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Arnold Schwarzenegger says 'Terminator' and other violent movies shouldn't be blamed for mass shootings.

Violent and Abusive Language in films is not good at all ... So Arnie is completely wrong like the rest who are involved in movies such as these.
Hollywood is one cause of spreading Violence and Abusive Language in the World.
Very few movies are made to spread love and light which are much needed to help people evolve and for the ascension of this Planet.
YOUR THOUGHTS..IMAGINATION..CREATES YOUR REALITY...if you encourage violence and abusive language in the World then that is the sort of World you will live in and if you encourage love and light in the World then that is the sort of World you will live in.


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Not trying to insult anyone here Krishna but........GROW  UP!!!

I don't think movies are to blame, I was watching Terminator the other day, I didn't feel the urge to go out and kill people. It depends who you are, some people just have an inner inclination towards violence, and no matter what, something will trigger it. And I don't think getting rid of violent movies will help, for thousands of years, tv or movies didn't exist, it's actually a relatively new medium....and the world was even more violent then than it is now. I don't play video games, but basically all my friends do...they like playing the war games and things like that....but they wouldn't go out and actually hurt someone.

So it depends who you are, and what your inclinations are. Violent people will be violent, no matter what, they'll find something, whether it's reading history, or watching movies, or whatever....that will inspire them to be more violent. People who don't have that, they'll just see it as a good action movie.

Oh yes.

I agree John.  I am a total pacifist and would not harm and animal, person, or even insects if I can help it, but I do enjoy a good murder who-done-it, and even enjoy gory sci fi monster movies like the Aliens movies, I loved Starship Troopers and you can't get much gorier then those movies, loved all the terminator movies, liked all the Lethal Weapons movies, etc. and the like, but I am in no way violent.  I do have to say that it would be nice if there were not violent movies or games.....but do not think that it overtly causes violence,  but it does glorify it to a degree so that is not right.  I can understand your line of reasoning though to a degree KK...but duality is duality and I don't see these things going away because they sell.  I think people get an adrenoline rush watching this type of stuff, I know I sitting on the edge of my chair and peeking through my fingers if I think it is going to get really bloody and gory but realize it is just entertainment with thrill factor.  And saying that Arnie should be terminated is kind of a violent thing to say, KK, been watching too many Terminator movies? Hahaha....

Starship Troopers lol I liked that movie. I'm not too big on gory films, I remember watching Saw 3, or 4, or something, and I thought....what kind of writer would write a movie like this lol Must be some psychopath lol But, things like Terminator, or Commando, or Starship Troopers, I like watching those movies.

I used to play the war games, online, against others...but that was more from a competitive standpoint, the same reason I liked sports. You test your skills against others, but I'd never think of actually going out and hurting someone, because of a video game lol

It depends what your inclinations are, if your violent, you'll be inclined to violence, no matter what. If you're not, you can watch the bloodiest, most violent film, and you won't feel the need to be violent. People need to take responsibility for themselves, and their actions. I think people use violent movies and things like that as an excuse, or they're looking for something to blame, something that turns people violent...when the responsibility lies within each individual.

And yea, I've seen Ravinder say some pretty horrible stuff lol Arnie should be terminated, the Indian rapists should be executed, things like that lol As usual, anything you judge in others, that issue is something, that's someway connected to you lol

I think it's true too, though, that if you surround yourself with something, and you don't have a strong will, it's easy to start becoming what you surround yourself with. I barely watch any movies at all, period...but I'm sure if I started watching violent movies, everyday...for a long time, it might start changing my subconscious. But...ultimately, that'd be my responsibility, I can't say, the movie did this to me.

Ultimately, people are responsible for what they are, and what they do. If you're a violent person, you're a violent person, you need to look within and figure out what's causing you to be violent, whether it's anger, rage, hatred, power trips...and work on that. And yea, maybe  you need to cut down on influences that might trigger your violence, the same way drug users need to get away from their old gang, or paraphernalia, to overcome it. But once you do, you can watch a violent movie, even alot of them, and it won't effect you. I mean, all of Arnies movies, almost...are violent films lol But, Arnie's anything but a violent person, in real life.

I just watched Stormship Troopers the other night.  Still like that movie...and none of us had the urge to go squish bugs or harm anyone. 

I absolutely agree with you John.

these people are such fools, making millions of a violence yet not seeing its effect on the viewers. There was a segment on our local tv news where many hollywood celebreties made a commercial about anti gun policies yet each of them took part of some sort violent film production. You are right about one thing, they are idiots and total hipocrites.......................

Well of course Arnie would say that, people are making it seem like him and his movies are responsible for violence in society, when the responsibility lies in each individual. And you don't know Arnie, he's actually a very intelligent person, and a good's not fair people put the blame on him and his movies for why there's violence. It's a big subject, but ultimately, the responsibility lies within the violent person, no one else.

Agreed. He´s right. The world is safer than I´ve been told it is.

Name one mass shooting or mass murder that weren't instigated by the illuminaughty?

That would be the only one that would have been stopped should movies be the source of crazyness. ;)



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