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ASTROLOGY TOPIC FOR SANTA FE MEET-UP, 07/16/17: "The Roswell UFO Incident And The Application Of Chiron To Define Extraterrestrial Origin And Extraterrestrial Technology."

The Roswell UFO crash in Corona, New Mexico featured the arrival of the U.S. military on July 5, 1947, at 4:00 AM. This is according to events posted at

Just as Pluto was introduced into the Uranian astrology system after WWII, Chiron must also be recognized as a new addition to the Uranian astrology system.

The current definition of Chiron in astrology (AND POSSIBLY THE "only" DEFINITION MOST ASTROLOGERS TODAY WILL ACCEPT) is the concept of "the wounded healer washing his wound" (which originated from Carl Jung).

I don't deny that Chiron has a lot to do with healing. Linda Goodman (author of the text "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs") has her natal Uranian astrology midpoint definition of "astrology" (which is Uranus / Apollon) equal to her natal Mercury / Chiron (and she did a lot of Chiron healing with "ink and paper," which is ruled by Mercury). The same can be said with astrologer Dane Rudyhar who had this same Uranus / Apollon formula equal to his Jupiter / Chiron (and he did a lot of Chiron healing with his astrology via philosophy insights, which is ruled by Jupiter).

But let's be serious: all planets, asteroids, and planetoids (both hypothetical and non-hypothetical) and both luminaries (Sun and Moon) are subject to various interpretations, and these interpretations can define aspects that are good, bad, or neither.

Chiron can represent a sense of rejuvenation for oneself via accomplishment of important deeds, and these deeds can be ones that heal and help others. But these deeds can also be horrific and evil beyond belief. This may explain why Chiron is sometimes strong in the charts of mass murderers (i.e. Helter Skelter murderer Susan Atkins was born with Chiron Conjunction Midheaven, and she talked glowingly to a fellow prisoner about how she knifed Sharon Tate over twenty times and then felt absolute joy when she licked the blood off the knife).


Susan Atkins killed people for the same reason serial killer Edmund Kemper did: it gave a sense of healing to oneself via an important "accomplishment" (and note that Edmund Kemper (WHO ALSO DID NOT HAVE "a bad childhood") had Chiron equal to his Midheaven per Uranian astrology definition of angular equality.

Hence, not all people who are serial killers became that way due to bad childhoods or due to mental illness. There are some people who simply enjoy murdering people, and the bad side of Chiron may play a role in this feeling of accomplishment via certain "healing deeds" (and even if such deeds are anything but healing). 

Horoscope of Roswell UFO Incident

(with Uranian planets added)

I have been petitioning the concept that Chiron is related to extraterrestrial entities and their extraterrestrial technology (and I have also been petitioning the concept of Chiron to be strongly related to surveillance equipment, such as surveillance monitors for nuclear power stations and illegal eavesdropping equipment used by taxpayer supported organizations known as the CIA and NSA).

Here's a Uranian astrology example of an application of Chiron to the Roswell UFO incident and using this extraterrestrial concept:

I read this as "extraterrestrial or 'other-worldly' technology containing extraterrestrial entities (or aliens) and to be known for having a powerful influence"

But if we move the pointer more to the left, we also come up with the Uranian astrology formula Sun / Kronos ("the president") involved with good synastry with Chiron with Sun / Zeus ("the general or the sheriff"):

I interpret the descriptions above as "the president being notified by a general about extraterrestrial technology"

Next, let's look at "the environment." In Uranian astrology, the environment is defined as the Ascendant (As):

I interpret these statements above as "secretive organizations of people (i.e. Army Intelligence) were astounded and humbled by what was in the environment."

Now let's look at the aliens themselves, and I have this definition represented by Moon / Chiron. I talked with a couple at the "No Scum Allowed Saloon" in White Oaks, New Mexico in 2014 who claimed their grandmother was at the Corona, New Mexico UFO crash site on July 5, 1947. I asked if there were any aliens at the site (and they looked around to see if anyone else was listening) and they quietly told me "yes." They also told me that their grandmother claimed that a man with a suit and some military police showed up at their grandmother's childhood home to confiscate the souvenirs taken from the crash site (and they were also told that everyone in the family would be dead if they talked about what they saw).

Let's throw in "the environment" with "an extraterrestrial population:"

I interpret the statements above as "extraterrestrials in the environment encounter a sudden appearance by the government."

Finally, let's look to see if the extraterrestrials were dead. It was noted that a violent lightning storm was going on at the time that the Roswell UFO was first sighted on radar by a White Sands military base near Corona, New Mexico.

I interpret the above statements as "the extraterrestrials encountered frustrations and finally death despite their noted creative ability and leadership."

There will be more similar extraterrestrial topics of Chiron in the future as I obtain more timely information about important UFO events.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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Thanks, Malcolm. Your astrology posts are always interesting to read. 

Thanks for reading!




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