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While out on one of my walks the idea of starting a page on here that gets into anything health came to mind and since we post health related videos on the comment wall all the time I figured why not start a health discussion page. All our welcome as usual to post on here. 

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  • Bird flu lies continue to be exposed as seen here. It's simple if they say there is a deadly virus that's gonna kill us all that actually means they're full of s##t and they're lying just like how they lie about everything else.
  • If they end up pushing for vaccines again just like they did with the Covid scam my advice would be stay far away from their vaccines and don't fall for their BS. Gates, Tedros, the WHO, etc all need to be brought to justice soon.
  • Fauci still tries to desperately defend himself, but to no avail, as he's outsmarted by superior wits and well as ex-wrestlers, like Jim Jordan, who can also apply such wrestling holds, figuratively, as well.....Grips, locks, throws, scissors, holds.....;-)

    "Sparks Fly As Jim Jordan Ruthlessly Confronts Dr. Fauci About Lab-Leak Theory"😷😷😷😷😷
  • "During a House Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) questioned Dr. Fauci on his email chains with top NIH officials on the lab-leak theory for the origin of COVID-19."

    "Sparks Fly After Debbie Lesko Grills Fauci On Email Chain Regarding COVID-19 Lab-Leak Theory"😷😷😷😷😷
  • Rather amusing to observe Dr Faustus', errrr, Mr Fauci's fall from his official "position of trust," as he's justifiably mistrusted and despised, more than ever...

    Also, funny how "decorum" is more important to dems, than exposure of medical mass murder and fake science.....mRNA vaxx, masks, 6-feet apart, plastic bubble screens, lockdown, etc..😷😷😷😷😷

    "Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Dr. Fauci, 'You're not doctor' during COVID hearing"
  • Good news here as the pandemic treaty was stopped for now. They will be trying again though.
  • I hope that members who supported Obama and his pro-covid vaccine, bioweapon advice, a few years back, have subsequently awoken to the scamdemic...?? And also the scam that was Obama, from day one of his presidency.....Just watch this video and remind yourselves, that this evil character fooled many poor fools, into taking a dangerous mRNA experiment....which caused death and injury, among many Americans..

    I hope that you woke up in tiime, to his evil masquerade...😷😷😷😷😷

    Here's a refresher course, on using intuition and logic...In a nutshell, never trust a word that Obama says, ever again....If you trusted him before...

    There was a time when so many ACC members trusted and idolised Obama.....At a time when I saw through him....Will John Jancar ever appologise for being so completely WRONG...?? Not to mention Mike Quinsey (at that time, via "SaLuSa",) the purported "channeller."

    "Barack Obama and Eva Longoria Take on Vaccine Hesitancy"
  • And it gets worse in China, as they have been subject to uranium dust, in rainwater, which is escaping from a mine in inner Mongolia, travelling in the air and rivers, to various Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou...

    The coal mine was re-opened in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, last year...Initially causing the deaths of two lorry drivers...Uranium mixed with coal...
    Now the radiation is spreading to the cities, and falling with rain droplets...

    Of course, the corrupt Chinese authorities, are pretending that the people suffering severe symptoms, are simply "asthmatics."
  • I will state, up front, that I've NEVER visited China and have no desire to journey there, ever...However, many western people and corporate staff do travel there, on a regular basis and probably don't realise, that the food and drink they inevitably consume there, is TOXIC waste.......Errr.......Ever thought of a pre-packed lunch..? Might be safer...!! LOL🤣

    Welcome to the Red Chinese, lower astral plane experience.....If it feels like a nightmare, that's because, it actually is one....🐲🤮

    And some elite westerners (politicians, media and corporates) seem to be so beguiled, that they actually believe this third world backwater, is a "superpower..??" Truly laughable...

    "China's Revolting Spit Oil and Gutter Oil and Why it Will Never go Away"
  • Good job here by Ron DeSantis with this bill that bans lab grown meat. At least we have some good leaders here.
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