Dearest Galactic Federation, and Brothers and Sisters in the Light,

I am posting this today from my Heart space, because, with all my Heart and soul, I cannot wait anymore, and I feel others cannot either. So many of us have spent years reading blogs, information, focusing in meditation, pushing ourselves to the limit, and we are exhausted.

Please, from my Heart to yours, give us something. We have worked diligently for you, some of us at the cost of our homes, jobs, lives, when you asked us to go somewhere, we did, when you asked us to be there for someone, we were there. What more can we do?

What more can we do to prove to you we are ready for first contact? What more can we do to prove to you that we are ready for Global Unity?

My dearest Brothers and Sisters, I know that in the Higher Realms, there is no division or separation. The teachings you have gave me over the years have meant more to me than you will ever know, but please, I am asking from Heart Space, let us not wait even one more second, let us manifest this now.

I am asking my Ashtar Command Crew members, to post here if you are ready for contact, to tell the pleiadians, arcturians, andromedans, and sirians, how you feel. To tell the world, here in this blog how you feel, I know each of you has waited long enough, now is the time, not tomorrow, not the next day, not 20 days from now, but now.

We CAN manifest this. Not a channel, not a timeline, not anything else, we can. Right here, right now.

I respect you from Heart Space, no matter what you choose, I just had to post this from Heart Space today.

This is how I feel. It is time now for change. For the Love of Prime Creator, KRYON, I am asking for Global Change. Please join me my Brothers and Sisters in the Light. I am ready for Ascension. Not one more day in 3d. Not one more day.

I love you all. Hugs.

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  • Thank you for putting voice to our heart. I am ready.

  • I'm Ready actually i even saw a ufo outside my house i tried to film it but the camera on my phone is no good.

    My galactic brothers and sisters, celestial beings it's time for first contact.

  • Just hold on siSTAR, we're almost there! Much rainbow light from my heart to yours :D

  • Beautifully said - I agree -NOW is the time. I am ready for Ascension and join with you to manifest first contact -Global Change - and the NEW Earth - NOW.

  • Hi Andraste!

    I feel you. I'd like to talk to you further

    Peace and <3

  • You know from the day of our first birth upon the Earth and throughout many lives ~ each night we can go to the ships and dwell there before returning back to Earth and going through our individual veils of forgetfulness. We do this so it is easier to continue on in our lives in duality. Without those veils, we would be considered babbling idiots with all our tales to tell.

    It is not possible or at least it wasn't possible up until now, to go there and still retain remembrance. Had we been able to do so, we would have, no doubt, been institutionalized for talking crazy talk about other stars, planets, galaxies and universes. Yet trips to the ships are like visiting our local food market to us. We do it all the time to reinforce our own cupboards with supplies. But in this case, we come back with a refill of love and devotion.  

    It is so sad to hear the cries for a landings when you only just returned from the ships again last night but again, you have forgotten...

    One helpful thing to restock your patience cupboards again ~ at least until the dark ones leave and prosperity funds roll out ~ is to "Ask to remember."  Ask and it is granted and there are now too many who do remember to make this as risky a business as in all previous years put together.  We can handle remembering but we must ask our own hearts to do so.

    In fact many of us are meeting nightly to assist in the upcoming process of arrests, dispositions of the dark ones, and the upcoming disclosure process. We have been contributing members of the GFOL for some time and are working with Ashtar Command and many others members of the Galactic Federation of Light, so be of good cheer.

    You can just close your eyes and be on the ships in an instant. You just do not remember. Right now, especially a drowsiness comes over you and you wish to fly away into sleep. Why do you think this is happening so often lately?  We are zipping right to the ships.

    Once again, instead of desperation and being impatient. Ask to remember.  Listen to your Angels and Guides who have been close enough to touch you throughout all your lives and not just this present one.

    I see so many friends speaking of their loneliness and desire to go HOME when they could swing where they are and swing in a circle and go through a dozen Celestial beings right there in the room beside them.  We have learned to "tune out" the higher frequencies in favor of TV and radio noise. Our egos until silenced are the cause of the biggest racket going on inside us right now.  Send yours on a free vacation to Tahiti for awhile and regain your own sense of well-being.  We have not taken the time to listen to our own hearts and just...BE QUIET for a change.  Turn all the noise off.  Relax. Tune into your own heart and listen to your own vibe.

    Once our hearts become "still" and if we can keep them open, we can easily FEEL the presence of the Company of Heaven all around us.  There is virtually no empty space left on Earth right now ~ as the whole Cosmos has sent representatives to witness Earth's ascension as well as our own. It's the hottest show in the Cosmos right now.

    Be of good cheer, we've never been alone for a single second and if you actually knew how true this was, you'd blush with embarrassment. Not for one single moment or one single day have we been alone. Ever. So, now take a deep breath and just think about what I have shared with you here.  

    Many blessings and so much love for you!  We are indeed cherished by all those higher being who surround us ~ always...   So please quit whining. It's unbecoming a Master like yourself, you've just forgotten....xoxoxox


    • I love what you wrote, and at the same time, I can see this whole discussion in the form of a group energy - "Lord, hear our Prayer!!"

    • I can't thank you enough for your words. I totally feel them. And yes, we trully are pampered at the ships, that is, of course, when we aren't sent out on a mission ;)  Much ♥

  • Please have patients dear friends, people of our parents generation knew this was going to happen and were excited they have waited much longer than us, Have patients, Please have patients dear friends our spirits have waited longer then our physical minds for this, Have patients, Please have patients dear friends Gaia has waited an eternity for this, Have patients, Please have patients dear friends for time as we know is not linear, once it all happens it will be over seemingly so quick, Have patients, Please have patients dear friends for it is already happening..... Someone I know is one of the first informed in the disclosure proceedings they have already begun contact ... the wait is over now we all need like mature souls need wait our turn. It will be over so quick it will be over soo quick. it is already here. FIRST CONTACT HAS BEEN MADE

    • Its patience. Patients as are in hospitals.....

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