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As the name suggests, meditative writing is the act using meditation to get into a deeper state of consciousness and use the energy and inspiration that results to write or express ourselves in another way.

I think meditative writing can be a great way to fade into the sacred self while being creative and expressional at the same time, and it can allow us to transcend the mind and express ourselves from a deeper, more spiritually alive and conscious level.

There’s nothing wrong with writing without the influence of meditation, of course, and potent articles can be produced either way. I sometimes prefer meditative writing because I enjoy getting into a deep state of consciousness and basically transcending the ego as I write.

The Value of Meditation

Generally, I think meditation’s value isn’t as recognized in our day and age as it could be.

Yes, meditation can help us reach a deep state of consciousness, but have we stopped to consider that it could offer other benefits as well? Have we considered the possibility that it can enable us to enhance and purify our creativity?

Meditative writing (and meditative creativity in general) has something potent to offer the awakening humanity, and only if we utilize it will we unlock our inner gifts and see just how pure our ability to express ourselves is when we’re in a higher state of consciousness.

I’ve come to understand that raising our vibration with meditation and various other tools will sharpen and enhance our creativity.

It’ll help us see that we aren’t the limited, finite beings we’ve convinced ourselves we are by showing us just what we can do when the influence of the ego is transcended and we’re able to express ourselves from a pure, lively, spiritual place.

The Heart is Important

Meditative writing isn’t complete without the influence of the heart, and no matter what we do, we’ll want to make sure the heart is involved.

We can’t do anything pure or potent without the influence of the love we can express through our heart space, and meditative writing or any other form of writing is incomplete without transcending the ego and opening the heart.

Only if we can express ourselves from our heart space will we do anything creatively or spiritually significant, and if we don’t empower the heart, it doesn’t matter how we strive to be creative – we could fall short of our goals or expectations every time.

Only when we can see that the heart’s an important instrument for our self-expression will we present anything helpful to humanity. With love in our hearts and the open-mindedness that enables us to access this love, everything we do will be honed and our enthusiasm to contribute to our conscious revolution will strengthen.

Meditative Writing is Derived from Channeling

I derive meditative writing from my experiences channeling my higher self and guides.

Some seekers don’t resonate with channeling these days, and I recognize that channeling doesn’t have to be limited to directly communicating with a higher-dimensional entity – even our higher self and guides. We can use the voice of our higher self to sharpen our creativity, and meditation will help us with this.

I meditated every time I channeled my higher self and guides, and now, I meditate before I write – even when I don’t use meditative writing. I write articles with and without meditation, and again, writing can be a pure expressive tool whether or not we meditate while we do it.

I think the world would change significantly if everyone could embrace their spirituality and their creativity, and even if one doesn’t consider themselves inherently spiritual, they can still lean on their creativity to help them find a higher state of consciousness or generally enjoy their existence.

Creativity Doesn’t Require Meditation

By no means is meditation required to be creative, but it makes the process more enjoyable.

It also has its downsides. For example, I’ll have a lot of editing work to do once I finish writing this, because I’ve basically closed my eyes and allowed my higher self (or whatever force you want to call it) to take the wheel and steer.

I’ll inevitably misspell and mangle the words I type, but since I’m used to editing text from my days channeling my higher self and guides, editing them doesn’t seem like a big deal.

It’s worth it to express myself and have my oversoul express him/herself via this expanded creative outlet, and any editing that needs done along the way is a small price to pay for the expressional abilities that result from embracing a deeper state of consciousness while writing.

Channeling Without Fostering Dependence

With meditative writing, I hope to present to the world the idea that we can ‘channel’ our higher selves without directly channeling them.

We can channel without encouraging the conscious community to follow an external spiritual authority figure, and we can use the channeling ability, which we all have, to express how we feel while we allow our higher selves and guides to speak through us.

I know some seekers don’t even resonate with the idea of spiritual guides.

I respect this, but the idea that there are helpers in the higher realms who attempt to assist us does resonate with me. I don’t think we have to constantly listen to them speak through channelers to receive their assistance or feel their vibrations, but there’s nothing wrong with following channeled messages.

It’s great that they contain so much guidance, but we can pick up on this guidance and express it through our consciousness without fostering a potentially unhealthy dependence on the messages.

Especially when it comes to communicating with the higher realms, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that we’re our own saviors.

We’re meant to create all of the personal and collective changes that need made before we can find the light, and even though our companions in the higher realms are doing a lot to help our planet evolve, our collective condition is ultimately our responsibility.

Different Beliefs and Opinions

After studying up on a few different belief systems and various opinions that are thrown around the conscious community, I see that some seekers heavily rebel against certain concepts, like channeling and ascension, that have been labeled ‘new agey’.

We can’t expect everyone to believe or advocate the same things, but we descend into distortion when we claim our beliefs or our perception on reality are the only correct ones.

I don’t think anyone’s beliefs are one hundred percent correct or one hundred percent incorrect, and it’s become clear that every belief system contains glimmers of truth and untruth. We don’t want to rebel so strongly against them that we miss out on their truths, but we don’t want to fall for any untruths either.

The spiritualist movement, for instance, has given us a lot of insightful information about life after death and the nature of the fourth dimension. After studying up on it, I see that there’s also been a lot of fraud, trickery and pure deceit involved.

Dishonest mediums would put on stage shows for people in an effort to convince them that the things they had their spiritual ‘sources’ do were real – such as moving tables and making noises.

There’s been a lot of fraud in the spiritualist movement, but I don’t think the tricksters and conmen should speak for the movement as a whole. There have also been a lot of genuine teachings, and if you read any channeled book about life after death and the fourth dimension, you’ll see that it contains a lot of aligned, potentially truthful information.

We have to be careful when we follow any religious or spiritual source, and we’ll always want to keep in mind that when it comes down to it, we’re our own saviors. We’re the ones who’ll find enlightenment, and no external force can deliver it to us.

This is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to localize my connection with my higher self to my articles, but make no mistake – every time you hear from me, you hear from my higher self and guides. This includes the times I don’t practice meditative writing.

I haven’t used it as much as I could so far, because I’m also exploring what it’s like to write without the assistance of meditation – with a clearer mind and an arsenal of words at my disposal, which flow from my mind and heart whether or not I meditate beforehand.

Either way, I know I’ll sufficiently receive and interpret the flow of energy and the words that result, but I prefer to use meditation sometimes because it expands my ability to receive them and enamors me with a purer state of consciousness.

Creative Humility

Even though I could continue to channel my higher self and give you all an external spiritual authority figure to look to, I prefer to let my oversoul speak in my writings and take full accountability for everything that’s said.

With this method, I don’t claim to have a greater spiritual link than others – I can simply express what I feel is a pure, flowing connection. I respect that plenty of other seekers still appreciate the guidance of channeled sources, however, and channeling’s still necessary for our community.

Beyond that, I’m ready to use my intuition (which I believe is our link to our higher selves and guides) to produce articles that come from me and my higher self, instead of coming solely from the higher self or any other source that’d paint me as someone with a greater spiritual link that, in reality, is the same intuitive connection we all carry within.

(I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that most channelers tell us we can also make the connection they’ve made. They don’t claim to be higher or more special than the rest of us.)

I’ve discovered my personal higher-dimensional link and I try to use it to produce material that uplifts all of you, but this connection waits for us all to discover it. All of humanity has an opportunity to connect with the ‘most high’; their inner Christ consciousness, and we can use this connection to bring through uplifting works of art.

Belief is Reality

We’re the only ones who can determine our limits.

If we’re willing to believe we can, we can connect with any higher-dimensional entity and convey their energies/expressions for other seekers to benefit from, or we can connect solely with our intuition and learn things about ourselves and the spiritual nature of our existence that’ll surprise and amaze us.

We can do a lot of creative things that’ll amaze those around us who never expected us to express ourselves so purely or distinctively. All we have to do is recognize that our potential to do these things exists and act on this potential, producing flowing article after flowing article (or doing whatever else we’re passionate about).

Let’s gravitate to the things we enjoy the most in this new paradigm, and those of us who enjoy meditative creativity can hone it every day. I’ll continue to advocate meditative creativity in future articles, because I think its potential is greater than most of the world understands.

‘Most of the world’ is a massive understatement. Even most of the conscious community doesn’t know about it yet! I’m sure someone else out there has started talking about it, but I feel like I’m one of the only seekers who’s discovered the idea that we can channel while we write.

We can use meditation and our general intuitive connection to strengthen and purify our creative works, and when the mind’s open and the heart brims with energy and enthusiasm, we’re spiritually and creatively unlimited.

Anything’s Possible

When we’re open to the influence of spirit, anything’s possible. We just have to realize how pure our abilities can become and do the inner work that’s required to get them at the level we want.

We can expand our creativity if we work hard, but we’ll want to stay absorbed in all of it instead of absorbing ourselves in the materiality that’s kept us from spiritually thriving for centuries.

I’ll continue to lean on meditative writing (and general writing) to enhance my spiritual perception, and hopefully, more seekers will do the same in a time of heighted awareness – awareness of ourselves, the spiritual nature of our existence and the greater abilities we can now bring to the surface.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

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