Hey everybody,

   I have had Atlantis on the mind lately--quite literally.  As that crazy X-class flare shot off the other night, I felt something really release in my left brain in the region beyond my eyebrow and eye down to my nose.  It felt like a boat that had been anchored down suddenly was being freed and floated to the top.


I have also had some crazy dreams with names in them that were meant to stick out...(my dreams are very symbolic with the names).  I met a man named "Ethan Hawk"  I know, I know...he is an actor.  (Actually I didn't know but my husband told me so afterwards)  I'm really bad at knowing actor's names.  But Ethan means "a gift from an island" and Hawk is a "messenger" between the spiritual and material realms.  I also met Orlando Bloom in another dream (standing next to Gandolf the Grey).  No, I haven't watched any of the Lord of the Rings movies recently..i mean in a long long time.  But the following day I saw a commercial for one! But anyway "Orlando" means "famous land"...so it's kind of like i got the signs for 1) a gift from an island brought by a messenger and 2) a birth of a famous land. And I keep having visions and dreams of Atlantis and blue people...weird...and then there is the tying together of Atlantis and Mu/Lumeria...still working that on that one.

To me places are also metaphors for our bodies, so when a place "disappears" as Atlantis is said to have done, then it means to me that there is a piece of ourselves also missing.

Anyway, here is what "Atlantis" felt like to me:

In the bottom of an ocean

is a tropical location

Whose purpose has long been thrown


In the depths of emotion

is  revealed to the commotion of

searching for the heavenly throne


It's beginning to resurface

see the convergence

of the sky and the Earth once more


No one can seal its structure

By force or conjecture

Back down to the rocky sea floor


Atlantis is rising

it's not surprising

When you live in the rhythm of being


Rise above limitation

Reject imitation

Use the eyes of the soul for the seeing


Whether its presence resides

In past or in this time

May be a fruitless debate to consider


The question is this

How to exist within bliss

And shine as the stars in night shimmer.

**Have you been thinking of Atlantis?  Please do share.  What does it feel like to you?**

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  • I love this image! I absolutely love seahorses too...

    I had dreams of twin dolphin-women.  It was so awesome..trying to get them to visit again in my dreams.  I can't recall any specific details about what Atlantis "looks" like because I've seen so many images of what it is supposed to look like that I can't disentangle these images from "memories".  I'm a person who rather remembers the feeling, situation, lessons, etc.'

      But when I think of Atlantis, the first thing I think of is a green city that is crystal-like in structure.  Lots of plants.  Lots of people from different "places".  A kind of diplomatic center. I picture it as something that can rise and sink. That's all I got. lol. 

    But maybe that's just me?

  • I think of Atlantis every day.

    I remember it...

    • Interesting... do you recall any of the tools or technologies, or spiritual practices?

  •  In my dreams I experienced a large crystal dome over the city of Atlantis being shattered. I will say no more until someone describes the other aspects in my dream(s).

    • AsAbove



  • I am working on working this out in my brain :)  But I believe all of life is a metaphor. That the ongoings of the Earth--even in the past and present and future, your physical body, your mental, emotional and etheric bodies, the Solar System, the totality of all planetary bodies inside and outside of this Universe, time, and any other division you can think of is a metaphor for you...hence the phrases "as above so below".

    The downfall of Atlantis is a metaphor for our own downfall in our inability to connect with others and maintain or Oneness--Isolation--that sunk the ship/island so to say.  The island being a firm body in the sea of emotion that allowed for connection in a multitude of ways. 

    If we don't want to repeat those happenings, then we must connect. Every day, in every way.  When we connect with each other, we are reconnecting with another part of ourselves, of the Earth, of the Universe, and of the entire Cosmic Being we call One/God/Creator.

    Thank you so much for reading.

  • ~Despite the dated film techniques... this documentary actually contains valuable esoteric data that can be helpful in decoding the Gaian-Matrix. With 25 parts, I know it's long... but give it time & I think you may find it to be meaningful. Of course you could spread it out over a number of days & just watch a few segments at a time. Again, if you can get past some of the cheesier elements, it's really worth watching. ~InLight555 

                                Part One:


  • Interesting topic... I have been in Reno, Nevada for the past week and have been driving past the Atlantis Casino here almost every day. This has got me thinking about ancient Atlantis and our connection to it now, and what influences this culture has on our current civilization. I wonder if they might have forseen our current times and if we can still connect with those in these other times and places.
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