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Arcturian Healing ~ Divine Methods of Medicine, Science & Thinking I'd like to share

It was very difficult deciding which category this discussion should go under....

For years I've been getting messages during my sleep.  Until recently I didn't know what was happening.  At first I thought ego-centrically, believing my superior brain was getting 'smarter' with age and experience--lol, boy was I wrong.  When my knowledge and especially memory began astounding my children, I knew something much deeper was happening--and I got a bit scared.  I'd told my daughter "it seems like someone is tapping into my brain at night and implanting information."  Of course she thought me a bit mad, then she'd paused and realized how much my knowledge had expanded and said "knowing you...I wouldn't doubt it."  Finally after years of searching for an explanation, I'd read about the Arcturians and how they will aid humanity's Ascension by 'transmitting' divine technology and healing information to human channelers. Thank God--something that finally made sense!  

You may be wondering what universal knowledge has been imparted.  I've asked the same questions about life, health, history and humanity everyone has.   Usually every day I get new answers; most of of which come in pictures or patterns laid out in very direct form.  It's been an incredibly enlightening journey and now I'm compelled to bring this awareness to others if I can.

If anyone else has had similar experiences I'd love to hear from you.  It would be wonderful to not feel quite so much like 'an island.'  And if anyone would like to know something, anything really...just ask.  Chances are some information has been passed on to me.  Some topics I've gotten some fantastic information on include:

The Source of All Disease

The Source of Mental Illness

What causes Autistic Spectrum Disorders(Neurology)

How the Human Brain Works (when used properly)

Source of Society/Humanity--how & why they "fall"

How humanity became so: self-centered/non-spiritual

The Keys to Divine Thought

There is more, but I think the above covers a decent amount.  I very much look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for reading--


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How the Human Brain Works (when used properly)

The Keys to Divine Thought.

im trying to figure out also how does fasting help the body.




Thank you so much for asking.  I hope the following information answers your questions...

Your human brain has been given all the tools it needs to heal itself and your human body.  Only when the brain is healthy and properly activated, can it activate your immune system sending signals to all other parts of the body to activate healing.  The only thing interfering with the brain's abilities is "disease."  All disease starts with what is now called "bacteria" or "virus’."  These are misnomers.  Throughout history bacteria has been called many things:  worms, parasites, "bugs," etc.  Remember the phrase "I got a stomach bug"--that is where this came from.  “Bacteria" is the fallout from these 'bugs.'  Hippocrates left a great message to all:  "Thy food is thy medicine and thy medicine is thy food."  He did not mean "eat right it's good for you" he meant eating the right foods will heal you from disease.  In these times, our food supply has become so unhealthy, our disease(or parasite) rates have multiplied.  Processed sugars, meats, grains, and other "junk foods" actually feed these parasites allowing them to multiply.  By fasting, you stop feeding them.  This allows your body to do what it naturally does best....heal itself.  When fasting, make sure to drink plenty of water if your health isn't outstanding.  This is necessary to keep the parasites and their toxins flushing from your body.  It's also important to make sure you're spiritually charged when fasting--this is also part of the 'cleansing' process.  Becoming spiritually charged allows chemicals and the Light to flow through you prompting spontaneous healing.  I don't recommend fasting for someone not in optimal physical, and spiritual condition.

The human brain is far simpler to understand than doctors lead everyone to believe.  Your Right Brain is all your pattern recognition.  A pattern is reality repeating itself over and over--therefore, Right Brain is your Truth.  Left Brain is the "developer"--it takes all patterns and weaves them into optimal thought.  So when others have said “think logically” they're actually giving bad advice.  You must allow your Right Brain to seek out patterns(or Truth) first, then allow Left Brain to choose the best patterns to follow.

Right Brain is also where all of your instincts, spirituality, memory, and much of your 6th sense abilities lie.  Left Brain is far more 'linear' keeping track of 'time,' religion, hierarchy, criticism, and most importantly--it's where the human ego is housed.  Left Brain is "patriarchal" and Right Brain is "matriarchal"--a brief look into history will show you how patriarchal societies end up...falling.  So you definitely don’t want to think Left-Brain-logical first.  Unfortunately, in public schools we're taught to revere Left Brain's logic, and most Right Brain activities are phased out between the 4th & 7th grades.  This is done purposely.  Without an active healthy Right Brain, Truth eventually becomes a vague memory.  Logic without Truth is lies.  This is how so many humans end up suffering needlessly through life...they lose their way when they lose Truth.  

Reactivate this part of the brain by seeking out as many Right Brain activities as you can.  "Logic" less & Truth more.  Patterns are everywhere and are the reason police find criminals, and how we all find Love.  Because Right Brain is all conscious, subconscious & unconscious memory, we are doing most of our pattern-recognition subconsciously/unconsciously.  This is also called "instinct"--when your brain picks up on a pattern your logical Left Brain refuses to acknowledge.  Seek out all patterns purposely and consciously in:  people, animals, nature, emotion, art, science, problem-solving, Happiness & Love...there are not only patterns within all aspects of life, but patterns or pathways to "finding" answers.  Seek out patterns rather than looking for "the logic" in solutions.  Logic lies, patterns don't.  

Once you've gotten your parasite level down and your Right Brain thinking up--with practice you'll achieve perfectly balanced thought.  That is the key....balance in your human brain’s thought will activate areas of your mind you never knew existed.  Skills or "gifts" will emerge, and your memory will improve immensely.  Your creativity will skyrocket and Epiphanies will come on a daily basis.  When you've accomplished this, you will never again need anyone to explain Divine Thought....because you will be living it. 

Thank you so much...I will be checking out these other sites right away!  ;)  It's wonderful to be in contact with others doing the same work.  

I've also had a couple very powerful dreams about being on a ship or ship's lab(or maybe just a lab ;) where I'm with another and we're expected to manipulate or control this pinkish/purple plasma-type electricity.  No words were ever spoken or exchanged...thoughts were conveyed telepathically.  Ever heard of that? 

Thanks Again....Cassandra

I KNOW THIS!!!  The pic above and below!  Especially this healing chamber.  I don't remember being in it but in a room that looks just like this!  I absolutely can't believe you posted this.  This is also the color of the 'plasma' I was asked to control or manipulate in one of my dreams.  Wow....thank you so much for posting this.  I'm going to go do research now.  

Now I'm really beginning to understand what's happened to me.  I've been given an encyclopedia of information over the past few years and it's wonderful to know others are having similar experiences....Namaste--a lot--lol

Any links or more info on this team--when I Google it leads me back to this post or government articles. :(

Thank you so much for posting this, can't say this enough.  So much is clear now~~~what an incredible relief.  I have much more to give--I've been told the location of the'Holy Grail (you will be amazed), and the 'proof' of God was just transmitted.  My life is truly complete with your help and guidance.  Thank you again--much great Love... Cassandra... Namaste!

Lori...please tell me you're kidding.  You are far from 'idiot.'  There is no such thing as idiot compassion.  Please read the above post--you simply have an infection--take 250mg's of Niacin daily until you can tolerate upping the dose.  If you react to it it's solely because your body has the very parasite that causes severe(latent) emotional disorders. (Toxoplasma Gondii parasite) 

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU...that can't be cured. Depression is nothing more than your brain functioning below 6.66 Hertz due to poor diet, bad food(GMO's), and low metabolism brought on by all of the previous.  Stop eating inorganic products, stop consuming fluoride(in all water), add vitamins like b-6, C, D, E...especially D & E--->if you're in a state that lacks sunshine, those vitamins are hard to come by.  

Please keep in touch....all my Love...Cassandra!

I will...thank you!

I'm trying to write it all down, but struggling a bit with creating my first book.  Also why I started this discussion.  I'm hoping through sharing with others I will find my way.  Apologies :(  

If you have a question or need cures for anything please let me know.  I've helped heal quite a few different diseases in myself and others.  If I can help you in any way let me know.

I've posted a rather long-winded reply to karmablessings above.  Got a bit carried away, but I wanted to thoroughly answer her question.  I'll try to be succinct.

Throughout history humans have always known what causes disease.  "Bugs," parasites, worms--are some of the various names given to illness.  Hundreds of years ago it was well-known 'worms' or 'bugs' made us sick.  They may not have been aware that micro & nanoscopic versions of worms cause plagues--but they certainly knew bugs were making them sick.  About 200 years ago, a great man named Louis Pasteur discovered many worms aka parasites causing plagues throughout Europe.  This man created the Pasteurization process to try to stop the spread of disease through cow products.  Another great doctor--Theobald Smith--discovered many other parasites.  Governments across the globe created books educating doctors on the various parasitic illnesses plaguing man.  Then in the 1940's the United States Gov't reclassified all parasitic diseases as simply "diseases."  This kept doctors & humanity focused on symptom and not source.

Most of these bugs can easily be killed via organic acids like: Ascorbic, Nicotinic, Amino, Tartaric.  Pharmaceutical companies have built an industry on creating drugs that mimic acids, or mask symptoms.  This is why disease rates, and "new" diseases & disorders, have multiplied.  Organic cures kill parasites naturally.  Pharmaceuticals "kill" unnaturally if at all.  This causes bugs to evolve, mutating into stronger strains which science then 'reclassifies' as other disease.  Strep is a good example.  Strep used to cause infections of the throat, fever, and possibly death.  Because our food supply is poor, and because society has been far more interested in manipulating nature rather than working with her--now Staph comes in many forms: A, B, C, D, F, Scarlett Fever, "Flesh-eating Bacteria," etc.  The pics I've posted are from a book published by the USGov.  Please notice the paragraph before "List of Parasites" instructing doctors to not name the parasite, but the disease.  This was the beginning of Western Medicine's "secret."  If no one knew the real cause of disease, then no one would ever find cures.  Hence Western Medicine's financial success....keeping everyone hoping with a lie.  So let's not do that any more!

They key is to use organic cures whenever possible to kill parasitic disease.  If you're addicted to any pharmaceutical I don't recommend quitting.  Gradually transitioning from synthetic to organic is the only way to go.  Do what's right for you--what feels right.  Warning:  when using organic treatments you will kill the bugs and this can be a painful process.  I very much recommend working with someone who knows these processes.

Your second question is far easier:  self-centered thining is a result of Left Brain dominant thinking.  Left Brain's logic is revered in patriarchal societies because it's the "male" side of the brain.  Left Brain has more Androgen receptors and Right Brain has more Estrogen(Oestrodial) receptors.  It's also where the human ego is housed.  So if you're a right-handed person then you're Left Brain dominant.  Therefore, if you live in a Left Brain patriarchal society, are Left Brain dominant, and attended Logic-driven Left Brain schools...the only pattern to follow here would be Left-Brain/logical/ego-driven thinking.  See?  There's more in karmablessings post, but I think you see the pattern.

Excellent!  They absolutely do like dark, damp, warm, acidic environments--that's why synthetic sugars are so tasty to them.  Sugar breaks down into pure acid.  Dr. Otto Warburg did some wonderful work in the 1920's and discovered processed sugars and meats cause Cancer.  He won the Nobel Peace prize for his work.  Very interesting--

and YES!  The Human Genome Project is a complete and utter rouse.  "Genetic Disease" is a cover for much more sinister agendas.  The really great news is like you said: parasites cause DNA mutations passed from generation to generation.  Mothers also pass parasites to their children during birth(Dr. T. Smith 1927) after her parasites & father's have mated/mutated pre-conception. 

Also....Parasites chew through cells then PEE & POOP inside you!  Disgusting I know--but true.  This is the "acidic" and "disease" causing influence on our bodies.  H2O2 Therapy, Baking Soda therapy, Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid), Niacin(triggers Nicotinic Acid), and other organic cures are wonderful for ridding the body of these awful inhabitants.  Where the phrase "cleanliness is next to Godliness" came from.  How it should read "parasitic cleansing throughout home and body promotes the health optimal for spiritual enlightenment."  Guess that's a bit wordy though~~~


I think your post would fit nicely under the dreaming sections.


If you're getting "intelligent information" in your dreams... that information is coming from your own subconscious. It's your own intelligence.

Every thing in your dreams comes from you. If you don't believe me, ask for information that you don't already know that you can verify when you wake up. Something concrete.

For example, asking, "what temperature will tomorrow be when I wake up" is not a good question. Because your consciousness could take the information of what it was during the week, or what it overheard on the news, or what it's familiar with the temperature being that time of year, and possibly give you a pretty accurate answer.

Coming up with a good question is somewhat of a difficult task. Because you want the answer to be memorable enough for you to remember after you wake up. So asking them "what is the license plate of dreamsicle's car"... although that would be an excellent answer to confirm that you're talking to someone else's intelligence, chances of remembering that information would be slim to none. And even then you might remember one digit and the odds of guessing one digit even just sitting there thinking about it, you might come close.

I find that reading texts such as what you did when you read about the Arcturians, is a form of mind control in terms of letting it influence how you feel about your dreams. The information you read might be positive, sure, but that doesn't mean it's true and/or real.

A good example I have of this, is when I started reading Robert Monroe's books (about out of body travel, and helping "lost souls cross over" in dreams) eventually my dream mind started catering to these ideas. I started going on journeys in my sleep where I would end up places where there was a person or people that I was "saving". But there was an extra flavor to these dreams that made me question their validity... all these people were enamored by me in some way. Now I could've just let it be and let myself believe their romantic emotions towards me to be real, and that they were real people... I mean I wouldn't blame them... it's just something I'm used to. But it didn't make sense to me. That people, in a time of strife... would take precious dream time out to convey their infatuation to me. It just didn't make sense. We'd only just met. Ya know? And being "trapped" for however long they were and me not even needing to take the time to explain to them they were trapped in the first place... it just didn't add up. --- What I took from this experience, is that my imagination just created these scenarios for me because that's what the imagination does when you sleep... creates your own realistic virtual reality game.

Sometimes they seem enlightening, other times they seem just for fun.

Another example is before December 21, 2012. I also got dreams of tsunamis and aliens who looked human who conveyed to me that they were "saving people in their space ships" (inceptioned by the ideas on this website no doubt) but none of them came to fruition. And I know I'm not the only one who had these dreams, a lot of people did in varying degrees. Not because it was some sort of universal, magical supernatural thing... but because it was on their minds too.

But I also want to express the degree of authority I started giving my dreams after I realized that I sometimes saw glimpses of my future. Dreams that didn't require any interpretation at all... they were literal clips (few seconds to a couple minutes at times) showing me of my life in the future. I didn't know that's what they were at the time I was dreaming them... I just figured, "my dream brain must be out of ideas if it's showing me something so boring and mundane" and then it seemed it quickly transitioned away from them and onto "fun stuff" (I have somewhat of a spoiled dream life and expect a lot of cool stuff most of the time)... but years later when I actually was going through those clips in real life, wearing the same clothes that I was not in possession of at the time of the dream, with the same accessories, in the same location... I realized.. "woah, I was given clips of the future". But I also realize those clips weren't given to me "just for the heck of it"... I feel they were a warning to help me basically not die. But I won't get into that. --- However, because I realized my dream mind had this ability... I started paying a little too much attention to what my dreams had to say afterwards. And this is where I made a big mistake. It took me awhile to realize it was just my imagination... but it was still a rather... interesting trip in the meantime. I was having conversations with people in my home in my dreams, sometimes even in my bedroom... one specific character even spooned with me during these conversations!!! Also, there used to be a lot of celebrities in my dreams, including ones I didn't think much about... but I know better than to think they were the actual real celebrities lol.

Now, I can't explain what the source was behind me seeing dreams of my future... but I did learn that it is wiser to view all dreams as imagination. As a virtual reality we get to play in when we sleep.

I know more than anyone how useful they can be. At least twice I can recall where they've helped me find missing objects. And actually it was another dream character who showed me where, but I think that's just the way my brain chose to show me and the dream character wasn't actually another person, but something my brain programmed.

I could talk about my dreams forever. Dreams are actually something where I would say I'm an expert in it. I've been lucid dreaming since before I started grade school. I didn't even learn the term lucid dreaming until high school. Since high school I've been trying to have "shared dreams" with people to the point they remember it (I've hung out with lots of people but the other party never remember (and how do you not remember something like flying?!) so I figure it's not really them but like, a video game character my brain made of them)... I just haven't found anyone yet with the same abilities as I do who I'm interested in having shared dreams with.


But I feel the idea that we're getting "divine uploads" in our sleep to be a rather big statement. Only because if it were possible to get information and learn knowingly or unknowingly in our sleep... then why are there so many stupid and/or abusive people running around?

There are so many people that could benefit from therapy... why can't they get this therapy in their sleep? Ya know? A common problem I'm finding these days in 1st world countries at least, is that people are lonely. Well then, why can't they get the companionship they crave in their dreams?

If we could learn stuff from dreams, that would be nice. Dream professors and teachers, teaching basic things like math, how-tos. I know I've heard music in my dreams that I could mimic after I wake up but the tune has left me a few days later (well, not all of them). Could you imagine how different the world would be if people learned basic things from their dreams? Like reading, writing and arithmetic? Or even foreign languages. Or physics or chemistry.

I've even asked religious questions to people in my dreams, they all seem to cater to what I believe in deep down. For example, I asked if Twin Flames are real.. the response I got, "we only know the air of twin flames" which translates to me as "no, there's no such thing, but we're aware how humans have taken that term and run with it".



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