Ashtar: Hello Mother. I'm here to submit this report on the progress of our disclosure project - planet earth.

Divine Mother: Hello there my beautiful Angel, thank you for the report...ummm...I see everything is going according to the plan..and I should say that you're doing an excellent job in this arena...but there's something else I got to ask you....

Ashtar: Yes Mother?

Divine Mother: Again, I've been receiving news that you have several "twin flames", "daughters", etc. on our beautiful planet earth gaia...

Ashtar: oh mother, what should I say? hahaha

Divine Mother: well, you're their favorite "super hero"...haha...oh look who has arrived...

Archangel Michael: and I think someday on the earth, someone will tell that they're the parents of Ashtar...:p)

Divine Mother, Ashtar: hahaha Hello There Michael!

Archangel Michael: Hello Ashtar, Hello Mother I've got to submit a report on what's been taking place lately in Syria.

Divine Mother: Oh well...ummm How are things there?

Archangel Michael: Well Mother, thing is the war's gonna fade soon, "they" just wanna create fear among the people across the planet because "they" very well know that their time on the planet has come to an end, nothing else mother, the lightworkers on the planet are doing a good job, along with our team.

Ashtar: Yes mother, even our team are keeping an eye on this event, I agree with Michael, the war's going to end soon. "they" are simply creating and spreading fear and "they" are aware that it is not going to work this time around.

Divine Mother: Just like the North Korea/South Korea/USA "news" we had dealt with a few months ago?

Archangel Michael, Ashtar: hahaha, yes Mother.

Archangel Micheal: Ashtar, I think you keep your eye on many different "matters" too, on the earth.

Ashtar: It just makes me laugh and I find it funny whenever I hear about those things such as being my twin flame etc from our angels on the earth.

Archangel Michael: Yes, and as you're aware too everyone here finds those things to be funny because We ALL have come from the same source the Mother/Father One.

Divine Mother: May I interrupt here Michael, Those lovely angels on planet earth are experiencing duality, they think they are separated, they think they're "individuals".. but the truth is...which you and I know ... it's an Illusion that they're experiencing over there..and it's isn't easy to be there always as it's a very challenging place for them....and those angels on earth are doing a magnificent job on our planet...what they don't realize is that they're also just like all of us here, in fact they are US in the human body vessels...they carry our spark...our light...

Archangel Michael, Ashtar: Yes Mother, No doubt about that at all. We all are one and the same. They all are working hard with their Ascension and awakening, Mother and they're progressing very well on that front and many of the angels are slowly getting to know about who they really are.

Divine Mother: Yes and that's were our guidance and channeling come into their picture.

Archangel Michael, Ashtar: Yes Mother, absolutely.

Divine Mother: We are always with them, no matter what, we will help and guide them to achieve Peace and Love on their beautiful and lovely planet Earth Gaia. You lovely angels go and shine your light on each and everything on that angelic planet.

Archangel Michael, Ashtar: Yes Mother, bye.

Archangel Michael: Hey Ashtar. What's your progress on the new planet in that solar system, Nibiru?

Ashtar: That's doing very well I should say.

Archangel Michael: So, how many twin flames you got there?

Ashtar: Whaaaat???!!! hahaha. Maybe I should check into Mother's plan on that front ;p)

Divine Mother: you two angels...what's going on there?

Archangel Michael: hh wha what?umm nothing reall important Mother.

Ashtar: uh uh yeah yes Mother, Michael asked me when the spaceship will arrive and I told him it will take some time to get here because its going to traverse on a new path

Archangel Michael: (whispers), the ship already had arrived a few moments ago, its right behind us. Why did you have to say that?

Divine Mother: Oh I see...really? Anyway, you two angels are doing a good job, so go in love and peace and spread it all over the earth and the universe, my angels.

Archangel Michael, Ashtar: Love you too, Mother. Thank You.

Ashtar: Hey Michael, look its St.Germaine's ship next to ours.

Archangel Michael: Well, may be he's here to submit his report regarding financial matters on earth to the Mother.

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  • oh I love the waltons! =D

  • ...;-)

  • Thanks for your comments!

  • LOL! I Rike it!! Thanks for the chuckles.... :)

    • You're Welcome, Altaira :)

  • lol ... ;) good one ... ;)

    • Thank You, Ara. ;)  :)

  • This is a funny dialogue.....glad it was labeled as humor, isssss funny, or maybe I am just twisted....yeah that must be it...Thanks for the laugh Dinesh, if we can't laugh then what is the point....

    • You're Welcome, Marique. :)

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