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You can post whatever you want, we can discuss and discuss and discuss here, until the cows come home...and it'll be just between us. So....I'm ready.

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Just for giggles...

lolol oh you little emsie wemsie :P

So true.

me too.. I have my popcorn and coke ready .. lol ..

and now we are just waiting for the main feature to begin .. lol ..

.. we may as well enjoy our shake weights while we are waiting ..  lolol....

No John Jancar, it won't just be between you and him, because you are posting it here.

You could ask for his mail and have a private civilized conversation.

But I gues at the end that's not what you want right? You want attention perhaps?

I highly doubt a person like One would feel atracted by this, wich looks like when a kid incite another to fight.

I have three things to say to you. One....I made this post because One kept commenting at me, on Andy's blog...and I didn't think it was appropriate, so I told him, I'll make my own blog, where we can just have a discussion, me and you, without ruining other peoples blogs. Two, here is better because it's more direct than in private messages, and if people want to come chime in, or just watch...they can if they want...and apparently they do. And three....who are you, and who asked you anyways.

I'm a user of this community who can comment and give my opinion on the matter on any public posts I like :D

That's because you make it public, don't like it?...

Well I guess what to do in that case is obvious.

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!




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