• Among many things, One is also a pathological lier. He is not in his seventies... & it may surprise many here to discover that he's actually in his thirties. & to those suggesting One is staying away from John's request for debate because he's somehow intellectually above this ... get real. He can't type because his hands are occupied... This is how he gets off ;-)   

  • Well I guess One isn't showing up. And...maybe it's for the better. In any case, thank you all for commenting, for the chuckles, for the discussion....I love you...but unfortunately, looks like the show is over, everybody go home lol :P
    • well your post certainly got tounges wagging John .. lol .. so it did serve a purpose.. in a way, it brought us all closer together as a collective, I certainly hope.. and that can only be a good thing..


      ... this gif reminds me of something .. but .. cant quite put my finger on it .. lol .. where would we be without a sense of humour..







  • lol xDDD well that's a little carried away but I get what you're doing lol Thanks for the humor, Tom.

  • Yes...thank you...I'm glad someone else sees what's clearly obvious. That's just how he is...and he's like that with everyone. I'm just one of his main targets. I don't even know why really, I don't even talk to him. He always comments at me. I don't know what his problem is with me, or with people...but I suggest he gets over it.

  • Wise words LSK.
  • Well look...with're talking rhetoric. Some people can be wrong. Like when he says Obama's plan will tank Canada's economy...and he posts an article supposedly proving it...then when you read the article, it says the exact opposite....that makes his belief wrong, period. When he says I want to be like Hitler, or support what Hitler did...because there's some qualities of his personality I admire....he's just plain wrong, point finale. He can believe that...and his belief will be right in his mind....but they're not right, in objective reality.

    I mean there is an objective reality, let's not fool ourselves here. Someone can believe the moon is made of cheese and baloney....but if they go to the moon, it won't be made of cheese and baloney lol They can believe that all they want...but it's just not true. And if he comes at me...professing all these wrong beliefs...that I know are wrong...I can tell him why he's wrong...and hopefully he'll see he's wrong, and change his belief to one that's more aligned with the truth.

    But you know, I'll take your advice and just ignore him. Hopefully he'll stop coming at me and attacking me all the time. And it's not about me defending myself, this is about what's real and what isn't. Alot of times he says things that just aren't real...but okay...I'll take your advice...and rise above it...and try to just love him without saying anything.

  • There is a difference between Debate and Bating. Not coming here and not posting on your trivial thread should demonstrate that. If this were a topic of some value I'm sure he would come a debate you. Since you're just trying to bait him moreover on a senseless useless topic he has no reason to debate you on the nothing that this post serves. You've basically said "I'm mad at you, I want a fight, a fight over nothing and I'm going to sit here and stomp my feet until you come fight." This is something Children do not Adults, well at least respectable adults. I will be shocked if he posts here. Furthermore if he does it will probably just be to humor and laugh at your childishness. Lastly if this thread were about me I'd be doing the same thing and just ignore you.
    • No, I explained already, 3 times now...what this post was about. This was about One, getting into it with me on other peoples threads, dampering their threads....and me wanting that not to happen, so I said, we can have our own thread, and talk here, you can say all the things you said to me on the other we'll talk here, so not to ruin other peoples thread. What part of that is unclear to you.

      • I believe we have all had arguments with "One" over the months and often we have had heated debates, to boot...He is the type who causes this and we respond to it...

        Now, I completely understand your frustrations with "One," John and have followed much of your disagreement over Obama with him on the other thread...I do now try to be fair with him, even though he trolls the site and we all know it...Well, should know it, by now...

        I try not to get angry with him any more, as I believe he cannot help it....It's the way he's wired...Yes, it can be annoying...and in some ways more annoying for you than "Gold Coin Collector" is.

        But, all we can do is self-moderate our own blogs....Mr.Ed tried this recently, as per my advice and was pleased with the results...Moderation works and we each have the tools and cannot always blame Ben....Some say Ben should control the trolling...BUT I say WE are responsible...and we must all agree to moderate well...

        But inviting "One" here will not work....It's like setting a bear trap for a fox....He won't enter it...

        He will only enter a blog that discusses a topic he would seek to's what he does...

This reply was deleted.

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