• I''ve heard from several researchers in backwards recording that the human brain does unconsciously verbalize it's thoughts in the form of backward speech.  Simply constructed, it tries to convey the message of what the person is really saying apart from the forward speech.  They say you can't hide what you are really saying.  The researchers listen to politicians, music artists (almost all of which are heavily controlled by the cabal), CEO's, and journalists.  They conclude that the vast majority are many times expressing a degraded and enslaved state of mind. What a surprise.

  • It has inspired me to record some of my poetry and then to play it backwards! =)
  • Wow those are trippy...There was a lot of Obama reversed speech things on the net and they are creepy...will post some in a minute....definite goosebump stuff......brb

    • This is kind of interesting......not taking any sides one way or the other, but it is interesting....
      • Oooowerrrrr!!!!


        There has been speculation about all of the satanistic symbolism etc the can be found in many hand gestures (in media coverage) of Obama. And many music artists, come to mention!


        Is this all just daft conspiracy, or significant?


        David Icke has a lot to say about this subject.

        • MGem, if you think about it long enough, I think you may conclude that the dark is simply playing a necessary role.  There really is nothing 'wrong' with many things they give themselves to.  It's similar to using heroin as a relaxant in the evening.  It's definitely not a good idea, and not necessary,--definitely unwise, who would want such a thing?  Why not just find a way to relax naturally.   So it is with these people, they don't want to expend the effort of being their real selves and enjoying reality.


  • I'll check it out, interesting :)
    • There are a load more on youtube, that I didn't check out because they kind of put the hairs, on the back of my neck, on end! I will check them out later, as I feel there is some significance in the backwards versions of these songs, that may relate to Kurt Kobain, and his infamous turmoil!



  • Gave me a bit of the eebiejeebies listening to them!
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