Dearest Galactic Federation, and Brothers and Sisters in the Light,

I am posting this today from my Heart space, because, with all my Heart and soul, I cannot wait anymore, and I feel others cannot either. So many of us have spent years reading blogs, information, focusing in meditation, pushing ourselves to the limit, and we are exhausted.

Please, from my Heart to yours, give us something. We have worked diligently for you, some of us at the cost of our homes, jobs, lives, when you asked us to go somewhere, we did, when you asked us to be there for someone, we were there. What more can we do?

What more can we do to prove to you we are ready for first contact? What more can we do to prove to you that we are ready for Global Unity?

My dearest Brothers and Sisters, I know that in the Higher Realms, there is no division or separation. The teachings you have gave me over the years have meant more to me than you will ever know, but please, I am asking from Heart Space, let us not wait even one more second, let us manifest this now.

I am asking my Ashtar Command Crew members, to post here if you are ready for contact, to tell the pleiadians, arcturians, andromedans, and sirians, how you feel. To tell the world, here in this blog how you feel, I know each of you has waited long enough, now is the time, not tomorrow, not the next day, not 20 days from now, but now.

We CAN manifest this. Not a channel, not a timeline, not anything else, we can. Right here, right now.

I respect you from Heart Space, no matter what you choose, I just had to post this from Heart Space today.

This is how I feel. It is time now for change. For the Love of Prime Creator, KRYON, I am asking for Global Change. Please join me my Brothers and Sisters in the Light. I am ready for Ascension. Not one more day in 3d. Not one more day.

I love you all. Hugs.

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  • Hello star sisters and brothers, this thread just came up as 'recommended' for me - I haven't read it before, and see it was started back in 2012.

    If anyone is still reading it, I'd like to say that the 'veil' of illusions and limitations is thinning, noticeably now. I'm in contact with various star family groups within the Intergalactic Confederation, and have been photographing their ships for 3 years now. I've noticed in the last month that details, including figures, in the photos have been getting clearer - which is a sign not just of personal connection, but also of the heightening of collective energies, otherwise these photos wouldn't be able to be given to go into public view. Open contact is getting closer. 

    Here are a couple of photos I took in July-August.

    Love and Peace to All here,


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  •  We have all been patient for this ascension must be in equation with rest cannot come into hemisphere to set ground until all else is stage set so to speak..patience is our greatest virtue here

    We have mastered this reality in fullon existing matter of cause

    2015-2016 comes the time that all will be centered in the grounding and open Heart to Love

    Be in Peace ~ maidenhair

  • Good to be back fully experiencing the ascending affects going in & out clarity is fine tuned ~ so happy to be with ones of Planet Earth consciousness state thru Heart Love until then in the moment

  • There are enough of us ready to greet you now, and once you appear, the rest of them will catch up quickly. Especially when they see you come in peace, and will have some technology to share which will give us some relief on this planet. We are so excited, and so appreciative, of your willingness to help us with our Ascension. We have been working very, very hard, and we have had so many awaken in these accelerated times. WE ARE READY!!!

    • Indeed <3

  • Even though I am late, add me please.

  • I am ready to rock and meet my Star Family. Please come dear family. We need something to break this long long drought.  Bashar said by 2015-2017 the visitors will be here.  Come early Friends!

  • ...This Goes Back A Bit....:)......<3....Hugs....xx......

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