I wish to make your journey as simple as possible and as clear as possible, so I offer you a Recipe for Embodiment. You may think of this as Ascension, Enlightenment, Heart Opening, Sahaja… The destination you imagine does not matter, it is the process, the journey that is of merit and importance, for if you do not journey, you never arrive.

The Recipe for Embodiment

Just for today, Forgive yourself for EVERYthing, and then, Forgive everyone around you – just for today.

Just for today, pour your love into everything you do and shower love on everyone you encounter – just for today.

That is a very simple recipe, is it not?! But do not be deceived by its simplicity. Simplicity can only be practiced by Masters. If something is complex, there are many layers behind which little mistakes may be hidden. If something is simple, there is nowhere to hide; this is why it requires mastery, self-mastery, to incorporate this recipe into your life.

Be very aware: You do not have to get it right! Not at all. What matters is that you practice with an open heart, every day. What matters is that commit to practicing opening in kindness, compassion, love, laughter, peace, patience, joy, and forgiveness. Of course, there will be moments that baffle you, that overwhelm you. That is the process. Be gentle with your wonderous self and, when you feel ready, recommit to your practice.

I wish to note the three aspects of this recipe, to break them down for you so that you may truly understand the ingredients you are using.

Just for today – long practices can feel overwhelming, impossible even. ‘Just for today’ asks you to focus on a short spell of time that is quickly past. ‘Just for today’ asks you to focus on the present now, the eternal now, by only taking in bite-size pieces. This you can do, you are more than able for the discipline, the expansion into ‘Just for today’, just for now.

Forgiveness matters so much that it is a foundation stone in spiritual practice. This is because it requires you to look at the most painful, the most haunting, the deepest shadow moments in your life and bring them to peace, transform them into the light, by forgiving yourself and forgiving the other.

Truly, all error occurs due to a misunderstanding, a misalignment… as you progress, that misalignment is corrected and you err no more.

Your shadow is your alchemist, it allows you to turn pain into love, darkness into light. Embrace the mastery you now hold within you by forgiving yourself and others copiously, generously, expansively, repeatedly. Then watch your life transform; you have gone through an important initiation when you choose forgiveness, when you can stand in your pain, honour it and lavishly forgive. Forgiveness cleanses the channels through which love flows, expanding and purifying them so that your love may course through you stronger, brighter and more glorious than before.

Love, as all of you reading this know, is not a Valentine’s Day card! Love is an expression of divinity. Consider love to be white light, which can then break down into many different colours (some of which you see, and others which are not yet visible to your human eyes). Those colours are all aspects of love: kindness, compassion, laughter, joy, patience, endurance, integrity… the list is long. There is an entire menu of love from which you may choose in any now moment. At one time, patience will be the aspect of love best employed; in another moment, laughter will be the divinely appropriate characteristic of love to bring forward.

You are Masters, you are more than capable of the task at hand. When you waiver, when you feel as though you can’t go on, or you need help, call upon us and wait for inspiration, for a nudge, for an idea: it will come.

We love you and we are here for you, in service to you.

While it is my understanding that Ashian is a commander on a ship, he has only ever called himself ‘Ashian’, so from now on, that’s how his name will appear.



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