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AN URGENT SHIFT IS REQUIRED...Activists Urge Government To Transition To A 'Completely Plant-Based Food System...HIGHLY RECOMMEND'

We need change - for the animals, for the planet, for our future'

A coalition of animal-rights organizations, made up of The Save Movement, Animal Justice Projec...plant-based food system'.

Activists performed a theatre-style protest - dubbed Dining on Destruction - outside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on September 12. 

Dining on Destruction' (Photo: Supplied)

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, organizers said: "In the restaurant-themed protest, the government, animal agriculture, and the food sector will be depicted tucking into the Earth, dining on the destruction of our natural world

After their 'meal', the diners will be presented with a bill itemizing the animal and environmental costs of their roles in supporting, maintaining and profiting from it."

'An urgent need to act'

"We need change - for the animals, for the planet, for our future," said Matt Gordon, a spokesperson for The Save Movement. "Addressing the animal agriculture sector's deep environmental impacts and threat to life should be one of the leading focuses in any response to the climate crisis. There is an urgent need to act by this government."

Alex Lockwood, a spokesperson for Animal Rebellion, added: "Here in the UK we can reshape our food system in ways that not only mitigate the worst effects of climate breakdown and put a stop to the exploitation of animals for food but also ensure food security and address our public health crises."

'A plant-based future'

The protest is part of several demonstrations taking place through fall, with the Global Climate Strike set to take place on September 20, and Animal Rebellion's mass protest at Smithfield Market on October 7. 

"A plant-based future is possible," commented Claire Palmer, a spokesperson for Animal Justice Project. "But it must be supported and incentivized by the government. Just look at the thousands of people across the UK increasingly mobilizing for change, such as the upcoming October occupation of Smithfield meat market."

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There should be no slaughterhouses, no butchers or other meat selling places and no meat eaters on planet earth.

It's your duty to live in peace and harmony with all living entities and nature 



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