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ANONYMOUS READS THE 4-PAGE FISA MEMO THAT HAS THE F.B.I. FREAKING OUT. For The Good Stuff Involving Hillary Clinton, Go To 7:00

I think Trump is sending Mueller and the rest of these Democrat party criminals a warning, because this memo appears to be a "taste" of what really took place with this phony Russian collusion story. Perjury (via this phony Russian collusion story) was committed to get this FISA wiretap approved that allowed Obama to spy on Trump; Obama will look good in an orange jump suit.


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One word....


This is awesome-she and obama are screwed -this is just the beginning-she received a 'donation' from the sale of our uranium mines to the russians $150 million!!! obamas involved in solyndia that 'lost 2 billion in fed grant money-on and on

notice that mike and the rest of the leftist lovers have disappeared from acc?  

Pet Rock:  Tee hee hee.

While many will be arrested. It is my firm belief that obama and clinton will not be arrested. 

after all is revealed they must be arrested

So much has already been.

They made deals

What is supposed to be so shocking about this??? Are we surprised that the FBI spies on people, are we surprised that politicians are corrupt or that they cheat to win???   The thing that surprised me the most was that the FBI actually asked permission to spy on someone....usually they don´t bother to ask...

Love Feathers responses, Put us all in place.

I hope your not offended by this . But your the mum of ashtars crew


Yeah! :)

nonsense-they always need a warrant or evidence won't hold up in court

they started spying on Trump without a warrant at obamas 'order'

tried twice to get a warrant to spy on T from fisa court but denied because they put Trumps name on the requests

third application they did not mention Trump and used an obama court appointed judge to run it through

the warrant was based on the phony Steele dossier

Steele is being sued in londanastan by Russians and British who  he slandered with absolute lies in the fake dossier

-supposedly T had golden showers given him by hookers-supplied by the Russians-as an international business 'person'  the first thing any would think is 'they would film this and black mail me' -that's just one moronic example

feather obama clinton and the rest of the leftist gangsters, and criminal rinos, that have stolen trillions are going to prison


and thank Trump for for going after them

and it so wonderful to see it all happen-day in and day out I'm thrilled !!!

Lying fake democrats and rinos being used and manipulated by evil satanic torturing, raping, human sacrificing cannibals-and in the after life off they go to the Pit!!!


This is rated to be a much huger scandal than watergate , and the good news is that more memos is to come.

Finally some of the ugly truths will be exposed.




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