I will be where my heart will guide me and I plan to have a peaceful day. Friday is my favourite day of the Week. I will pray to Jesus to look after me and bring in more Love and Light on this Planet Earth. I will pray to the Arcturians to heal my mind, body and soul and add maximum Love and Light in me....so be itI will also pray that all the evil doers are exposed on this day and if they fail to convert to love and light then goodby to them from Planet Earth.Namaste

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      • i appreciate your kindness..

        it's funny kindness doesn't cost anything but it can make so much difference in our world..funny that..

        more love and light.. yes i love cheese too..especially mozzarella..mmmmmmmmmm i hope i don't get kicked off here for liking food so much..well i am just enjoying the human experience.....

  • Yea, but mine was musical, that makes it better lololol No I'm kidding Andy, I'm just having some fun with you.

  • Yea I can just hear it....oh look at the rabble here, they don't believe in channelings...they don't believe in good ETs...oh my goodness me..have you ever seen...such fear laden, light depraven, unclean shaven.....tomfools, trying to school me, and tell me..I'm a tool..for be-liev...ing in ETs lolol I do a pretty good snobby British accent too :P

  • Wonderful Relaxing Music to play on 21-12-2012 while some are hiding in bunkers and retreats thinking it is going to be the end of the World:
    Music @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxrzkJcRX5o&feature=youtube_gdat...
  • Those who are going to do group meditation and visit holy sites please also say a prayer for all members of Ashtar Command Crew as we have shared our views good or bad for a number of years since this site started..let us pray for unity and pray to bring more love and light in all beings on Planet Earth and thank Mother Earth for letting us to be on her Planet
  • Forgiveness in my books doesn't necessarily mean letting offenders off the hook, forgiveness is a personal thing and a means of diffusing the negative energy that the perpetrators have emanated..

    Offenders who accomplish nasty acts should be corrected..Forgiveness for us is not allowing the poison they spewed in the first place create more blackness in our hearts..

    the blade of a sword doesn't think it just cuts lol. a cut in the right place would make sure they can never do this again..then they can be re educated and ..forgiven..

  • Well you know Andy....being a spiritual snob is an oxymoron....and only a moron would do it lol

  • Do you like my new avatar now?

    • Yeah, I wanna be a light warrior just like Andy!  Yaaayyyyyy!

  • There's that lightwarrior love we've al come to adore about you Mayir.

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