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ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS 2017 (12/03/16, Santa Fe, New Mexico). PART 1: THE BIG GORILLAS. The United States of America, Russia, China, and India.

This report concerns astrology analysis of the four superpowers for the year 2017. The concept of a "superpower" is based on a nation's ability to have significant impact on Earth's population numbers per policies of commerce, finance, and social change (and also possessing important nuclear capability for both defense and non-defense purposes).

These four superpowers include the United States of America (per American Federation of Astrologers chart of July 4, 1776), Russia (timed when the Soviet Union flag was openly replaced on Christmas of 1991), China (per pronouncement by Mao Zedong in 1949), and India (courtesy of Jamie Partridge of This chart responds VERY WELL with terrorist events in the 1960's).

The United States of America (U.S.A.)

Pluto has now officially entered the U.S.A. 8th House, also known as "the house of Pluto and the house ruling the sign of Scorpio." This is very important to know with the U.S.A. chart since transiting Pluto rules "transformation, often through crisis," and the mundane 8th House rules "banking, finance, insurance, activities of the elite, taxation and revenue collection policies, and espionage." 

The U.S.A. is about to undergo a transformation crisis in 2017 with areas ruled by the 8th House. And yes, we can all blame Donald Trump for this crisis (and not the Russians) that is about to manifest. And even though I don't think Trump will get everything he wants, he is sure going to "rock the boat" with the D.C. establishment and the D.C. career-based elite in 2017, along with  their financial expectations in 2017.

There is a good possibility that we will see this Pluto-style transformation crisis  in regards to "taxation and revenue policies" and "activities of the elite" in 2017 (and especially in the first half of 2017). These activities may be visibly prominent and newsworthy and may concern those who are regular Federal employee residents in Washington D.C.

There is also a high probability in early 2017 for a diminished use of lobbyists and a sudden diminished use in the less-discussed practice of subtle blackmail-tactics that have been prolific in Washington D.C. in recent years. This will be especially true with areas that concern possible sexual and drug-related blackmail areas that may have been used over recent years to get certain types of legislation passed in D.C. (AND YES PEOPLE, THIS DOES GO ON IN D.C.)

The effect of this "taking away of the punch bowl" may be especially felt with surprising eliminations of important Federal legislation that concern important Federal financial rewards for "sacred cows" of D.C., and these "sacred cow" expenditures and employment may have been taken for granted with the D.C. regulars as "guaranteed-for-life." With President Trump in the White House, we may see such expenditures either limited or coming to an end.

President Trump, please wear a vest. I predict that you are going to p*ss off Washington D.C. very big time in early 2017 with your new breed of Federal policies; 94% of Washington D.C. didn't vote against you due to your poor taste in neckties.   

Neptune will continue to transit the 10th House throughout 2017. Neptune rules "deception disappointment, and service" and the 10th house rules "the ruling party, the CEO, the president, and the general reputation." Neptune Trine U.S.A. Sun takes place in March and September of 2017, and Trump may be subject to or be involved with exposing massive acts of deception at this time in D.C. (and possibly with a much more variety compared to the exposure of 2016 acts of deception used to try to prevent him from getting into the White House). The good news is that Trump is aware of this, but let's be honest.

The Washington D.C. elite play dirty, and Trump is a businessman who may be trying to learn about high-level politics that are currently practiced by high-level criminals, and not law-abiding citizens. Hence, Trump is going to get a lot of dirt under his fingernails in 2017, and he may also get dirty in the process.

One side-effect of Neptune that I've always noticed to manifest is scandals and disappointments after much "Neptune- glamorization" with transits of Neptune. We saw such initial Neptune-glamorization ("Shock & Awe") with George W. Bush and the Iraq War (WHICH WOULD TURN OUT TO BE A LIE, WITH A MASSACRE OF CIVILIANS OVER A FALSE CLAIM OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION). Another good example of this Neptune glamorization (with Neptune near the U.S. Midheaven) was the glamorization with Barack Obama's "Affordable Care Act" (AND OF WHICH 90% of STATES HAVE REPORTED SIGNIFICANT COST INCREASES FOR HEALTH INSURANCE CONSUMERS). 

Hence, the 10th House glamorization phase of Neptune is ending and the disappointment phase about to take place. This sort of resembles a good hangover headache after a good buzz from good Scotch. And this disappointment phase may reveal some very interesting scandals affecting the D.C. crowd for 2017; I suspect that these scandals will involve activities of the elite due to Pluto transiting in the U.S.A. 8th House while Neptune transits the U.S.A. 10th House.

Transiting Uranus (in the U.S.A. 11th House) and transiting Jupiter (in the U.S.A. 5th House) will form an opposition with each other during February - March of 2017. These two planets will form a T-Square with the natal U.S.A. Mercury ("the mainstream media, communications, IPods, email, newspapers, roads, postal service") in the 2nd House in spring of 2017.

Because Uranus rules computer technology and Jupiter rules journalism and publishing, this opposition (with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries) may define an explosion in the popularity of internet news as this T-Square applies to the natal U.S.A. Mercury in the 2nd House. This will be significant for how Americans receive their news since there is a current crisis going on in the U.S.A. mainstream media regarding "fake news," and the mainstream media has been caught LYING about many important news events as 2016 closes out.

With the mainstream media getting called out on this lying by the computer-based alternative media (a.k.a. "conspiracy theorists"), watch for a major change in viewership for news from the TV set to the computer screen in 2017.

Saturn enters the U.S.A. 7th House in 2017, and will be there for the next 2.5 years. This indicates possible restrictions and/or changes with important treaties, since the 7th House rules treaties. TPP and NAFTA stand out as possibilities, but so does trade agreements that involve Russia and similar "enemies" of the U.S.A. 

The 7th House also rules courts and legal actions, and history of Saturn's transit of Sagittarius and the U.S.A. 7th House adds more probability for scandals with the Washington D.C. crowd, especially from a legal basis. Oliver North's "Iran-A-Scam" took place during the last transit of Saturn in Sagittarius, Joe McCarthy's "Red Scare" took place during the 1950's cycle (and this scandal involved U.S. elected officials accused of being Soviet agents), and Calvin Coolidge would inflame America with his statement of "the business of America is big business" taking place during the 1920's cycle (and this statement reportedly would help Herbert Hoover get elected with Hoover's proclaimed "war on poverty and war on the starving").

Saturn Semisextile Pluto will be strong from March to May of 2017, and this will be a timeframe to watch for possible scandals in D.C. having legal connotations. These scandals may involve elite officials due to natal Pluto in the U.S.A. 8th House AND Pluto's transit in the U.S.A. 8th House.

Jupiter transits the U.S.A. 5th House of speculation in 2017. Jupiter Conjunction Saturn takes place May - June of 2017, and this may be a bad time for either financial speculation or legal issues involving individual freedom. Terrorism may also be an issue at this time since there will be transits of Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in the 12th House during this latter-spring period of 2017. 


Transiting Pluto remains in the Russian 5th House of speculation throughout 2017. With Neptune ruling oil and chemicals and entering the 8th House of "banking, finance, activities of the elite," this Pluto transit of the 5th House may define important financial activity involving the elite of Russia, and this may be true with speculative activity concerning petroleum and chemicals.

Transiting Neptune enters the 8th House of "banking, finance, and activities of the elite" in 2017. As mentioned earlier (with Neptune ruling petroleum and chemicals), this again appears to represent important financial involvement in petroleum. "Disappointments with espionage activities" is another possibility, since the 8th House rules espionage activities and Neptune rules disappointments.

Uranus transits the 9th House of Russia throughout 2017. Uranus rules"shocks and surprises" in 9th House areas that include "international relations, long-distance travel, religion, and foreigners." This may represent involvement with terrorism or unique foreign relations that may surprise and shock many. NATO relations and Middle East terrorism are good possibilities with this.

January through March features transit Uranus Quincunx the Venus Conjunction Pluto placement in the Russian 4th House, and this may represent "tension at home due to foreign relations."  Again, involvement with NATO and terrorism is possible, and this may represent a "clamp-down" on the Russian population or travel restrictions in some way.

Transiting Saturn enters the 5th House of Russia in 2017. This reiterates that previous Uranus interpretation with what looks like government restrictions at home in recreational and speculation areas that rule the 5th House. Terrorism activity involving Russia may be one reason, but financial management may be another reason. Oil is at historical low prices, and Russia may impose some government involvement in the financial markets to prevent financial issues (possibly similar to the "plunge protection team" on Wall Street that attempts to minimize serious sell-offs).

Jupiter leaves the 2nd House and enters the 3rd House of "communications, the mainstream media, news" in 2017. This looks like much new involvement of Russia in the media, especially on an international basis. "Russia Today" (RT) is a Russian media organization that has been very successful with making an impact in Europe and the United States, and we may see more similar organizations created in Russia similar to RT in 2017. Expanded internet involvement in Russia is another possibility. Transit Jupiter Square Uranus (with natal Uranus in the Russian 5th House) takes place from May to June in 2017, and this may represent important and surprising activity that involves either foreign communications or international finance.


China has Pluto transiting the 12th House throughout 2017. The 12th House rules "secret enemies of the government or ruling party, secret surveillance activities behind the scenes, terrorism, crime levels, hospitals, and prisons."

With Pluto representing banking and financial concerns, Pluto's transit of China's 12th House appears to represent the Chinese government becoming concerned with financial arrangements at home. This may become a crisis due to Pluto Quincunx Pluto taking place for China during the second half of 2017.

This second half of 2017 may represent a significant timeframe for China, especially  since Donald Trump has stated he will probably change the TPP agreement that currently favors China in trade. Hence, we may have 7th House treaty friction with this strong transit of Pluto Quincunx Pluto during the second half of 2017.

Neptune stays in China's 1st House throughout 2017. Similar to the U.S.A. reading, the "glamorization phase" of Neptune may also be coming to an end in the case of China. But this "glamorization phase" will concern China's 1st House aspect of "appearance of the entity as seen by others." There is a strong possibility that exposure of deceptive aspects in China's environment may take place in 2017, and this is especially true regarding their economy and their workforce. China has built cities with very little to zero occupancy of such cities, and part of this occupancy problem concerns the very low wages that Chinese companies pay their workers. Capitalism is still new to China, and one thing China does not have (and may not want to consider changing) is a presence of a strong middle class due to a current forced concentration of the flow of wealth to the upper class, and minimum flow (if any) to the lower and middle class.

This refusal to establish a middle class is going to hurt China since there will be no revenue created from these classes to generate revenues and expenditures that allow the capitalism experiment to maintain an expansion phase. Hence, we may see China suffer in 2017 per international trade AND per local economies. This defines 2017 as a possible interesting time to watch for the Neptune "disappointment phase" to creep into China's 1st House "environment" in 2017, especially in areas that concern the Chinese economy that were once "glamorized" as the ideal economic model. Also note that T.P.P. (the Trans Pacific Partnership) was given U.S. approval in March of 2008 under U.S. President George W. Bush while transiting Neptune squared China's Midheaven ("national reputation") during a transit of Neptune through China's 1st House in 2008.

Uranus transits the 2nd House for most of 2017. Uranus rules computer technology, and this may explain for the financial success with computer products made in China in recent years. China gets some good news with transiting Uranus Square Jupiter in March of 2017. This transit may be related to good news per improvement in certain unique computer technology areas, and one area that bears consideration for such good news is improvements in eavesdropping computer technology.

My rationale for defining China's probable success with eavesdropping technology during this Uranus Square Jupiter transit is based on the last Uranus Square Jupiter (in October 2016). This transit featured Barack Obama and the U.N. giving away the ICANN corporation to China; ICANN is responsible for monitoring all names and numbers that are used on the internet for purposes of identifying sources for the relaying of information from one source to another. It is thus no wonder or surprise that the now censorship-happy Facebook had long business meetings with China's government last March in 2016 (just prior to Barack Obama and the U.N. allowing China to have this valuable ICANN corporation for NOTHING).

With natal Jupiter in China's 12th House, this Uranus Square Jupiter may also define good news for China regarding the Chinese government war against secretive or political enemies at home. China has a very good reputation for squashing any pockets of citizen rebellion or political enemy stand-offs, and the Chinese government may display such success with this during this Uranus Square Jupiter transit in 2017.

Saturn transits China's 11th House throughout 2017. This transit usually defines a "lone wolf" isolation from other nations, and hence we may see China go into an "isolation phase" on the international scene in 2017. Note that the United Kingdom has it's natal Saturn in the U.K. 11th House, and it pretty much has a "lone wolf" reputation compared to other nations in Europe.

Another possibility with this Saturn in the 11th House transit is China's main government becoming involved in the affairs of local governments. This is especially true if pockets of rebellion by Chinese citizens suddenly surface in late winter to early spring of 2017.

Jupiter transits China's 8th house throughout 2017. The banks of China and activities involving China's elite may do well in 2017 with this transit, especially during a very strong Jupiter Square Jupiter transit taking place from January to February of 2017 (which is interestingly close to the timeframe as Trump enters the White House). This may define great financial success for certain elite individuals in China in terms of intelligence gathering that concerns crucial  international finance knowledge, but nothing else. In a chilling similarity to Saudi Arabia and Israel, China's elite will do well in 2017, while the lower classes in these named countries will not do so well per financial and per social freedom basis. And yes, there may be a probability that we may hear complaints from these named lower classes regarding possible inequities in these countries that have just been named for elite success.


Kudos go out to Jamie Partridge and his website for this chart of India. I tried different charts, and his chart for India is outstanding, especially with astrology tests that concern terrorist events and the recent crisis concerning local banking.

Transiting Pluto is powerfully placed in India's 10th House  for 2017. Transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with India's natal 10th House Mercury in February and June of 2017, along with a trine to natal Saturn in this timeframe as well. This may represent India's government involved in important 2017 transformations that concern "communications, the mainstream media, roads, email, Ipods, and  postal services" due to these areas represented by Mercury. Major transformation changes with India's public services may also take place in 2017 with the Pluto Trine Saturn transit.

Neptune will be transiting the 12th House of India throughout 2017. The planet Neptune rules "disappointments, deception and service" and the 12th House rules "secret enemies of the government or ruling party, terrorist activity, crime levels, secret surveillance behind the scenes, hospitals, and prisons."  

There has been a rise in terrorism issues in India with Neptune entering India's 12th House, and there also has been a rise in the number of new hospitals being built. Nevertheless, 2017 may unfortunately reveal terrorism to be a big problem in India due to the modernization of India's infrastructure threatening the position of fundamentalist  Muslim standards in adjacent areas of India (i.e. Pakistan).

Uranus transits India's 1st House throughout 2017. Uranus rules "surprises, computer technology, science, protest, and terrorists," and the1st House rules "the environment, the appearance as seen by others, and grassroots opinions." This may define major expansion of the internet and/or computer manufacturing in India in 2017.

But note that there is also a huge increase in protests taking place at this time in India, and this is especially true involving bankers working with the public savings. We may see this "grassroots protest" aspect become a prominent issue in India in 2017, along with increases in computer manufacturing.

Saturn transits India's 9th House throughout 2017. With Saturn representing government actions and restrictions (and very similar to the France prediction for  2017), this 9th House transit of Saturn may define a conservative direction with India's government. There may also be possible government restrictions and limitations involving 9th House areas of foreign relations and foreigners, and this may thus represent Indian government responses to the terrorist issues that may arise in 2017.

Jupiter transits India's 7th House of "treaties, courts of law, and one-on-one encounters" in 2017. The current transit of Jupiter Conjunction Neptune in the 7th House has resulted in much legal activity in India concerning deceptive practices by bankers. Future conjunctions of transiting Jupiter with India's natal Neptune include April and August of 2017, and this may define important legal activity taking place in India for spring and summer of 2017. It is possible that we may see India's population involved in protest against the government or elite in some way in 2017, and the use of the Indian courtrooms (or international courtrooms) may be an avenue for these protests.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year.

Love to all,


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