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Amazing! Rich Russians Gave up Money and Moved to Siberia to Live Like Their Ancestors!

I. Thousands of rich Russians gave up their wealth and moved to Siberia. Scared of mankind's dependence for money, they closed their accounts and chose living without currency, just like our ancestors used to.

There are hundreds of villages in Russia where people chose living without money, far away from what we call 'modern civilization'. One of these villages is called Aleksandrovka. A team of Romanian journalists spent several days with the former rich people, in the Aleksandrovka village.
Unfortunately, I haven't found anything about this in the US media, so I will translate the important parts of this small video report:

00:37 - David is 12 years old and his sister, Danila, is 7. They don't go to school and probably they never will. Twice a year they go to the neighboring village to take their exams. (...) Their parents chose this life 1 year ago, when they moved to Siberia. Here, the time is 'pours' endlessly.

01:00 - One needs luck to find the road towards Aleksandrovka. For our journalists, the road leads to an unpredictable adventure, but for Konstantin (one of the passengers) is the road to a future routine. In a few months he will also be a 'man of the deserts'. Ironically, he chose to come here because he felt deserted inside.

01:49 - Konstantin: "This is the road to my happiness. I want to change the world for the better. I do this for myself, in the first place, but I also want to show to the others that something like this is possible."

He is just one of the thousands intellectuals and rich Russians who chose this life. Tired of crowded cities, a constant struggle for more money, pollution and the false wealth of the world, they sold their homes, closed their bank accounts and moved into the wilderness to live like their ancestors. There are over 200 villages in Russia, built by people like them. They are convinced that progress will soon turn against us and we will loose the battle.

02:35 - Konstantin: "Civilization, based on the current technological progress, will eventually destroy mankind."

02:53 - This is the Aleksandrovka village, suddenly reborn after 50 years. Another irony ... in the past people used to live here, but moved to the major cities lured by the mirage of 'civilization'. Misha Funici remembers those times very well...he never left.

Reporter: "Is it a good thing that new people came to live here?"
Misha F.: "I think it's very hard for them. They came down from the top floors, emerging from their concrete dens, and now they are trying to assimilate the infinite."

03:49 - "Thinking how should I begin my new life here (laughing), the first thing that came into my mind was the 'iurta' (a tent with wooden floor). When we were living in the apartment, each child had his own room, building his own world. But only after living in the same, round, space one begins to understand what it really means to be a family."

He could have built for his family a bigger, stronger house. But he chose a 'iurta', considering that only this way he can become what he always wanted: a man perfected by the earth and the nature. He is half German and half Russian. He worked as an international manager. He was rich and lived many years in the West (USA maybe?) before moving here, in Siberia.

- "I was earning a lot. So much that I could afford charity. Of course, I also had a big bank account. But, what for?"

He took his wife and two children, and together they moved away from everything that was standing in the way of their happiness. Now, all four of them are living in a single room and for them, it is a beautiful dream.

Even though David and Danila don't go to school, they receive plenty education. In Aleksandrovka everyone received higher education.

David: "Other children envy us. They say: 'How fortunate of you! You don't have to go to school and you can stay home all day long! This means you have a permanent vacation.'

Father: "A lot of people don't understand us and that's why they fear us. Some think we are a religious cult, but they don't know what god we worship. (smiling) Others think we may be a terrorist organisation. (smiling) That's how far their imagination reaches. But we learned to detach from all this. (smiling)"

06:13 - They eat simple Russian recipes, made only from their own grown food: carrots, cabbages, potatoes, cooked on wooden fire.

Father: "Eating is already a ritual to us."

They don't have electricity but they have installed a small electrical panel that is helpful in the evenings. They also don't have running water. They bath in river, both during summer and winter. They strengthen their bodies just like their ancestors used to, by pouring buckets of freezing-cold water on their naked bodies.

06:43 - Iulia (another villager): "Good health!"

Iulia's husband was the first villager to come here. They moved here 5 years ago because he could no longer handle the stress of his job.

Serghei: "I had a common life in a big city. I was working all day long. Then I've heard of this phenomenon, that people choose to live far from civilization with their families. I begun searching for people who think the same as I do and I've discovered that they are a lot."

He never regretted the choice to move here.

08:20 - Iulia gave birth at home to Iaroslav. He is a very healthy 1,5 years old boy and never had or will have a vaccine. Iulia and Serghei have their own way of keeping their child healthy.

Serghei: "We are hardening the child every morning with cold water."
Iulia :"When he was younger, he always went outside with his bare little feet. It was hard to make him accept the boots. (laughing)"

Their biggest dream is for humanity never to need money again. They call money a 'pagan idol' and advise everyone to deny them.

Alexei ('outsider'): "Half of the houses you see here, were not here last summer. In one year, I think, this area will be filled with houses."

09:16 - Simeon is now building his own 'iurta'. He was the sales manager in Russia for two of the biggest companies in the world, specialized in Coffee and Beer. He had enough!

Simeon: "Every company's policy (Russian or Western) is specially designed so that the employees fully commit themselves to the job and not having time for their personal lives. Actually, they are not even allowed to dream anymore."

He comes here more and more often, 'to become one with the land', he says. He is getting ready for a new life: without money, without a career and without technology. Only him and his family, living in absolute freedom.

Simeon: "I want to educate my children, alone. I want them to grow healthy and happy. Of course, I also want to be happy myself and to make happy only one woman, my wife. (smiling)"

10:15 - For Konstantin, also known as "The Shaman", living in the wilderness is not only a lifestyle, but a way to spirituality as well.

The Shaman: "We are heading back to the source. We are studying all the natural phenomenons and trying to reconnect to our ancestors. We have to respect the earth and then no more negative things will happen to the humans."

He is also the 'medicine man' of the community, healing the few patients he has with prayers and herbs. This is the only medical treatment that the people accept and Konstantin is good at it.

In the sauna they are healing the old spiritual traumas. This is a spiritual and physical cleansing.

The Shaman: "You felt the extreme heat, now you must feel the extreme cold. This 'contrast' keeps you healthy."

12:20 - Their lifestyle is impressive and we become 'contaminated' by it in the few days spent with them.

12:25 - Crew Member: "Wow! That was so cool!"

It's a lifestyle that they wish for all of us to experience. Even though it will be a long road for some, I strongly believe that one day all of us will decide to ... 'shut the door in civilizations face'!

MY OPINION: They are doing the right thing..connecting more with Mother Earth...exactly what the Inner Earth Beings are telling us to do. 


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When people seeking real joy and happiness they can not find it with money. Money to buy  things , materialism. No true happines in that, a fictive one. The nature of Gaia has more to offer.

Interesting point

It's a lifestyle that they wish for all of us to experience. Even though it will be a long road for some, I strongly believe that one day all of us will decide to ... 'shut the door in civilizations face'!....WHAT CIVILIZATION ANYWAY FOR IT IS JUST GREED,WAR AND CONTROL...the sooner we get out of this the better...the sooner we learn to live without money control the better

Thank you Ravinder for this!

This gives me hope for this civilization.



I hope your wish comes true marianinia

...hhmm.. good for them... but i dont wanna live like this...

..cold showers in the snow, and a kinda "Amish" lifestyle, is not exactly my dream for the future...

What these lucky people are experiencing is the basis of the ringing cedar series. 9 Books written by Vladimir Megre about a Russian recluse called Anastasia. I love these books and would love to create a 'space of love' one day. I have planted an apple seed....


not my view of the future, i rather live in a future like world but a world with free and pure clean energy, i don't need a ferrari etc etc but i would like to have a warm bed atleast. and i want to be able to take a warm shower in the winters,




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