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Artist Creates Out-Of-This-World Glass Sculptures Based On The Fibonacci Sequence

Some of the world’s most famous works throughout history have all shared something in common, the use of the Fibonacci sequence, which is also known by the name of the golden ratio.

Artist Uses Fibonacci Sequence To Create Stunning Glass Sculptures

The golden ratio is said to be found in just about everything that is associated with nature, which is anything from atoms to celestial bodies that are unimaginable. Human beings have realized this, and this is one of the reasons why so many of the famous works by famous people, including architectural structures, have used the golden ratio.

The Fibonacci sequence is known for being pleasing to the eye while at the same time maintaining balance. One artist of today, Jack Storms uses the golden ratio in his artwork, and this is to create art sculptures out of glass that is astonishing.

Storms undertakes his glass artwork in Los AngelesCaliforniaand he uses a combination of dichroic glass and lead crystal by way of a cold glass process to create his stunning glass artwork. There are not that many artisans who can create what Storms do, and in fact, they are so few that they can be counted on a single hand.

Storms said that when he is creating his glass artwork, he does not use any heat at all. Instead, he grinds away and continues grinding and then polishes the glass. This he said is what separates his artwork from that of any other. He went on to say that it is far more difficult and it takes a lot of time and effort, but for him, it is worth it as the effects are brilliant.

Each piece of artwork takes Storms between 8 and 18 weeks to complete. However, Storms said that it is worth the wait as the end is a stunning masterpiece. He makes use of the golden ratio, and he said he uses it as he understands natural beauty is something that is created and not manufactured. Storms said that he tries his best to honor the natural world in his creations.

Storms did not start his passion for art until the age of 30 when he graduated from the Plymouth State University with his BA in art and then went on to focus on studio production. Things changed when he found a glass artist who was producing glass art by combining dichroic glass and lead crystal. He then worked alongside this artist learning the skill of the unusual art form. Eventually, Storms become good enough to open up his studio by way of StormWorks Studio.

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