Dearest Galactic Federation, and Brothers and Sisters in the Light,

I am posting this today from my Heart space, because, with all my Heart and soul, I cannot wait anymore, and I feel others cannot either. So many of us have spent years reading blogs, information, focusing in meditation, pushing ourselves to the limit, and we are exhausted.

Please, from my Heart to yours, give us something. We have worked diligently for you, some of us at the cost of our homes, jobs, lives, when you asked us to go somewhere, we did, when you asked us to be there for someone, we were there. What more can we do?

What more can we do to prove to you we are ready for first contact? What more can we do to prove to you that we are ready for Global Unity?

My dearest Brothers and Sisters, I know that in the Higher Realms, there is no division or separation. The teachings you have gave me over the years have meant more to me than you will ever know, but please, I am asking from Heart Space, let us not wait even one more second, let us manifest this now.

I am asking my Ashtar Command Crew members, to post here if you are ready for contact, to tell the pleiadians, arcturians, andromedans, and sirians, how you feel. To tell the world, here in this blog how you feel, I know each of you has waited long enough, now is the time, not tomorrow, not the next day, not 20 days from now, but now.

We CAN manifest this. Not a channel, not a timeline, not anything else, we can. Right here, right now.

I respect you from Heart Space, no matter what you choose, I just had to post this from Heart Space today.

This is how I feel. It is time now for change. For the Love of Prime Creator, KRYON, I am asking for Global Change. Please join me my Brothers and Sisters in the Light. I am ready for Ascension. Not one more day in 3d. Not one more day.

I love you all. Hugs.

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  • i am ready for contact!!!!!!!!!
  • My whole family, and my brother (who, by the way, was the Enforcer for a well known 1% biker club just a little over a year ago) and many of my friends are all READY! With open arms, clear intent and 100% free will we are ready for our GALACTIC REUNION with our Galactic family. To all those sentient beings of the universe that are here for the highest good  and in the best interest of all, we welcome you to our planet. Peace, Love and Light to all.

  • Please try to be a little patient things must happen by design and in

    the timeframe carefully laid down.. Im sure when all the cabalists are

    under lock and key the fun will start no point in risking scaring people..

    Not everyone believes and as much as i want events now i can bide my time..

    Safety has to be the overiding concern..

    It would help if the first step was indeed the worlds lying Media..

    Many are still locked in the Medias falsehoods and will need waking up

    gently.. What a few weeks between friends..

    The lightworkers are doing fantasic works, Turning the www against the globalist was a very good plan..

    Its also extremely funny..

    Be of stout heart my friend All comes to him that waits..

    May your journey be full of Love and Laughter




  • i am ready, but not impatient. i know the ego flares up inside me and i can see its moves, and how it makes me think. im sure we all have our own ways in how we adjust our ego, and how we are all reprogramming our ego to work with us for the highest good. i have worked very hard, and although my ego tells me i have not and i am lazy and not a big contributor to jack-ass. i am confident that my reality is shifting towards a lifestyle of love and light. for ever and ever.

    peace, hugs, and good vibes to you all..bzzzz

  • You know...I feel the same way.Im ready to ascend,& i dont wanna be stuck here in a 3D plane.I wanna go beyond.

    I cant wait for them to appear in First Contact.


  • We are all ready.
    We have been waiting for a long time ....
  • Ground Crew Members from different Star Systems are already here incarnated in Physical Form..on Planet Earth like the creator of this site Ben-Orion a Sirian Starseed....why not connect with the STARSEEDS ...why wait for First Contact

    • Exactly! I couldn´t agree more!

  • PARTY!!

    • Git Er Done.

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