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Apple Stores...A Lesson To Learn On How The Staff Are Trained To Cheat You

My iPhone broke down as it just stopped charging so I went to the Apple Store in Regent Street London and was given an appointment a few days time in their other store in Covent Garden.
I went for the appointment and had to wait a while then one of their Staff took my iPhone for repair by an apple engineer. She came back after some time and told me the charging port which has 30 pins is faulty as one of my pin is broken and she said this is built in so cannot be replaced and offered me but a new phone as my warranty had run out. I said I am on contract and can get a new upgrade phone and left. Next I took my iPhone for a second opinion to another Apple branch in Shepherds Bush Westfield Shopping Centre and I was given an appointment. I went for the appointment and their staff took my phone to the back room for the apple engineer to repair. After a long wait on of their staff appeared and said my phone was beyond repair and offered me to buy a new phone. I said I am on contract and could get an upgrade phone and left.
A few days later I saw a phone repair shop in Kilburn and told the staff that one Apple Store told me its charging port is faulty and cannot be replaced and the other Apple Store told me that the phone could not be repaired nor did they know that the charging port was faulty. So the engineer checked it out and in 5minutes fitted a new charging port and got it problem.

Now Apple staff lied to me by saying the charging port cannot be replaced and the other Apple Store staff told me its beyond repair. SO NOT ONLY SOME OF THEIR ENGINEERS ARE INCOMPITENT BUT THEIR STAFF ALSO RECOMMENDED ME TO BUY A NEW PHONE .

I wonder if I can sue Apple Store.

The lesson to learn is to don't rush but take your phone to other branches and get second or third opinion as I see a lot coming to Apple Store and I bet quiet a few are told to buy a new phone even though their phone is repairable.

Being a Satellite Engineer I felt I could not trust the Apple Stores verdict and was happy with an engineer from a repair shop fixing it for me and I watched how he fixed it and with a very small headed special screwdriver could fix it myself next time if needed.

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Talking about phones:
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"I wonder if I can sue Apple Store."

Anyone can sue anyone, but you won't win. Unless the phone repair shop was ALSO an apple store. If they were not, technically what you've done is to replace your charger-port with a non-"Apple original component" by a non-Apple worker.

You can not sue Apple for not doing what unlicensed repairshops are capable of doing. :)

I went to Maplin Electronic Store and bought an IPhone tool kit as just to open it you need a special extra small headed screwdriver and best one is with a magnetic tip so the tiny screws atrach to it.
Now I can easily do most repair work myself problem.

..and void all guarantees as well as functional insurance at the same time. ;)

Also, make sure you don't use the magnetized screwdriver for anything other than to loosen the chassi-screws. For all works inside the phone, you will be needing a "neutral" screwdriver or the components may break.

Now look at apples new headquarters:

The spaceship takes shape: Drone footage reveals the foundations of Apple’s new 'donut' HQ on the futuristic 175 acre building site

Note they say to make the iPhone parts cost well less then £50 but they sell it for £700

"Note they say to make the iPhone parts cost well less then £50 but they sell it for £700"

That's only because there are still people on earth that are intellectually deficient enough to buy it. Eradicate those, and the market for cheaply produced but expensively sold goods, will go with them. ;)

Although, there are more costs to the production of electronic consumer items than just the parts. You also need to invest about 100 million dollars on a machine park before you get from Parts to Phone. You need workers that don't kill themselves. You need dis and you need that. Before you know it, the phone may cost up to four times more to producade than you initially calculated. ;)

Welcome to the World of Producers/Production. I hear by your dialect that you've never been here before. ;)

Sorry you had that problem with apple in your country. I had a problem with my Apple desktop computer here in the states. It's been years past the warrantee date but they helped me fix the computer re-did the whole disk drive and did not charge me one single cent. I would suggest you call the main office and report this, or mail a letter to the main American office here in California, USA. This should not happen.



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