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Everyday it seems as though it's heating up on this site between people. Biting at each other, one knowing more than another belittling each other for differing points of views. Where is the respect for each other come on. So what if someone thinks they know more than another if that is their perception and they are forcing it down anothers throat they are further from the truth than they think. 

You don't see Spiritual Masters doing this. They are most humble and go with to know you are special you have to know you are nothing. We are all the same. I shall believe what I want and am not going to ram what I believe down another's throat they will learn at their own pace as will I. Whos to say what I believe is correct anyhow?? The person who's throat I am trying to force feed my beliefs could know more than me! :) 

It seems that those that just have to be right are still battling their ego big time and might just benefit from taking a step back and letting go of the need to always be right and the most knowledgeable. Humility is a greater tool in my eyes than the need to be right. With thoughts creating reality why can't we all do what we can to visualize ascension running beautifully and smoothly and everyone awakening to unity, living in harmony and compassion with each other and all that share our planet. Surely this is a better way of using our energies than all this I'm right your wrong games of the ego. We can all learn the theory to spirituality but how many that have this need to be right have gained their knowledge through direct experiences with spirit? If people are going to get all heated with each other because what they say is right and anyone that disagrees is way off in the world of spirituality ( comments I have read from others on posts), can't we at least show some decency towards each other and play the game of duality nicely..? 

When we feel ourselves getting into this game of right and wrong why don't we just take a step outside look around at nature, breathe in the air deeply re-center ourselves and remember what's important in life. This is why many messages have told us to stay grounded during these times, don't get consumed by the chaos, love to all <3

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Yes Ms Louise I agree....I think most of us would agree. I really believe things have heated up more lately due to the times we are in. I like your quote "Humility is a greater tool in my eyes than the need to be right" We all need a little humility. Ive recently watched a video about how we are all on a journey to the same place, just taking different routes. For me...that hits a cord : ) . I just hope we can all try to appreciate each other a little more and guide a little more gently. Just to see comments, I believe is trying. Some need more guidance than others. Don't give up on your path.....I think expression is important if your not intentionally causing harm.   I like this the best  "When we feel ourselves getting into this game of right and wrong why don't we just take a step outside look around at nature, breathe in the air deeply re-center ourselves and remember what's important in life."   This is a good reminder : )

Good Luck on your Journey Ms.Louise : )

Much Love,

imready : )

Thank you Imready I'm not giving up on anything lol ever. The video you watched reminds me of quote from a perfect master I love  'All rivers flow to the same sea'. Same meaning I think and one thats also close to my heart. 

Good luck to you too :)

and much love Louise <3

Here here to that Louise. *toast*  I look forward to that day as well, everywhere I look the people I see around me are getting reaching a breaking point. Lots of anger, jealousy, envy, blah, blah,'s not important. Emotions are exactly that, limited rays of color in a endless spectrum of possibilities. Experience the shade of what your feeling in that moment, analyze it if you must and then release it. The most important part is learning to distinguish which emotion is which for your own inner recognition. Anything else can be icing on the cupcake. Love and light all.

Love and gratitude for your comment Emory <3

Bless you Marianinia I love your comments I have not seen you step on toes, much love and blessings to you <3

Hey Louise :)  

I do feel that energy, but it's something I've been feeling for a long time, so I guess I'm used to it.  I do think people are having issues with their Ego's, and that's something that's very unique to each person.  We must all face our inner "issues" so they can be healed and released.  Me included.  I think it's always a process that's happening, and while it happens, people create drama's to identify with what's happening within them.

A lot of people just don't totally understand what's happening, and it leads to all kinds of scenario's. 

I think it's extremely important to ask for guidance, from your own "higher self" and really clearly state internally to be shown the highest truth.  Having respect for others, even if you don't agree with them is also important.

And.... People really need to lighten up, I mean laugh more, take things a little less seriously!!! :)

There is always a time to be serious but there is also a great healing from keeping yourself as light as possible - and going with the flow.


Omgosh Ms. Delilah7777.... I love that picture! : )  It's really true how "a picture can say a thousand words."  Beautiful!! One of the most resonating pictures I have felt : )

Much Love,

imready : )

Thanks so much Imready, I like the energy  it relays :).... <3

It's beautiful and thank you I agree with your words Delilah and love and blessings to you <3

 This site is a refuge for many indigos and starseeds. I remember when I joined a site like this how nervous I was because i was just going through my awakening and to be admited into a site was such a great resource during my awakening that I would have not had. I was able to get the support and help I needed, even if it was just through a computer.

I was thinking that (i have said this before in another site) that these sites are no different than how a person sees the world and how we react to things. I notice for myself the way I react to postings and blogs is the same how I react in real life. I omit stuff, shy away from discussions and delete what I need to say. That is changing more and more but still react the same way that I do in real life. I think that online cyber communities are no different than communities we physically live in.

I like when people post a discussion and have an intelligent argument on things and brainstorm in regards to posts. I like that and think it is healthy. I also think that people are changing and reacting 'crazy' to the transformation. In my neighboorhood people are acting weird and fighting. The neighborhood was in an uproar about a tree being torn down and someone's car was keyed.



*peace* I hope all are well.

:)  I wish there was a like button for comments :) 

I agree, a "like" button for comments would be very cool.



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