Aka Cords, Life Streaming Everywhere!
Posted by Carolyn Thompson on April 26, 2015 at 11:26am

‘Aka’ cords are the thin vital force of energy we send as we think about anything or anybody. I wish to expand how they work so to continue to build a foundation of how we can understand and use our own energy efficiently and how to sort out what we do and do not want when it comes to other energies interacting with us.

As we” begin to think”, aka cords are already created in a nano-second.

If we think about Joe’s coffee shop, the aka cords will go to Joe’s coffee shop and be there before we even step toward it. If we think of Joe and his amazing smile, the aka cord is now touching Joe!

This is the connection we feel from others when they are thinking about us, if we are perceptive enough. This is also how we know when someone is going to call us on the phone moments before it rings.

Our energy always proceeds us!

When we are with our lover, we anchor aka cords in to the sacral energy center and depending upon how we relate to this person we will anchor in to more or all of their energy centers. This is just what we naturally do and we do not think about it; it is how our personal energy works.

These connections deepen our connections to others in very real ways.

Sensa Norma told me that when a person is in a marriage or committed relationship and that person decide to have sex with someone outside that relationship boundary, the whole family knows this deception immediate and is crying inside for this breach. It is through the aka cords that we have with all of our family that this energy information is distributed.

If you have many sexual partners, you will find their aka cords still anchored in our sacral energy center from many past connections. This is a communication pathway; you may dream or think about them when they think of you. It does not help a person to be connected to former relations, if it is not someone you wish to keep close. It will also make your significant other feel uncomfortable as they do not know what it is, but might feel this ‘energetic presence’ that makes them feel uneasy.

Work consciously with the aka cords will help you. Learn about the major chakras, energy center that are working through our body.

front and back chakras 8110874675?profile=original As you become aware of the energy bodies and energy centers that move through us, you can begin to manage your own energy and how it can work. Our energy fields and centers are always in motion. They are feeding, nurturing, and expressing, moving energy out and in and through us. If we were to close off the crown and root energy centers we would physically die. The energy information of how our energy moves lets us know a lot about ourselves. More on that later.

Managing Our Energy

Those people who are aware of aka cords will focus mostly on “who attached to them” and not so much on “how they attach to the other”. It is always two way street and your attention is best served in both directions.

Sense where they are first. Practice makes you more aware.

Hara line
Focus on your Tube of Light, pranic tube. Imagine of a column of light running down through your body with the spinal column being in the middle which enters the very top of your head down past your perineum to the earth’s core. This tube of light can vary in width but most are about eight inches wide.

The crown and root energy center are directing the flow of life force through you. The other chakras in the front and back are directing energy in and out through you to feed your organs, vital flows and energy information. The study of energy centers will reveal a lot about how you relate to your environment.

Energy conversations probably were the earliest form of communication for our predecessors. When one felt danger, all knew it. So this is a primal part of our being.

Parents have many cords with their children which gives them information, a connection that spooks teenagers when they step outside of the set boundaries and parents seem to know it!

Removing old aka cords is part of energy body maintenance and will help a person be clear and free of energy information clutter. It is easy to do. Calming yourself and going to each energy centers, you can just “intend any old aka cords to disconnect and then push them outward”. The good, healthy ones will remain and the old ones disconnect. Keep it simple and it works.

~ Carolyn Thompson




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      Bless you..
  • ...Thx Tally....Good Post.....<3

    • Sweet, Sky... Yeah, i thought this was very good too, easy to follow, and very helpful/useful info.

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