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Hi lovelies!

Okay, so here is my deal right now-back in July 2008 in my home state of Pennsylvania, there was alien activity right above my house that I was living in.  It was raining, but no storm.  Instead, at one point around 2AM, what seemed like lightning, but it more looked like someone was outside taking multiple flash photographs, then a buzzing sound.  This happened about 3 times. I went outside but could not see anything.  Just the rain coming down.  I reported it and it is documented with some research group for my state.

Fast forward to present day, where my ascension and enlightening process has been picking up incredible speed.  I found out I can speak "Light Language", I keep drawing this symbol that many have described as Light Language, and I feel incredibly close to the Angelic Realms.  BUT, there has been somewhat of a presence within my home that doesn't feel angelic, or maybe I am wrong?  A couple months ago, I was laying in bed when I felt like I was pricked in the lower left leg with a needle.  I quickly turned on the light and saw nothing, but I knew that wasn't a fake feeling or that I dreamt it.  But when I touched my leg, I felt a tingle, like I was recently touched there.

Lately I have been having EXTREMELY vivid dreams.  Or are they dreams?...Case in point, last night, I was flying in the air, or what perceived to be flying, and came across a body of water near my home. I was wading in the water when I looked up and saw two circular discs that had lit up a double helix like pattern that started to glow from above. I was both exhilarated and yet frightened. I heard a sound very faint, like a soft buzzing, then I woke up I believe out of fear. I'm upset I woke up because I was so captivated by what I was looking at. I almost felt I was astral traveling.

I "woke" up way to quickly for me to be dreaming, you know? Trying to understand the double helix pattern on the bottom of both ships. They both lit up so beautifully the moment I looked up into the sky. It was so peaceful yet I was so frightened. i don't know how that's possible.

My son, who is 12, has been seeing beings from a parallel level since he was a baby.  And recently, he has seen a white energy like mist outside my bedroom door.  

I would LOVE anyone input on this, as I am drawing a blank.  Where I live in Pennsylvania, there is a lot of activity of alien realms/presence.  For this I am certain.  But, if anyone has background on this, I would love to know more about it.

In Love and Light,

Lady Aine

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Thank you, my sweet friend.  Thank you!

only low energy can be probe and abductee. I am universe energy, NO ET OR ALIEN aloud to harm mother universe energy, i am connective to this univeres. They only scan me on information, who created the universe, 5 races create universe........Everyone contact is different, i work at highest dimension, i don't work as you low energy do, i too high of energy, my energy at the extreme divine light. I am only female energy on earth , rare and one kind that is universe energy, I contact alot of alien beings, past, present future.

I have time travel past to switch my past life body for few hour, i have seen ultra reality, i have seen future event. i work at high rate, it hard for any to understand................ Depend where everyone energy at. i can tell if folks are universe or star seed, or native to earth. My psychic skill highly level, so i am not a negative blood type, Grey dont want harm me at all, Not aloud too, they go after low energy. to control thought and make clone out of people, they dont have interest harming mother universe energy.

Depend on person, they can be aductee and contactee. Some people say buzzing, that what grey do get you on space craft. I agree, you need to explore the dream.

People need to be truth full this days, Nordic and grey have been in my room. so Everything is rule , not a harm done to me. it them study me , and creation.

i am aloud to remember all my contactee, i remember every one of them. i have photo copy memories to all the information i get............. Hm that human ways, we aloud to remember everything, if you put your mind up to it. it the willing power from your heart and soul to do so............

I work higher dimension above 13-26D, but my energy under 50-200D because I am universe creation, mother give birth to universe. a long story what is my energy......... I am not aloud to lie who i am, to let you know, i am part of this universe, you must be careful what you say, what you say or do, or what your write, such as symbols and ect. effect the vibration of universe. We must be in harmony and stable the energy peaceful, with out disturbance. 

I get this Charlotte!


I work in a very high energy pace, which can be difficult living and working around lower energy human beings.  Although it does not make me better or worse than any other, I have found the moment I started experiencing the Ascension process did higher frequencies come to pass in my life.  I feel there are rules around me, and whoever is around me is following them accordingly. 

I follow universe law, being universe energy, I dislike rules, all et and space planet have rule to follow. to keep our spiritual growth peaceful. there is no limited to higher energy. Longest you follow the simple rule, Unconditional love,Remove egos, Follow pure of energy,  so on. simple task to keep us healthy spiritual. 

Low energy human , Agree, they have foul behavior, very stubbed to spiritual people. Disturb the vibration, most of their energy need help boosting, take us to help them.Only when they seek higher dimension energy. We cant force force people to highest dimension level yet. Be patient, baby step,take time. 

This sounds very similar to some experiences I have had.  I have "flown" (or was riding something, like a fish or a vehicle of some kind) through areas and landscape settings that were not Earth-like and were bright purple and pink, with occasional flashes of orange life forms. The closest description I could make were paintings done by Roger Dean, as seen below:

Be careful concerning who may inquire about your experiences.  Anytime I try to travel into outside countryside and go out in the middle of "nowhere" (for meditation and focus for possible contact), I get followed by Uncle Sam's robot murderers.  I occasionally have light vibrational communiques with what may be extraterrestrials on the astral plane, and I suspect these same murderers are aware of this and are now hiring new age prostitutes from Uncle Sam's "Drop-Pants And Bend-Over Squad" of light-worker wannabes (or light-worker flunkees).   

What about astral travel?, no limited in , good point, being safe than sorry.

Still in the learning process of Astral Traveling, well, consciously at least.  Consciously I've gotten as far as my living room.  But when I beging to fall asleep, in that lucid state, things happen and rather quickly, as I still am awake, but I am traveling at a fast rate.

Good thoughts there.  But as someone who I believe may be still awakening, my human vulnerabilities tend to get in the way.  I tend to trust too much, and I have found that I cannot be like that any longer.  How would I know I am being followed in that regard?

You'll know when you are being watched. Women have better psychic sensitivity then men. Not to put on my tin foil hat, but I really like the expression that was reportedly seen on the desk of engineer Andy Grove (founder of Intel Corporation), who also named the title of his memoirs by the same expression:

"Only The Paranoid Survive."

And no, I don't think it's a horrible expression (especially in times like we are living today).  Just think about those U.S. spy agencies (and the current U.S. president who worked for them) who believe they can do anything they want.  

great news  to here,  i glad you have a higher vibration level. IT is great you are in a process ascension upgrade. It is very hard process to finish the ascension. It take most people a long time, once your energy is pure of light. I already ascension, i don't need re ascension. Good to hear, keep exploring your Spiritual growth. 

I give you simple task improving astral travel. when you meditate or deep sleep. practice getting out of your body. You will have your guide and highest ET or elder around. Ask your higher self to help you. this will take time to get used to it. First time out of body experience is scary for some people. longest you practice and remove fear. You can handle astral travel.

Astral travel travel planet, universe and so on. You do work or go to class, or explore. everyone have this ability..... 

Practice all i can say, I do this natural , because it program in my spiritual body. You need to activate that spiritual DNA that aloud you to. open your third eye more. More vibration to head, dont freak out. this is a process. of stage upgrade spiritual level.

Short advice, hope this help improving your astral travel.........



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