any healing exchange, there must be an equal exchange of energy.

    • I'm talking about on a more extreme level.

      I see people asking others, "can you tell me what I should be doing?"..."how do you suggest I proceed" when for all they know, the person they're asking is sitting there eating glue while typing. The glue is just a metaphor. And not even necessarily related to consumption of anything.

      Sometimes people are so distracted by their own situation, that they are unaware, or unable to realize that the person they're looking to for advice, is a glue-eater.

      • SO what do you suggest

        • The quickest and safest is to just assume everyone using the internet is eating glue.

          :) lol

          You don't have to treat them with any less respect, just, don't trust them with them telling you how to live your life.

          But on the opposite side of the spectrum, the people who are the glue-eaters would benefit when someone of sound mind does try to suggest something that would benefit them... but because of the previous advice at the top of this comment, the glue-eaters wouldn't take it, because they'll think the advice giver is a glue eater, when in fact they are the glue eater themselves but just don't realize it.

          I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Crazy people do not register that they're crazy.

          In the end, people will learn for themselves. Free will. No one is forcing them to take someone's advice. And if they take and practice bad advice, they'll hopefully learn from it with little to no causalities.

          Usually they give themselves away with something they do or say eventually anyways. Just some people aren't around to witness it in time or just aren't observant enough. But I guess if they aren't observant enough, maybe a hard lesson about interacting with seemingly normal nutcases would be to their benefit.

  • :P

    silly goose

This reply was deleted.

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