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In holographic realm, we literally move to nowhere. We would say it is the places themselves that move and the motion itself is illusory but this is still not very accurate. We know that we are moving together with the earth but we donnot feel so. It look as though the heaven itself is moving. This illusory potential of the sense of motion is the secreat behind astral projection.

Just as we can think that we are standing still when we are infact moving in some container, we can think that we are moving when we are infact on the same spot! Take for example this way: in order to remain on the same spot on earth's surface at the equator, you must run westwards at the speed of 40000km/day! To you, you are running. But you are infact on the same spot relative to the sun. So as long as your brain registers activity in your muscles, it take it as motion. No no no! As long as the awareness detect activity in the neural cortex responsible for motion, it regard it as motion regardless whether or not you are 'actually' moving. Otherwise, the awareness interprates the state as motionless even if you are 'infact' moving!

Something might be wooshing past your mind like a passing by train: 'actual' motion is irrelevant. Yes that was my point all along. Once you realise this, astral projection become alot easier. You just enter your 'astral vehicle' and drive! So, it is not you who is gonna move. It is the trees and the posts that are going to move 'backwards'!

Since we will 'suck' places while we are sitting there, how will we ever meat in astral worlds? The answer is holographically. It is not even being 'near' to a place that matter. It is getting all the INFORMATION about that place that matters. Then the brain will use that information to reconstract the scenario in creating a 'dream' of being there which if vivid enough, is equivalent to being actually near that place.

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But I wish to illustrate how holographic universe and relativity of motion can be related by using holographic idea to explain Einstein's relativity theory.

Einstein's theory can't be realised in what you can term it as 'real world' as it demands two things to be each smaller than the other!!

Lets consider the case of muons said to cross the earth's atmosphere in ways that cannot be explained by classic physics. From our point of view, the atmosphere is very big. Lets say the atmosphere starts from point A and ends at point B. From the point of view of the moving muon, the atmosphere is skin thin! It only has to move from A to some other point C that exists between A and B and then it will have effectively cross the atmosphere. In my interpratation, the information about B is holographically there, hidden in C and the information about C too exists in B in holographic way. The 'brain' of the muon reconstracts point C and maps it on B and our brains use the information of the muon at C to reconstracts the image and maps it on B!


I think that there is some information out there somewhere that our brains are also holographic.

You know when a holograph is damaged, you can still see the whole image in a different spot.

Kind of like if someone has brain damage, they can still regain their memories and abilities.

Information is a very fundamental thing in the universe! That is what we are slowly beginning to understand in physics with the help of the advent of quantum mechanics. This is the reason why physicists are now arriving at amazing conclusions such as the holographic principle and even the more daunting Antidesitter CFT Corespondence.

The totality of the information partaining to your nose IS YOUR NOSE itself! An amazing experiment that illustrate how nature recognise information in very fundamental level is the Quantum Erazer Experiment. The wavefunction collaps is the manifestation of conservation of quantum information. The 'collapse' is the thermodynamically ireversable transfer of information from quantum world to classic world! Your knowledge of quantum state must affect a quantum system because INFORMATION is real out there and is as conserved a quantity as energy and momentum!




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