Action, Acceleration, Ascension

Hello Everyone! I have not been posted anything on this website in months, To be blunt as to the reason why? Everything is in chaos between communications, Everyone is getting "Tweaked" information from various sources. And I would like to Introduce a thought process on what "Ascension" really is. Not from a channel, but all 21 years of my Life being raised in Hermetics and Metaphysics.

Let me start out with: The two most invaluable sources of Akashic Knowledge, And Supreme Universal Truth, Edgar Cayce, And Franz Bardon... Cayce being a renowned Christian Psychic (One of his innate and unique abilities was thathe could sleep on a book, wakeup the next morning and know everything contained in that book) , of which most of his beginning readings certainly went against his christian faith. One of which being Reincarnation. On the note of Reincarnation, The symbol for this is many things, Yin and Yang, The Crucifix of Jesus, The Om, The Ankh, And many many more from intricate to simple, There are signs of Reincarnation and Universal Balance at play in every moment. 

Let me turn to Franz Bardon next, You can order his books in certain locations, they are very hard to find in paperback, but the book is supposedly on the internet, however I do not credit anything that was taken from paper and put onto the internet, For the art of Hermetics doesn't like to dance around egg shells. It is very blunt and straight to the point, and Bardon in his books clearly expresses, multiple times to follow the guidelines verbatim. Not to think or do a different way because its your way or you think it will work better. We all used to follow the guidelines procedures and lifestyle daily. Only through Time/Reincarnation we somehow bit the bullet and hit rock bottom. Sometime after Atlantis fell. Which I will cover momentarily. But let me open your mind to the fact (and I only use an absolute term because Edgar Cayce has never been proven incorrect, once in a trance to make sure he was authentic, the govt of the United states pulled off one of his fingernails with pliers, he was un-aware of it until he awoke, Writhing in pain and confusion, his wife supervised all readings hereafter.) Edgar Cayce discovered through traversing the astral plane all the way up in dimensions to reach the library of the Akashic records, not only that He was Luke in the bible, and wrote Lukes passages in that life, but also was Prophet Ra ta, Who built the pyramids simply by pointing to the stones and saying "Move" during the time of Egypt.


Atlantis existed folks, in 2006 There were news articles of a diver that thought he hit the bottom of the ocean and saw a crevass, he dove deeper to discover there was space between the actual floor of the ocean and the giant continental sized *RISING* land. That's correct,there is no doubt that Atlantis will rise. Cayce and bardon combined, share the knowledge about not only Atlantis, but up to date on how human history actually progressed. The National Education Association (That is owned by one of the 12 elite families) that raised your kids and more than likely yourself have told a number of lies. I never focused in school because it does not resonate with me. Never had, Never will. I was so creative as a child, and going through the trauma that was highschool did a bear on me. nevertheless, Atlantis is predicted to rise sometime in the *DECADE* of 2030. maybe before, maybe less.

Egypt started to flourish during the end times of Atlantis. Atlantis had a very large role in Egypts development, one of the key factors being the Atlantean Records, The keeper of these records, is Thoth, Who was a past Life of Franz Bardon, (other lifetimes of Bardon include St. Germain, Master of the violet flame, who also perfected the "Fountain of youth" potion, that could give you immortality. Records of a maid in germains household found that exact remedy for eternal youth, thinking it was something else, Drank its entirety. And then was transmuted into a baby. Hours later when more household guests or workers discovered the maids empty clothes and a naked baby in the same room, it did not take much to put 2 and 2 together. After Germain had reversed the problem, the maid did nothing but apologize. I believe however it was suggested she find work elsewhere...

(Can you imagine? We have been taught about basic mathematics, science, the english language, which as you can tell, is quite different from any other language we have ever used...But Metaphysics, Alchemy, Universal Truth and law...these are nowhere to be found in our youth of today. But a maid who drank a potion and turned time backwards to experience....the most profound experience she ever would in that life...that is not published, broadcasted...or even heard of. There is much we do not know for we have been kept in the dark, and thus We should not be ignorant enough to believe we are the most correct or the most supreme when It comes to channeling or Psychic visions.

Psychic Wisdom/Intuition:

To be Psychic, in my terms, Is to be in synchronicity with the Universe, it is not to see the future, but to be on the same page with everything going on around you, in which case when what rolls out all around us begins to unfold, we are unrolling in the same place, at the same time, on the same level.

Now, I am not debasing anything or saying that Psychics should not call themselves that, no. I am simply sharing my perspective on how things actually work, from legitimate first hand experience...It is up to each and every one of you to decide if this makes sense :)

Now, concerning TIMETABLES:

Unless we are cosmically supreme enough to harness matter, Astrally Project ourselves everywhere, travel on a beam of light, or even remember our lifetimes, WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT! Lord Sananda himself says that the one thing that is most difficult to peg, is TIMING. for the NOW is ALWAYS CHANGING. So, To Say that such and such will occur on such a date, is the same as as gambling. not counting cards, but literally being unaware of where the fortune lies. That is not to say that you are always going to be incorrect or you will never call an exact date. Nonono. That would just be very very good Synchronicity. Or Intuition.

Which brings up something else that we all struggle with, Patience, especially with everyone who is not only trying to share their version of the truth but is only spoken over, and also called a phony for being incorrect about certain events to unfold. So Let's get something straight, All of us have a different perspective on life, have different feelings about everything, for we are exceptionally unique beings, who are NOT human in nature, We are something much more outside of the flesh, But this is the 3rd Dimension, so we are contained in such bodies that can at times forget how Unique and special we are, and how much we do NOT know.

The higher the dimension, the lighter, less dense we are, so if this is the third, and we originate from the 5th, 6th, 7th, etc. Life will be nothing compared to what we see today when ascension does happen. Because Of how thick our dimension is, we cannot see Other dimensional life around us, Unless you have followed Bardons Three Books: Of which the first is Initiation Into Hermetics. (I super suggest that everyone who is interested in Initiation Pursues it, but do not take it lightly, It is without a doubt the Universal Truth, And Law, and to Alter it could do serious harm, as bardon states in the book *Several* times.)

I can account for seeing Life in other Dimensions, and to note there are alot more negative beings around than lead to believe. For instance I am plagued by the Lunar cycle, for in my Foolishness, manifested a very dark moment in my life, because I was Egotistical, and thought I knew better. and now a very dark force tries to claw its way back into my body with the Full Moon cycle, It is an Anunaki, a Demon, and it is the worst thing you can imagine. because it doesnt let you be yourself, It does what it wants to, especially when it wants to, and they are very clever, and will wait for a very long time to make their agenda come to fruition. So on that note, I have seen it personally, but I have also seen it from a first person view, in a car, going around a corner, time slowed...and there he stood.

Keeper Of the Forest/Sasquach:

They exist...I am telling you of a moment that through meditation and intent, revealed to me Life outside of our dimension. It stood near 12 feet tall, nearly 3 times the size of Arnold Swarzenegger, Holding a tree branch just a foot above its furry head...It was covered in light brown fur all over its body, it's eyes reflected rainforest green from the lights of our 1995 stick shift pathfinder, Me and my Best Friend, who'm despite all the witness and experience we had together spiritually, had a falling out. never the less, Some backround on the night, we had finished our night of fun in town, and began to travel back home...The road is 641, Lake Leelanau Drive. It was foggy, (and in my years of experience, Fog surrounds mystical beings, it represents their presence, and lets you know whats there) We slowed down, as we both felt the presence, saw it as we came up close, The massive creature had no clothing, but a human figure, as stated earlier, nearly 12 feet tall, and incredibly muscular, yet was so gentle in nature. Shaun said in a panic "WHAT IS THAT?!" And myself being only 18 years old and this being the first sighting of something not from this world, just replied "GOGOGOGOGO!!!!" He slammed it into fifth and we got home in a flash...completely unaware of how gentle and majestic that specific being was. Let me note that the most unique observation, was the lack of Genitalia. As i said there were no clothes, And inbetween its masculine legs was a smooth spot, empty. like a ken doll, but with light brown fur coating its entire being. I hope this is not only detailed enough, but such a clear recollection that you can literally FEEL my experience that I had, for it was real.

I Have a radar I project with energy, to sense life, think of it like a radar of astral projecting momentarily to sense what is around you. ALL around you. from cops to dear to fog or rain, you will just know. and you will get evidence when what you think your sensing, is indeed what you have sensed, as you come to it upon wherever you detected it.

If You are wondering if this is real, you can consider your imagination to be your creative powers, ever hear horror stories of little kids growing up and their imaginary friend they were told wasn't real started to haunt them later?  WE ARE CREATOR *GODS* Source exploded into fragments of equal value purpose, strength, ability, and ultimately, FREE WILL. We are those fragments, Ever growing into unique Personalities, Revel in the fact that YOU ARE IMMORTAL! this life will end. however that subject is touchy. Because A. we don't know when we will pass, and especially after December 21st. Our lifetimes will be much longer. Let it be known that Ascension or not, If you have a legitimate selfless purpose you are allowed anything, even to stay incarnated as long as possible.

That branches back To Reincarnation:

Franz Bardon, Whom wrote the Three books of Initiation, Which are also known as the Three Columns of Life, in the Bastion of Heaven, of which source commanded bardon (who had been protecting and taking the lives of those who came across that knowledge and intended to misuse it since the beginning...but we after each life, told source the one thing we were missing, is the OPTION, the ABILITY to make the CHOICE to attain this knowledge) for yes source is this undeniable, endless source, he still is the First, He is you before you were you, Unchanging, and NEVER Judging. For this is all a Learning curve, A lesson, like how Martial masters would teach their prodigies one lesson of forms until they were mastered, and then moved on from there. Reincarnation is because we die before we Finish our lesson and master it, so we (By Karmic law) must come back down to repeat our lessons until our Karmic agreement is finished. And Yes folks, Even through 2012 and afterwards, there will be ALOT of work to be done. Through US. HUMANITY. anywhere you go people with *Free Will* get to make the *Choice* to be Negative, Think Negative, Down to your very breath it either sends out Positivity or Negativity, and if we are looking to seriously survive and move forward, we need to drop all Materialistic things...and above all, Find your zen, what makes you calm, but keeps you still, for the most important thing is to hold your center, for our planet and Communities cannot profit on the external until this is seriously applied by all. For thoughts are things, we literally make manifestations out of thin air by thinking, which is why Negativity has to be seriously looked at, for now thinking is literally hand in hand with committing said thought. Self Esteem will need to be brought up, because if you do not believe in yourself then you will find much struggle believing in anything, and therefore your manifestations will do nothing bud give you bad luck, you reap what you sew guys,

So please understand that we are all in a Daze, We are all struggling, and it has alot to do with attitude. Cynical, Sarcastic, Even Fake rude, its creating much negativity, that energy has a signature, and that signature can rattle shake and break a lot of mechanisms on how we should operate. For we only see the flesh, It takes a lot of time, strain, and meditation to begin to see, feel, and move energy around you. Breathing is also very very important. That is why I reference that down to your very breath effects you.We just cannot see whats happening, so you must develop the ability to *know* what is happening. We all have Intuition and free will, They are senses, we dont use much of our brain, so you can relate that the senses we were never Taught by mass society or school to develop, are hard to notice or begin training, especially when for most of you this may be new.

Ascension...We all knew about it, before this life, may have come just for this one life. I have met 2 individuals now who are very new to Earth, it does not feel familiar. But one thing is for sure...Ascension will not happen until it happens, so yes, pray for a date, release light unto mother earth and use dates for planning meditations. but be Patient and Humble in the fact that we are not in control of everything, and when it happens, it will happen. But the Date I always knew would be the most critical is indeed, 12/21/12. not one day sooner. And it will happen in the Twinkling of an eye, this means drastic change, instantly. we will not know until it happens, So please stop Firing these Tumultuous cannons at eachother. The time to Argue is Over.

I do not have to Agree with you to Like you and Respect your word, For all word is sacred, for all Word is built upon Sacred thought that will manifest into the physical inner desires to benevolence. steer your ship of thoughts, if you don't want to be negative, stop yourself by repeating that you do not want to have that certain thoughts or negative emotions! You have a voice! A Divine Voice! (And for anyone not already aware, Prayer will work, but your intent must be pure and selfless. For intent is what stands behind your thoughts. and good intentions even though it may be looked at as a bad deed will come back, along with bad intentions with a good deed, Karma comes full circle, for everyone, because we are equal...we must drop our differences and work together:3  )

Lets Be polite, and especially patient until it happens. And please, take atleast 15 minutes of sober meditation to feel the light around earth, the strife, struggle, issues, and good deeds, recognize and identify, then add your part, your 2 cents, add your helps....much more than we have been lead to believe. and with us bringing light into the world, and pray for world release of karma...For I pray this ends, we have had enough, we have witnessed enough. It will CHANGE

I love and miss you all, as we are the same. but unique in different ways, never forget that... :)

<(._.)> <(-_-)^ (>-_-)^ ^(-_-)> Dancing Kirby Wants to dance and Laugh his Whole Life! Im down!

Namaste, Love, And Light, Anasthun. (Mark Andrew-Michael Weber)

Below is myself, waking up next to my best friend, My Brother, and my dearly missed Companion...Sher'Khan. He has a record of leaving this world when change is amidst...but I know in my heart I will see him again soon...I love you buddy...very much. <3 So please do not fear...just help, as much as you can, even if it is not that much...



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