Answers Through Media:

99% of homes have at least one Television. If there were ever a moment in Human History where a Mass Message or A Mass Event were to take place and the world needed a way to SEE it; Now would be the perfect time. Bridging our way to the 5th Dimension we've finally cracked the key to creating 3 Dimensions within our Televisions. Preparing our mind and our eyes for a change in Visualizing the World thus changing the way we see the Universe. Through Music; Florence and The Machines perform unique modified lyrics to "Dog Days Are Over" (View MTV's VMA Performances). Though News; Broadcasting numerous updates on the Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake. Subliminally emphasizing the region of Christchurch or Christ-Church for those who do not take hints well. Though Dramatic Sequence; NBC on Sept. 20, 2010 will premier a Newly Anticipated Show, "The Event" Operating around the premise of Disclosure.

If you wanted to Send messages to the Entire World without revealing they were in fact "messages" How would you do it?? Those who have Secret Control over the Politics and Banks and Leaders, Know Exactly What People today turn to the most. Music and Television. The Arts! The One thing that has opened our souls to Creativity and Imagination since the beginning of Mankind.

Keep eyes open with caution Young Light Workers... The Messages we ask for are there. In the smallest and simplest form so that we are informed and not frightened.

Funny How many believe Reality TV before believing the Existence of Truth and Revelation; The Time Is Approaching Us at great speeds and with great knowledge.

Martyn Redd --signing off--

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