Are you a Invisible Artist?!


i'd like to share my expression of creativity based on the energies from the last 2 months. they were very intense and i couldnt focus on my daily jobs wich is actually industrial design, but it was also a unbareble feeling. to feel gaia's pain and from all the people in my city (200.000+)wtf?) never felt this way, but it is a good sign as well. things are changing and i get more and more connected with my divine source. my purpose here is not to solve unsolved things, or learn from this experience, i am here to transform and to cocreate the impossible. 

well just to keep myself balanced i had to learn a program to express something ive never done before, to make it interesting. i learned to create my own music, well electro music, but it is awesome and i made a few sample tracks.

now ive created with these energies my very own track; and share it to everyone who love creating things they werent able to do in their history  or experience. 

you can listen the track on my account on Soundcloud wich you can find here:

enjoy listening and this is also a good post for you creative invisible artists (art, song you name it! design chairs, inflatable barbeques its your call!) out there here on ACC. Dont be Afraid to Express yourself!

peace love blessings

indigo merllyn marks

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  • Hi Winger,

    Thank you for sharing your view on this. :O)

    Yes, a playful suspension of disbelief is necessary to groove with this. I am glad you can find your way through this, as a cosmic perspective (which seems to be the point of this site) must be open to more than the orthodox.

    I look forward to enjoying some of your output, Winger! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Merllyn,

    Thanks for your views. :O)

    I have created much in the orthodox manner, however. This is what I do to touch my own sense of joy, which orthodox story techniques only do (for me) to some extent. (Longer works sometimes get me there, however.)

    As for the formula which inspired this, it is a tradition which I find enthralling. It is not my invention, though I have innovated upon it.

    Keep sharing your vision, Merllyn. It has certainly been generous of you to invite the perspective of other artists! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • yep merllyn your right about pleadians and dance, who u think i learnt it from?! lol

  • Hey Merllyn,

    Wow! Thanks for letting me know that piece came out obtuse. :P

    How to explain, however...

    Well, first of all, it's not a story in the classic sense. I consider it a work of interdisciplinary conceptual language art. I actually thought it would be one of the easier to follow.

    Well, I go a step further than some in conceptual art. What I mean is that I want things to HAPPEN inside the reader. (Comedians are - in a way - far ahead of us all. I mean, when you laugh, something is DEFINITELY happening inside you.)

    The Princess Dawn & Candy pieces are actually blessings. They're based on (first of all, anyway) a legend shared by Deepak Chopra about two Supreme Beings who basically represent Wisdom and Wealth. By giving our respects to both, but a bit more to Wisdom (whom I have named Princess Dawn for that reason), we attract more of Wealth (Candy) into our lives.

    So just playing with these two characters while subtly giving Dawn greater respect is a blessing in and of itself. I also find other ways of blessing the reader and engaging the reader on a deep level.

    For example, this is a script meant to be turned into cartoon animation in the Japanese (anime) style.

    Animation is an example of what you might call an encounter with the impossible.

    (It's flat, it defies the rules of physics in many ways - and most animated characters force the issue. Some slip under doors. Others fly. And - in the anime tradition - when one looses composure one turns into a badly drawn toddler with explosive and bizarre abilities.)

    Encounters with the impossible awaken interesting aspects of the mind. They tend to lead one to generate, I believe, greater amounts of Theta brainwaves. This is associated with flow (That sense that you can do no wrong - usually leading in extreme gracefulness) and paranormal activity (ESP, etc), and hypnotic trance.

    By subtly bringing elements of the impossible into play, I intend to help the reader or viewer tap deep internal resources.

    I like to also release a sense of freshness, fun, and the exotic in the Princess Dawn & Candy pieces. This is an unusual one because they appear in the form of toddlers. Usually they're grown-up, but I felt the chibi tradition (at loss of composure, one is roughly drawn as a toddler. The tradition is also called "super deform") could be stretched-out to the entire piece!

    (I'm also into relentlessness in my art.)

    I have a friend who told me of her experience trying to find the spa and its finally popping into existence and then her sense of wonder over the policy mentioned. She was weirded out to discover that they weren't really emphasizing the very thing that was blowing her mind!

    We're not really in contact with each other any more, but I still feel moved by the concept, so the link's there.  Of course, if you're not gonna be in Vietnam any time soon, well...

    Hahaha! :P

    Hope that clarifies things a bit.

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Thank you..Merlyn...:o)

  • Hi-i!

    If you don't mind sharing your expertise, what do you think of THE LIPS ARE REAL as a title for this piece?


    I created it for a group called The Enchanted Factory at the Ning site Powerful Intentions. Those of you into popular music may want to share a word or two. I'm curious about your opinions.

    I'm considering redoing it on a large canvas. How does that speak to you? There seems to be a lot of wisdom on this site. What spiritual vibes come across?

    And is naming it THE LIPS ARE REAL disrespectful of the piece's energy? I don't think so, but it's a question that immediately pops up in the chatterbox of my mind. So, I figured I'd let it breathe.

    Makes sense to me, anyway.

    What do YOU think? :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

    PS: Literary artwork in this discussion @...

    ~ G

  • My painting intuitive...8114286264?profile=originalMemories of an old soul..

  • both, visible and un~............................


  • the future with 3D printing we will be able to create pretty cool stuff at home...

  • Princess Dawn & Candy & their...FEELING MOVEMENT*

    (cc) Tequila Partners on Flickr

    PRINCESS DAWN and CANDY are very simply drawn anime characters who appear as toddlers in little dresses, carry around jump ropes and chalk, and travel via tricycle. Most of their interactions are with adults. All adults seem to know them by name/appellation, show them simple but royal deference, and see them as completely qualified to engage in financial transaction.
    The Two tricycle their way up a back street in Vietnam. Princess Dawn stops to consult a treasure map.

    PRINCESS DAWN: X marks the spot, right?
    CANDY: X marks the spo-ot!


    8114288665?profile=original(cc) iandeth on Flickr

    Their heads WHIP left, then right.
    They look at the map again. Their heads WHIP left, right.
    CANDY: I don't know.
    PRINCESS DAWN: I think a door should be right there, Candy.
    They tricycle up past the frame of the image.
    Then tricycle back into it, stopping at the same spot as before.

    8114289079?profile=original(cc) quinn.anya on Flickr

    CANDY: X marks the spot?
    They tricycle down. Up. Down, looking at each address number through giant magnifying glasses.
    PRINCESS DAWN: It better be there the next time.
    CANDY: Or else?
    PRINCESS DAWN: Exactly!
    CANDY: Uh-oh.
    They tricycle out of the picture, and two windows where they kept stopping stretch away from one another, and a door pops into existence!
    The Two tricycle toward the door, magnifying lenses at play. Tricycle BREAKS SQUEAKING, Princess Dawn comes to an abrupt stop. Candy loudly REAR-ENDS her.
    CANDY: That wasn't there, was it?
    PRINCESS DAWN: No--don't think so.
    CANDY: Better go in.
    PRINCESS DAWN: Yeah, except...
    They both suddenly flop, backs onto tricycles, one girl atop the other, eyes closed, and SNORING.
    The sun CAREENS a few degrees in the sky, and The Two wake up to stretch.
    PRINCESS DAWN: That was good.
    CANDY: Yeah, Princess Dawn. I think we'd better go in.
    PRINCESS DAWN: Yeah, you're right, Candy.
    They open the door.
    PRINCESS DAWN: Well, Spa--here we come!
    CANDY: Yay!
    PRINCESS DAWN: Looks normal enough.
    LADY IN TOWEL: Good afternoon, Princess Dawn. Candy.
    PRINCESS DAWN & CANDY: Good afternoon, Lady Wearing A Towel!
    CANDY: They're very nice, here.
    PRINCESS DAWN: I'm gonna have a spa treatment.
    CANDY: Cool. I'm gonna have two.
    CANDY: Yeah. Isn't this cool?
    PRINCESS DAWN: Why are you gonna have two, Candy?
    CANDY: Well--I'm gonna have two.
    PRINCESS DAWN: Oh, yeah?
    CANDY: Sure. Is that a problem, Princess Dawn?
    PRINCESS DAWN: No. Of course. I'm just thinking, though, I was really thinking of having two, my--
    CANDY: Why? Because I'm having two?
    PRINCESS DAWN: No, Candy--just we're gonna be here a while.

    8114289096?profile=original(cc) iandeth on Flickr

    CANDY: Well, I'm gonna have three. So you go on ahead, and have your two.
    PRINCESS DAWN: Oh, if that's how it's gonna be--I'll have four.
    CANDY: Whatever!
    PRINCESS DAWN: Oh, you better watch it, now.
    CANDY: I didn't say anything.
    PRINCESS DAWN: You better not've said anything.
    CANDY: Oh, and what's that supposed to mean?
    PRINCESS DAWN: Ha! (ridiculing Candy) Oh, and what's that supposed--
    CANDY: Oh, well. Then, I'll just have to have twenty treatments.
    Princess Dawn's eyes are as big as goose eggs. She is completely still, except for her heaving breaths.
    CUT to front counter, from Staff's perspective. The tops of Princess Dawn's and Candy's heads peak into view.
    Princess Dawn rises on tip-toes and shoves forward some paper money.
    PRINCESS DAWN: I would like unlimited spa treatment.
    STAFF MEMBER: Oh, as you wish, Princess Dawn.


    *AUTHOR'S NOTE: A friend more or less commissioned me to write this script. Princess Dawn & Candy's activity, above, is loosely based on my friend's experience in the spa in Vietnam. It really does offer unlimited spa treatment.
    The present incarnation of this spa can be accessed at the following....

    Fusion Maia Da Nang
    Son Tra-Dien Ngoc Coastal Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 511 3967 999
    Fax: +84 511 3967 888

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