Light up the darkness. We are the resistance.


Yet, we would always suggest, that all is a matter of perspective. In the presence of illumination, and Light, there is only Light, that is why, it is ironic, to us, that the Illuminati, or what have been termed, Illuminati, are called such, as if they are, in effect, of a dark nature, they would be the hidden ones, not the Illuminated ones, and so we find this, to be the biggest human deception, in regards to this.~Andromeda


Hello Andromeda, the first thing I will ask, is do I have permission to post this on the Ashtar Command Crew Websites?

Dear one, there is no restriction, on information, but, there are times, when it is best not to speak, yet, in this instance, and in this moment, we offer our guidance, in the best manner we can possible. And so your request, for permission, of this nature, is not necessary, if guidance, is given, so Andromeda, welcomes, contact, in this manner, if it pleases you, to communicate, this way.

Hmm…okay. The next question is, how do I know this is actually Andromeda speaking?

Sit present, in your Heart, dear one, and listen to what your heart, tells you. The words expressed, and the manner, they are expressed, will be, a recognition, for those, who are aware of our presence, in this Galaxy, and, the manner, and Love, with which we speak, will be a remembrance, for those who are aware, of Andromeda. Do not worry, that others, might view, this communication, as not from Andromeda, but more so, be concerned, about your experience, in relationship, to this communication. The question of whether, the presence before you, is Andromedan, shall be answered, by your own innate self, and dear one, the reaction, to the information presented. Yet, allow others, the choice, of viewing, what is presented, without having to discern, from a recognition, or non-recognition, but from their own Heart center, let them come to decide. That is honesty.

Understood. The first question I would like to ask, is I read a post where they said some would ascend and others would not, and that there is criteria for ascension, where some will go to other planets, my question is, is this true? Will only some ascend?

Some meet ascension, quickly, others, it takes time, we would like all to view the experience, as an experience, and not to pre-judge, experience, through the mind, but to engage the mind, in the experience, of who you are, and who you choose to be, and then to let the process unfold. We cannot, certainly, promise all will ascend, in the manner that ascension, is spoken of, but we can only show you, that life is an eternal, and continuous, process, by which all grow, and develop, it, in our perspective, is not a matter, of whether ascension, is a framework, for better or worse, but that it is a point in space, that has been developed, as a goal, for an experience, yet, from our frame of reference, this experience has occurred, rather than will occur, and so ultimately, all will ascend. Will they ascend all at the same time, no, that would be illogical, and unproductive, to state, for, life is a process, and all things meet their process, at different elements, for instance, the processes that are involved in the growth of a Tree vs. a human being, vs. an animal, all contain the same energy, yet, the processes, and the developments, that go into that growth, are at various stages, yet, each stage, is important, and each process, is important, for all life requires variability. While many have practiced the teachings of sameness, we note, that the natural Laws of the universe, predict, and promote, variability, so there is no axiom for ascension, no one process for getting there, and certainly, not barometer, by which others may view, another beings ascension, in relationship, to all of life, there is of course, what we can view, in relationship to the whole, and if one thing does not benefit, the whole, just like in the human body, the macrophages, white blood cells, leukocytes, and other immunologic systems, present, within the body, will fight an infection, and so it is natural, for the human being, to, in a natural state, recognize that which is anti-thetical, to the process of Global Healing. Yet, you have been told, that you are not capable, of recognizing, when there is ailment, present. All are capable, of recognizing, what is not within the natural flow. And so, we offer, dearest of our Heart, this perspective and analysis.

That makes sense, doesn’t directly answer the question, but I understand your reasoning. I know you specifically called me to start bringing your information to ashtar command, but I tend to wonder why you chose me, and why in specific, you asked me to bring this information at this time.

Thank you, dearest, we understand what you are saying, in relationship, to this matter. You are concerned, for the reaction, in relationship, to the material presented, as you should be, always, and it is True, that you were called, into action, not necessarily by Andromeda, but, that all starseeds, were called into action, to share, the information, that was present, in their heart, only through discussing, and analyzing, ideas, can we come to remember, who we truly are. So please, dear one, do not be offended if others have a negative reaction, for their reaction, is important, in the whole of all of the discussions that are brought forth. It creates necessary tension, that allows others, to push themselves against the grain, and it is important, in the face, of a situation, that is flowing backwards, to the natural creation of life, and of Prime Creator, that others push against the grain.

Do not view, those opinions, as against or for, but natural, normal, reactions, to any information, that may be brought up at this time. We, Andromeda, came, and come, because we are part of the Galactic Federations of Light, and we are here, to bring peace, and joy, in this time.

Does that mean that I am an Andromedan starseed, or something to that effect, I am just curious?

All human beings, dear one, are made up of a Galactic, universal, starseeded, race of beings, that have been seeded, by various cultures, and by various, galaxies, and so, from our perspective, all human beings are children of the universe, beings of Light, beautiful in and of themselves, and do not, need a label or, a cultural justification, for being who they are. It is no accident, that any being comes to Gaia, and so, we are unique, and variable. Some, have labeled, that uniqueness, under different banners, and if you feel close to Andromeda, bring that energy in, but all energies are important to life. And so, we would like you, and all others, to see that life is variable, without boundaries, and without nations and restrictions, in regards, to how communication, is processed. All human beings are capable, of becoming Starseeded, through activating, what is innate, in who they are. Yet, you are all human beings, and that is beautiful. Do not discount, being a human being. For truly, you are magnificient, in who you are, not less, but infinitely, more.

That was beautiful, thank you.

So I will go to my direct question, which was the question I had in my mind all along, what is the real deal going on with the illuminati, or whoever they are, and what can we do?

Thank you, dear one, for challenging, a very, very long history, of viewpoints, the established, way of viewing life, is slowly breaking down. Established, meaning, that there is a long history of how human beings came to believe what they do, and also, what they believe, they can do. And so, it is not one organization, that has created ,the darkness upon your planet. But, we are aware, that many need a focus, for their intention. If there is to be a focus of intention, look to the global, unified, consciousness that has developed over the course of millennia, upon your planet Earth, and view that it all started out with the ideas of separation and war. You cannot war against that which you are one with, and you cannot kill that which you eternally love, from Heart, and so, the moment human beings, stopped loving one another, and started viewing each other, as separate entities, that was the moment, that war begin in earnest.  And so, dear one, regardless of when, if, or how, mankind has always viewed, in relationship, to war, the other party, as the demonized ones. Do you understand? If a race of human beings, such as the Icelandic Nordics, were to conquer, a Tribe, such as the Barbarian Slavics, then the Icelandic Nordics, might say, that their race was superior, yet, both are uniquely, the same. Sometimes, two completely different countries, non-neighboring, would war, such as the Chinese and the Americans, for instance, and so, one would demonize, the other, and others, might say, they are two separate races, but as you know, and as you are aware, there is not enough variance in genetics upon your planet, now, for there to be separate, races, nor, is one human being more demonic, than the other human being, yet, there are some who would say, that they are possessed by various entities, and other creatures, not of this world, some, that perpetuate a darkness, and a evil, on the planet Earth.

We would simply suggest, that even if this was True, if there is no personal responsibility, to each human being, to stand in sentience, for who they are, the human being, feeling less, will look outward for salvation. There is nothing in who you are, that makes you less, or less capable, of being, and becoming, and so, it is the human being, in viewing themselves as less, that has allowed themselves, to invite the presence of that which you call dark. Yet, we would always suggest, that all is a matter of perspective. In the presence of illumination, and Light, there is only Light, that is why, it is ironic, to us, that the Illuminati, or what have been termed, Illuminati, are called such, as if they are, in effect, of a dark nature, they would be the hidden ones, not the Illuminated ones, and so we find this, to be the biggest human deception, in regards to this.

The True Illuminati, or the Hidden ones, dear one, are not a human being, nor can they ever be a human being, but a conscious, within the 4thdimension, that holds that the human being is less that the Divine Presence of Prime Creator, it, dear one, is a Consciousness, of service, only to others, and never to the self as a whole, and we say this in relationship, to what you view as service, for an Illumined being serves ALL including the SELF, but a non-illumined being, will serve either only his or her self, or only others. For when you serve only others, you make yourself to be less than you are. And there is no less-oning, of you.

So instead, of those looking for a presence, that is embodied, we would tell them, to look for what is not seen, for that is the energy, that is the TRUE illuminati, or what you would term, the hidden ones, and so they control, not through an outward organization, but by rooting themselves into the human consciousness through the back door that is the Pineal Gland, and the back door, that is the Dream world or hidden unconscious, of the human being. We would tell you, that the patterns and rotations, of many whom channel, or, in regards, speak on these topics, and especially, those in the news, who speak about these issues, are BACKDOORED, and controlled, by this hidden, unseen, darkness.

But, even those whom have existed, in these unseen societies, they MOST are at service to this dark consciousness, and at its hard, is the color RED, and at its HEART, is the color of human blood, for, dear one, it is a WAR consciousness, that they seek, to continue in the human experience, leaving, those in power, in power, and those in control, controlled.

This is why we speak, on the issue, of Unity Consciousness, for, those in power, and especially, the dark consciousness that we speak, is MOST afraid, of your Unification, in Light, for in LIGHT, pure LIGHT, of Prime Creator, all is illumined, and when illumined, you see them for who they truly are. And that, is their TRUE intentions.

We say, to all who speak on these matters, KEEP illuminating, that which is HIDDEN, for your speaking, talking, interacting, and integrating, showing others the TRUTH, is in direct opposition, to that which is hidden.

Today we reveal this dark energy, as the consciousness, of that which is old, from, the first idea, that man and woman, and human beings, were less, than one with our Beloved Prime Creator. You are sentient, you are blessed, holy, and loved, and Andromeda stands with you in honor, not over or above. We love you, as family.

Thank you Andromeda.

We, Andromeda, say as family, shine and hold the light of Love, on all that which is dark, and expose all that which is hidden, reveal, all that which is kept from you, post the books, and teachings, for all to read, let nothing be hidden, let nothing, be kept secret. For the informed, human being, is the enlightened human being.  With so much Love.

We are Andromeda.


Copyright @ Starseed Andraste

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  • first of al my gratitude and love towards the starbrothers and starsisters cause that is what they are

    you all know that so called angels come to help you; those are from a unified consiousness of loving light and they share that energy with you, it is the same with the hidden ones

    you are always responsible for your life,why you think you have had commandments????to guide you ofc you are all free to do what you will but you will be hold responsible of your actions

    now the part of the backdoor of the pineal gland: think dear beloved brothers and sister , the wisdom is in you:why is it that you all drink alcohol? this is from ashtar itself from the phoenix journals

    i hope you all know you have back chakras and frontchakras ( vortexes),well if not look it up;when you drink ALCOHOL

    or harddrugs wich what alcohol is then you remove a protective part of your chakras and therfor like you would say walk in or evil intended energie can influence you , this is true but you are RESPonsible in the first time cause you know; when you drink alcohol you don't care of your body , you don't want to care about anything or for other reason but not for loving reasons so you lower your frequency

    like always don't believe me look it up in the phoenix journals or any other materials about chakras how they work or can be influenced; love and light wisdom and truth towards all life

    your brother gideon

  •  Loved it andraste very similar to the way Tolec speaks who is the Ambassador for

      the Andromedan Council look up his website. Blessings Light Love Balance Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

  • I love all my brethren at Ashtar Command and am so happy this community exists, however I highly disagree with this post. Just last month I was a guest on a 5 part radio series dedicated to teaching the public the unknown story of the True and Original Illumunati and the "second" or "false" illuminati that was launched in 1776.

    The True and Original Illuminati, whose goal is to Illuminate humanity as their name suggests, was in existence looooong before 1776. Many of my friends belong to various secret societies and I myself am a perfecting Rosicrucian, so this is common knowledge among Initiates but remains a vague story in the public mind. 

    In other words, we do the work of the false illuminati when we even refer to them under this false title. If they DO NOT seek to illuminate humanity with every living breathe, day and night, do not call them "illuminati". This would be like someone feeding you junk food all day only to have you pay them as your "nutritionist". Of course, they would be more than happy to have you call them nutritionist and be paid for doing the complete opposite.

    There is a True Illuminati, and they live up to their name. They are winning the battle for humanity behind the scenes and do not need your cheers or glamorous applauses to do this for you. The true Illuminati is dedicated to seeing humanity through to it's ultimate Illumination and have a plan that is centuries old, and much older than the failing plan of the false illuminati.

    Remember to call people by their true names my friends. Remember that there is tireless work being done on your behalf day and night. My beloveds....remember this quote:

    "There is no Truth that is not truly doing."

    ~ Eben Mayim

    Love and Light to All and to All the Good Light!!!

    • Hi Mem Key,

      Thank you for your post. I would like to give you my personal opinion, and does not in any way represent the Andromedans. I am making that point so no-one will associate my views with necessarily representing the Andromedans in this case.

      I did not interpret their message to call the Illuminati the Hidden Ones, in fact, I think they were speaking directly to the ones you mention as the false Illuminati, and were saying, and I quote, "Yet, we would always suggest, that all is a matter of perspective. In the presence of illumination, and Light, there is only Light, that is why, it is ironic, to us, that the Illuminati, or what have been termed, Illuminati, are called such, as if they are, in effect, of a dark nature, they would be the hidden ones, not the Illuminated ones, and so we find this, to be the biggest human deception, in regards to this.~Andromeda"

      Yet, there is also a second interpretation here I think, and that is that anyone who keeps secret information, files, books, or other material, from the public, and especially, the members here on ashtar command, is not necessarily doing the public any favors. In my personal opinion, the Rosicrucians, especially, I know have information, books, knowledge, and resources, and even most like physical evidence, of UFO contact, and yet, gives this information only to those who are deeply involved in the Order. Second, what you term the good Illuminati, whether or not their intentions are good, or not, they have also kept information for the public, if what you say is True, and they are good and benevolent, I would very much like them to post pictures, documents, information, and other materials, on this website, that they have locked in various places around the world, especially their libraries, only accessible by High Level members in your Order.

      If you Truly are interested in helping the world, and in helping the community here, wouldn't it be viable for The True Illuminati, to give up all the secrets they are holding.

      In reality, until they do they are just as accountable as what you term the false illuminati in my book, but then, I am only stating my opinion here. Perhaps you have a logical reason why they do this, and so I will defer until you explain more about it, nothing personal, just trying to raise some questions here that came up when I was reading your replies.

      Regardless, much Love and Light to you.

      • Thank you for your words Andraste, they are much appreciated. To respond to your last few lines, I think it's important to remember that all Masters who have walked Earth have kept secrets within their inner circle that are only given to the public in parable form. Parables work well enough for those who "seeing, can see and hearing, can understand".

        Knowledge is useless if not applied, and the Universal Law is that anyone who applies what little knowledge they have will continue to receive more and more, and will become Wise and ultimately Illuminated. For example, if someone has Knowledge of a Golden Rule like "Treat others as you hope to be treated" and doesn't apply it perfectly to their life, why would the Universe invest more profound knowledge in such a being? It is more natural than many think.

        What we have is relative to our desires, or to be more exact, our heart. Our hearts create a larger electromagnetic field than any other part of the body. So our Knowledge is relative to our Hearts intent. Does that make sense? If you intend to apply every bit of Knowledge you receive, nothing will be kept secret from you that you need or can use. 

        It helps to remember that the Universal Consciousness or God Consciousness is holding 1 trillion and 1 secrets from us this very second. A human being with the One shares many traits with the One.

        The most profound Book of our Order is in the hands of the public, if they can read parables. This book is called "Liber M" or Liber Mundi. The Book of Life, or the Book of Nature and the Book of Man.

        The Axiom is given "As Above, So Below", which could just as easily be read "As Within, So Without" or "The Microcosm is the Macrocosm". Meaning....if you can look into Nature and see the patterns that Creation is built upon, from it's core Truth to the many manifested relative truths, you are reading Liber Mundi. A white dove flying over your head is a parable that can be unveiled. Rosicrucians seek Mastery of Life through Service to Humanity, which is why we sign our names "Master/Servant".

        There is something called the "media of the Cosmic", which is what I am alluding to here. You are the smartest person you know because only you know the language of your Heart. When you begin to receive messages from this higher form of media, you are well on your way to becoming Illuminated.

        Apply the Knowledge you have today, become the Wise man of tomorrow and then ultimately......the Illuminated One of the Divine Moment.

        Love and Light to you dear brother.

        • Andraste, brother, one more thing I should say is this:

          Have you studied George Washington Carver, which would be an excellent example here?

          Notice that because of his place in time, his place on Earth and his immediate need or circumstance, he asked the Cosmic Consciousness about the peanut and received every "secret" there was to know about the simple peanut.

          What is MOST IMPORTANT here is that he could have also asked about UFO's, if you see what I'm saying here. Or the Unified Theory, or the secret of gravity, or how to make oneself invisible, or how to project living images of oneself across oceans.

          Nikola Tesla as well. Whatever he sought, it was given to him. There was no secret on Earth that could escape his mind. He attributed his ability to his disciplines, which is all the revealing that need be revealed.

          The pattern is given. It is out in the open, for all to see in broad daylight. These men did not unveil secrets because of their financial worth, or their high ranks in society, or because people hated or like them. That is all secondary to the Work within that set them free and unlocked every Mystery they sought.

          Who we are, or what we have is relative to our heart's intent. Seek the truth in those words and the secrets of creation will dissolve in the mist before your very Eye.

  • Just as.  Thanks, time to remember to look within, ignore the 'human' stuff happening, be heart-led.

  • Try having ADD and reading this if you think you have trouble Existential Observer. Not easy believe me. But I try as best I can. Thank you and much love. 

  • And so say all of us. Thank you for a truly magical piece of writing. Makes TOTAL sense to me. Let us all keep on Bringing In The Light together. Aroha for all always. Taika

  • Thank you so much for this message! Really short enough to explain this polemic question! 
    Love and gratitude!


This reply was deleted.

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