I will be where my heart will guide me and I plan to have a peaceful day. Friday is my favourite day of the Week. I will pray to Jesus to look after me and bring in more Love and Light on this Planet Earth. I will pray to the Arcturians to heal my mind, body and soul and add maximum Love and Light in me....so be itI will also pray that all the evil doers are exposed on this day and if they fail to convert to love and light then goodby to them from Planet Earth.Namaste

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    • you EXACTLY meant offence, dont try to sugar coat your attack.

      she is allowed to be here as much as you are or anyone else.

      and if you took the time to read what she said she is talking about people who claim to be love and light and act not in that fashion, just like yourself and all those you defend, which really is no surprise why you wouldnt understand since you cannot see from the inside when you are in a bad place.

  • Yeah John, thought by now you'd know he's actually a lightWARRIOR, not a lightworker.  Please don't go spreading these lies about our dear Andy, k?

    • I honestly don't know the difference between a lightworker and a lightwarrior but I know the one main constant is extreme hypocrisy.

      Andy - Would you be a lamb and explain to us common folk what the difference is?

      Thanks beloved brother!

    • Oh yea he's a lightwarrior, his job is to fight the dark....lol If only he could fight really dark people, not people on this site just questioning and having doubts xD

  • Oh you're gonna drink a beer, that's not lightworkish, how dare you drink a beer, lightworkers aren't supposed to ingest toxins, beer its toxic, it intoxicates you...what kind of lowly rabble puts toxins in their body....ohh myyy.....now watch honey, as I flick my cigarette at him lolol That's a good example actually of how the lightworker community can be at times.

  • Well I'll be damned!  I had no idea lightwarriors put mind altering and mood altering substances in their bodies.  One would think that would lower the vibration of the lightwarrior.  Ya learn something new every day!  Thanks for sharing!

  • lol u got me in stitches here now..


  • no not this one but it has me thinking lol..i would make one..


  • exactly a bit of banter is fun..we learn from each other even when there is a bit of friction..i am not intelligent enough to make a valid point in any direction so just here to provide laughs and refreshments hehe..just wanna do my job well.

    i could do with a slice of that galactic yummy..you can tell imma not ready to be a breatharian lol..well with a lighter body suit i am sure i could be but my physical body still likes cake..ouch there you have it..my weaknesses exposed lol..

    well on 21st i will have a nice healthy meal here with my Hubby, will skype all my family abroad ..pray for everyone and imagine the earth being hugged big time by our galactic Friends.. i am just a simple peep trying to find my way back home, bumping into my very colorful fellow Travelers here..if i can make anyone happy just a little bit..well makes the road to travel on a bit easier..and i accept the love and light even if it corny or cheesy..love and light is all nice..and hugz to you too..

    • I admire your honesty yanjiaren!

This reply was deleted.

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