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I just wanted to bring this to the groups attention.....History Channel is having a special on (Friday) night at 7 pm (Pacific Standard Time) it's called (An Alien History of Planet Earth)!! 


They've been really promoting this special for the past couple of weeks!?  It's all the Militaries of the World (including ours) opening up about what's really going on with (UFOs, Alien Abductions, Etc)!? 


It sounds very if you get History Channel you might want to check it out?


The History Channel does a pretty good job on these specials, so lets keep an open mind and keep your fingiers crossed they DISCLOSE the TRUTH!?  I won't say more because I don't want to spoil it with negative energies!? 


I'm trying to keep a stiff upper lip and look forward to it!!

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Thats interesting Sashia, I guess the attempt to get peoples attention is through the same system that is enslaving them. Never the less, it has to get done some how. We as a society only have so many years ahead of us. It was very interesting on how ABC networked showed that UFO over china. I was very shocked to see how "slowly" it is all leaking out. I think that method in doing these types of programs can also influence disrupted information. In the end, it will not only be a frequency war but also an information war.on the young.

You have all that on YOUTUBE
Are you serious? First of all, You-tube doesn't have the same effect as a well organized presentation or does it have the capacity to reach different genres of life. You-tube has already been compromised and the flood of disrupted information doesn't help anyone. You-Tube is a joke or should I say a dumping ground of hysteria.
For the common human who doesn't dive into such matters such as disclosure, you tube provides no real merit to such matters. It is true that the information presented in the wide band of media outlets can of course be manipulated to sway the minds of the observer. Many times I have seen documentaries and programming that vaguely explains the material thoroughly or leaves important parts out. The so called elite on this planet have to start somewhere and I think this is how it is going to be. Yet I am very weary on what they say and how they say it. Either way, I'm always excited when stuff like this makes it to the mainstream.

60 percent of my UFO videos and documentaries I had received from Jaime Maussan himself, have been removed from You-tube servers. Other accounts that contained real footage and information regarding that footage has been removed from the servers. Now, tell me how I'm suppose to distinguish so called truth videos from fabricated ones. I'm definitely not new to the You tube conspiracy, I have wrote letters and have complained to the administrators about this situation. So far I have not received any information from them. Not only that, my own account was shut down in 2004. If you like You Tube that's fine with me but I question you-tubes methods and don't rely on it for disclosure information.

Thank you Meg, don't think i could have said it any better!? Well said....^_^
And millions watch the (History Channel) it looks like a good move on the medias behalf!? Leave it to the History Channel, they've been playing a lot of great shows like this the past couple of years....makes you wonder about them?
LOL (Like steppin' on broken glass)....LOL I know what you're saying it's just how you put it is so funny!?
That is funny.



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