Alpha Centaurians

Hi All, I'd like to share this post about contact with people of the Alpha Centauri star system and their current service on/around Earth at this time:

If anyone else here is in contact with them, please feel free to share on this thread. 

Namaste, Joanna. 


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  • Revisiting this post more than a year after posting it, and looking through the comments, I'm coming back to it to add a few things, not about Alpha Centaurians in particular, but about who/what we connect with among the peoples of star nations in general.

    Firstly, regarding the first picture posted in comments by Malcolm, of a greenish reptilian-grey hybrid being, which is being called an 'Alpha Centaurian', I'm going to be more specific, and say this a false representation of an Alpha Centaurian.

    How do I know? Because I feel no Love coming from or through this image, and the Alpha Centauri system is entirely ascended ie; all the planets of Alpha, Beta and Proxima Centauri, which comprise this trinary star system, are existing - and have for a long while now, in linear time-speak - in a frequency band that is characterized by unity, peace, love, sharing and compassion.

    The being in that artwork could be a Centaurian - as Centaurus is a very large constellation, and not all areas of it are free from malevolent non-ascended reptilian and grey control. So this might be a Centaurian - or it might be from somewhere else entirely, but naming itself as Alpha Centaurian in order to put people of goodwill off from connecting with them. Or it could be a mischievous astral entity putting its own bit of confusion and distortion into the mix....or it could be a projection from the artist's own mind/subconscious.

    Whatever, I'm stating now, that from my experience and intuition, it's not an Alpha C. 

    Please be aware that many constellations contain beings of diverse energies and intentions, and stages of evolution and development. Lumping them all together under one name or title, like 'The Pleiadians', for instance, gives a false or at least incomplete picture and understanding or the diversity of beings who inhabit that constellation - and I'll say here that the Pleiades are not completely clear of malign, control-oriented factions, especially certain areas around the star Maia and some others. The beings from the Maian planets have wreaked havoc with Earth human connections to star family, by the way, as they have impostered benevolent Pleiadians (from Alcyone, Asterope, Alta Mira, the high Light stars and planets) very widely, and influenced many channels, remote viewers etc.

    This is true of many other well-known systems such as Orion, and Cetus etc.

    Please read this post if you're planning to attempt communication with star kin or already have 'contact', in whatever form, and feel uncertain about what the nature of the beings/entities are that you're seeing/hearing etc.

    Blessings, Joanna. 

    Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact
    Dear All, I’ve received a few questions from readers recently about connecting with higher dimensional benevolent ETs, so will set out some guideline…
  • JOANNA: I think I may have, because Alex Collier claims Centaurians resonate in purple light (and I see a lot of beings lit up in purple when I do my astral projection, but these may be other entities). 

    Here is one description:


    And this is what I saw:


    The pictures are similar; the red light on the right "flashed" before the entity disappeared from my vision.

    • Hi Malcolm, thanks for your description, and sharing your astral projection picture. Purple light is clearing energies, also vibrates benevolence, freedom, and compassion spectrum. Your Being in the drawing feels lovely. 

      The green portrait also does feel/look like a Centaurian human/reptilian hybrid being. Not all of the Centaur constellation is Ascended, but the energy of the Alpha Centaurians feels high. 

      Je'errne'on, the captain of the little ship overhead here (the one with the horseshoe ring of lights, in the post), asked me to include this statement: That it is because enough star family on the ground (us) have anchored Light, that they have been able/permitted by the councils, to go 'under the radar' and ground their high frequency spheres. :)

      Here's his ship again, from last night....8116067891?profile=original

      • JOANNA: here's an interesting article by an individual claiming to be a "walk-in" from Alpha Centauri.  I don't know how accurate it is, but it's an interesting read.

        An article from the April 1997 issue of THE STAR BEACON

        When I think of my home, I think of a serene and peaceful place, where the planetary life energy flow is the flow of harmony, and the breezes blow on the “wind of ascension.” It is a place where spirit and consciousness are one, and all an intricate part of All-That-Is.

        Alpha Centauri is a planetary system made up of a total of four planets and three moons. Only one planet – the largest – is permanently occupied, however. There is no need for the other planets to be used for the population. The largest planet has ample space for all inhabitants, and there is – of course – no population explosion.

        Located approximately 15,000 lightyears from Earth, Alpha Centauri has one sun, not unlike your own but about 15 percent smaller in mass. The size of the largest planet, which is known as Alpha Centauri I, is approximately 10 percent smaller than the earth, but much less densely populated. The total population of AC-I is estimated to be around 600 million – small in comparison to Earth’s 6 billion – but actually it is one of the 10 largest planets in the universe (population-wise).

        The landscape on Alpha Centauri is smooth with large, rolling hills, but no mountains. There is no grass, although there is planetary life with many smaller trees and vinces. The soil itself is light medium-gray in color and much less dense in composition than that of Earth. Its chemical composition is made of a mixture of quite a lot of elements, most of which are unknown and would not be understood by Earth’s standards. Our sky is not as bright as that of Earth’s, and is made up of a mixture of colors that change, depending on the atmospheric conditions. The sky is usually a violet-pinkish-orange in daytime, with a more pronounced violet as the sun sets, and pinkish-orange being more dominant at sunrise.
        Our climate conditions are overall much milder than on Earth. Our air temperature averages around 65 degrees (Fahrenheit) during the day and 48 degrees at night. These are overall averages for the year; however, air temperature does not vary more than 10 to 12 degrees either in the day or at night throughout the entire year.

        I can remember – as a small child – how turbulent, and even severe, the weather was during periods of time throughout the year. This was before “Total Climate Control” was perfected. Total Climate Control (TCC) has been experimented with and used for 800 “years,” but it was not actually perfected until about 120 years ago. Since the time that this “perfection” was completed, our climate has been basically controlled like it would be in a doomed stadium (with precipitation added).

        It is through the channeled use of cosmic energy that even the barometric pressure, and the amount of precipitation, is carefully monitored and controlled. The control is exercised by Federal standards and polices.

        Alpha Centauri is under the jurisdiction of the Intergalactic Federation Alliance, which is basically the governing body of three-fourths of the entire known physical universe. The Federation is made up of more than beings from various planetary/solar systems. Each planetary system then has its own governing body that is made up of representatives of the Federation, who permanently reside within their planetary system. These officials are in direction co-ordinance with the IFA. All standards and policies are then handed down to the various planetary officials to be exercised with their respective systems.

        The standards set by the IFA are actually quite simple and clear cut. There is one law set by the IFA, and it basically states that it is forbidden to do any form of blatant injustice to any other living being of any kind, be they animal, spiritual, physical or mineral – without probable cause or reason for doing so. If a being has done injustice to another (blatantly), they are subject to swift and severe reprisal, either from the IFA or from the victims themselves, as it is permissible for a being or beings to do the following: (1) defend themselves in any way necessary if they are threatened with endangerment; (2) act upon themselves to take recourse upon the being or beings who inflicted the injustice upon them – provided there is probably cause and reason to do so.

        Any being found not to have probable cause and reason is subject to recourse from the IFA. This basically covers any kind of crime that can be committed against another. There are no “victimless” crimes; i.e., if there is no injustice directly done to any being or beings, there is no means of recourse of any kind by any organization, being or beings.
        Spiritually it is solely up to the individual. The IFA does support and practice spiritual ascension. However, it is not pushed or forced upon any being or beings, nor would it be necessary to do so. If the overall planetary system has not and is not ascending, then they would not be a member of the Federation.

        This is the very reason why the Earth is not a member. Earth has not yet fully ascended into the “New Reality,” and out of the third dimensional plane. Until the time when it does, the vast majority of the planet’s leaders and inhabitants will not even be aware of the IFA. We do, however, know that the Earth is ascending, although maybe not as fast as we would like it to! And soon it will be on the verge of ascending into the New Reality, hence becoming the “New World” existing in cosmic awareness and multi-dimensional consciousness.
        The lifestyles of Alpha Centaurians are based on furthering the spiritual and conscious ascension and doing it in the “flow,” in the natural flow and order of All-That-Is. Remaining in “the light” and being in peace and harmony with All. Certainly there is more to one’s life than only ascension. What a dull life that would be! Ascension is what our lives are based on, and intended for, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot have fun and party on occasion. Everyone needs some time for recreation and fun in their lives and we are no different.

        Marriage is not required nor expected to develop a family. It is a free choice of each individual, is not considered sacred, and has no bearing whatsoever on our ways, means and accepted standards of reproduction. Sex is a totally different subject than marriage or reproduction. By Earth standards, marriage, sex and reproduction go hand in hand; however, on Alpha Centauri they are considered to be three separate entities.

        Of course, to know Alpha Centauri, you must know its inhabitants! Alpha Centaurians are a very straightforward and honest people. We do not waste a lot of time or words. Aggressive by nature – in a positive way – we do not give up easily, and we do not go out without a fight. We are very set in our views. We have a strong sense of wrong and right and are not easily swayed from our views. We are a Godly people and one on a course of ascension into the “Source.” This is our first priority – spiritual and conscious ascension, first for ourselves and then to help others.

        To help, take care of and protect our children is also a part of our first priority. Self “physical” survival is prioritized after ascension and the care of our children (as it should be).

        Our daily lives consist of taking time when we awaken to first gather our thoughts and make sure we are into the right frame of mind and consciously into the harmonic flow. This is generally followed by a short meditation and/or prayer. We do not need a lot of food and our bodies are lean and light and less dense than human bodies. We do have rather large bones; however, our bones are softer, lighter and slightly flexible in construction. We do need quite a bit of fluids, however, slightly more than do humans. Otherwise our physical characteristics are fairly similar to humans.

        We have semi-pale skin, medium-sized eyes that are generally teal blue/green in color. Our eyes are very sensitive to extremely bright light. Our hearing is ultra-sensitive and can be compared to that of the hearing of a canine. We are a fairly tall race with large hands and feet. We are built slim, with large bones, long arms and legs. Our interstructure is slightly different from humans, in that – being more highly evolved – we can adapt and change certain parts of our interstructure to conform to the need, and our inner parts are of a less dense construction.
        The greatest part of our day is spent in meditation, in sharing awareness – both giving and receiving, learning and teaching – and sharing time and love with our loved ones. Of course, we are usually always thinking of our ascension and putting all that we learn to use for it. We also learn to stay in the flow and in the light, and that when we stray from them is when we are out of balance and harmony.

        There are those, of course, who have “regular jobs.” Those who serve in some capacity within the IFA have various duties which have to be addressed daily. Some of them are obviously extremely important and vital to the entire universe! These beings are not paid monetarily. They are rewarded with with honor, love and ascension – things that no amount of money could ever buy!

        The “high-archy-echelon” of the Federation – officials, military leaders, pilots, etc. – are actually genetically engineered beings of extremely high intelligence and power. They are indeed among the most highly evolved beings in the universe. They carry out their tasks flawlessly, and are totally dedicated to doing so. These various positions within the IFA range from upper echelon officials to pilots, to heads of state, to mechanics, to technicians, to spiritual leaders, etc. And all are essential in the overall picture and plan.

        There are also some who have various assignments or positions that they have volunteered to do, such as spiritual leaders, master teachers, spirit guides, etc. They are looked upon with the utmost respect and love for what they do.

        We believe and know that it takes teamwork to achieve (as a people – and as a universe, for that matter). This is why we are now calling on all children of Light to unite, to come together as a strong force of Light bright enough to illuminate the darknest corners of the universe.

        It certainly took much teamwork for us – the Alpha Centaurians – to ascend and evolve as a people, as we have done on our planet. If we would have all just thought as individuals only, and worried only about ourselves, we would never have accomplished, “as a people,” what we have. We now have Alpha Centaurians existing in hundreds of different solar systems, for the purpose of spreading knowledge and awareness – to all – and are now lending our assistance to many others, as it is our purpose and is our nature to do. We have accepted this purpose voluntarily and willingly, knowing that it is the purpose in the natural order of All-That-Is.
        Our planet now exists in the New Reality and in total harmony with All. Already having gone through its transformational period over 300 years ago, it is now a garden of love, peace and harmony where there exist many children of Light who are the messengers of the New Reality!

        This that I speak of is my home that I so deeply miss and where I have longed to be for some time now, hoping, praying and enduring that I may soon return. I have existed on this earth for quite some time now, as I have a part in “the purpose” here, to which I am dedicated. However, I have been through an exhausting amount of stress and pain, and have been thrown totally out of balance here, hence, totally disrupting my existence, and my efforts of carrying out the purpose. I have been able to do only about one-third of what I would have normally done, as my part in the purpose, due to being stressed out, beat down and nearly crushed by this dimensional plane itself. I have been reared (basically) disabled and weakened noticeably.

        Therefore, my term of “endurement” here will be ended in the near future, and I will be sent back to Alpha Centauri to recuperate and, hopefully, recover. It is doubtful, however, that I would return to this earth, due to the fact that I had been nearly crushed by it before – unless it was necessary for me to do so. I will return here, however, in spirit on many occasions, especially during this time of transition, for there is still much work to be done here and we are here to help!

         It is hoped that the people of Earth will better understand and accept us for being what we say we are. We pull no punches. We have no covert intentions. We exist here only as a part of the purpose and only for the purpose – of ascension in the New Reality!

        Understand us for this, that we care about you and about the universe and what becomes of it. We are here to do our part, to see that the order of All-That-Is is carried out to the best of our ability. Let me assure you that, in fact, it is a battle, but it is a battle not fought with weapons of destruction, but fought instead with knowledge and awareness and with the “force of the Source.”

        It is something we can achieve and will achieve because we are going to have to achieve it. If we do not achieve it, then it will not be achieved because no one is going to achieve it for us!


        K.T., a young man in his 20s, is a walk-in from Alpha Centauri.

        • Thanks for that, Malcolm. I haven't read anything online about the Alpha C's - and tend to read little, as I have found little that resonates with the nature of my contact with Ashtar's Command and other 'wings' of the Intergalactic Confederation. Most online material is disinfo, from my view, whether intentional or merely shared (or channeled) without discernment. Not all, there is some 'true gold' out there, thank Source! I did just check in with Je'errne'on of the Alpha C's (captain of the ship visiting here) about a couple of things in the article you've sent - he confirms that there is one large central planet of the star Alpha Centauri where most of the population lives, however there are outposts on other smaller planets of Beta Centauri, and Proxima (or have been, will ask deeper about Proxima before posting again about the Alpha C's.)

          Of course, I am still in a learning/refining process too, and have recently corrected my use of the term Galactic Federation to Intergalactic Confederation in my postings, which is more accurate, as a representative term for the star nations involved with Earth's ascension process.

          PS: Regarding Alex Collier, my intuitive knowing has always said 'no', and I've never watched or listened to him. The purple you speak of could be applied to the vibrational 'tone' of many beings, who come here in the spirit of 'freedom-through-compassion'.......

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