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July 3

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Poetic enchantment and NLP. Hypnosis as generation of Theta brainwaves, easily activated by pointing out the uncanny. The psychedelic puzzle. The implications of lucid dreaming. The subversive power of gender. Glamor as a tool of sacred surgery. Reality engineering. Applied temporal distortion. Harnessing astonishment. Melodic chant and sacred song. Sacred animation. Sacred geometry (obviously). The sacred nature of water spa. Liberating childhood lore for the good of sentient life, in general.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Diana Luppi EJ Gold Edna St. Vincent Millay John Donne Deepak Chopra Paul Harris Philip K. Dick Esther Hicks / Abraham Ceanne DeRohan Bob Frissell Astrid Lindgren Eleanor H. Porter Timothy Leary Tarthang Tulku Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Richard Bach

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  • Dear Giovani

    Thank YOU very much for your comment on my video, I dont see the link ... Would you be kind enough to post it to me please ... Many blessings to YOU dear Friend

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Giovani replied to J'Tariah En Ra El's discussion What are you creating lately? What medium are you using? Are you manifesting cheap or free art supplies? in Artists Manifesting Through Creation
"Hi Deirdre!
Thanks for these wonderful paintings! :D
Love the trees and am crazy about the girl in the light with the flowers in her hair!
You put across a soothing innocence in these paintings, which is very moving. Keep cultivating that energy (if…"
Aug 15, 2012
Giovani commented on TREE OF LIFE's video
"Hey Tree!
Thanks for that insight! :O)
Feels perfectly valid.
Sunshine & Blessings, Giovani"
Aug 2, 2012
Giovani replied to merllyn marks's discussion Are you a Invisible Artist?!
"Hi Winger,
Thank you for sharing your view on this. :O)
Yes, a playful suspension of disbelief is necessary to groove with this. I am glad you can find your way through this, as a cosmic perspective (which seems to be the point of this site) must be…"
Jul 29, 2012
Giovani replied to merllyn marks's discussion Are you a Invisible Artist?!
Thanks for your views. :O)
I have created much in the orthodox manner, however. This is what I do to touch my own sense of joy, which orthodox story techniques only do (for me) to some extent. (Longer works sometimes get me there, however.)…"
Jul 29, 2012

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"simple question-if AIs replace white collar jobs-and robot AIs replace blue collar jobs-where is the money going to come from for useless humans to buy stuff?
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"trannies going insane;
transgender protesters swarmed him cursing and screaming before assaulting him several times as police looked on
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"Well, cave cheeses are great to consume and we have many in the UK, such as Cheddar, cave aged at Wookey Hole caves...
I would suggest that milk is OK here....I believe it's the US that put too many hormones in everything.....But if you want to…"
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"To answer the question: There are many good types of cheese. Try cave cheese. It always tasted really good. Do you know these tick tock videos? Someone throws a cheese with holes on a book page with many words and takes the words as an oracle. He…"
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RichRaelian posted a photo in Ridge Meadows Light Community~
There is plenty to be thankful here.
7 hours ago
RichRaelian left a comment on Ridge Meadows Light Community~
"Hi! I'am not a awake soul but I do have a awake supra-consciousness as a aspect of infinity."
8 hours ago
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I like what a farmer said about the Roswell accident victims in 1947 he said and I quote,"Well there not green."
8 hours ago