Absence Of Fear Is Not Bravery

Bravery is, at many times, a virtue while the absence of fear is not always a virtue! You have probably noted some people comes out boasting how much fearless they are, only to find out that they believe anything they want to beleive! They have created an entirely false universe where 'everything is OK' and so 'there is nothing to fear'. This is a typical example of  fearless cowards! They fear fear itself! They talk about it all the time. The fear of fear is the climax of cowardice! A brave person is, first and foremost, not afraid to tremble! This is the big irony.

A brave person is the one who, without being afraid, is ready to face a dangerous or painful situation while fully aware of the impeding danger! An example of a brave person is Jesus, as written about in the bible. So one condition that must be there for bravery to be there is 'danger'! In a universe where there is no danger, there is no need for bravery. The other condition is 'the awareness of the danger'. Many 'new agers' have developed an attitude of 'wilful ignorance' so they may not feel any fear! They need a soothsayer (often a 'channelled message') to constantly assure them that 'everything is, or will soon be ok'. They may at times fall into prey to conspiracy theories but it is all because when we place all the problems 'in the head of a human devil', it becomes easy to see how we may 'soon' triumph over all the problems! In other words conspiracy theories are nothing like the result of strong and courageous people ready to embrace an uncomfortable reality that 'some of us human are demons who cause all the problems'. Nonononono! They are often cowards who cannot stand up to the reality that 'perhaps our problems are not caused by anyone', and therefore there is no easy solution (such as an ET pressing some 'techno-magical' button that shakes all the cabals out of the earth, or stop all nukes etc!).

The conspiracy theories and many other false beliefs are driven by a cowardice need to not feel any fear! A brave person walks fearlessly in the forest fully aware that there is a lion that can kill him. A coward may become fearless, but due to ignorance of the reality. An 'hyper-coward' creats the comfortable reality downright! He becomes 100% fearless not because he is a brave person but because he leaves inside a bubble where 'there are no lions' or 'all lions are friendly' or 'all problems are simply caused by some few cabals' etc. They may talk about some 'love' but only because they are not ready to face bad pple! They want a universe where 'everything is love', not because they are loving people but because they are freaking scared of unloving people! They can't walk tall if they think that they are walking in the midst of dangerous people. In order not to be fearful, he must first assure himself that either 'everyone is a friend' or in case there are enemies, 'he will always win' and if he doesn't see how, then some magical being, be it Jesus or an ET can always come and deal with the enemy.

He boasts that he is a fearless person!😆

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  • I see "fear born of ignorance" and "fear necessary to deal with crisis".
    "Fear born of ignorance" can be dealt with the right knowledge, but some people go the wrong way without trying to seek the right knowledge.
    And, for example, it is a strange person to say "I am not afraid" and not run away even in the face of tsunami.
    People are required to use their fears well to deal with things properly
    • They deny the 'tsunami' so they may not feel any fear. They use various excuses eg 'it is just an illusion'. No one can realy stay without being afraid, if they are convinced that the 'tsunami' is actually comming. So those who fears the fear must find a way of denying the 'tsunami'!
  • Notice that the 'new age' mantra went from 'love and light' into a 'we will win'. This is because the earlier call for 'love' and 'peace' was motivated not by real love but by cowardice! This is a big irony!! Not all those who call out 'peace and love' are actually peaceful or loving pple! The cowards can easily join the chorus! They want 'peace' because they are just scared of war. The fear hating guys out there because they think that they might do something bad to them. So they tell them 'hey, love and light...'.Of course an alternative to such a cowardice motivated preaching of 'love' from all people is to simplify assure yourself that 'you will win'!! Then suddenly then one who was earlier calling for 'peace and love' becomes a war mongerer. And this is what 'new agers' became!!

    To highlight this further, notice that all the focus now is around US politics! They are, of course, concern about 'peace and safety' only because they may be caught up in a mayhem!
    • 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ►
      Context Crossref Comment Greek
      Verse (Click for Chapter)
      New International Version
      While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
  • Revelation 21:7-9
    New King James Version
    7 He who overcomes [a]shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son. 8 But the cowardly, [b]unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
    • Note that this is not the ridiculous doctrine of 'eternal torment'. Revelation is a symbolic book and here, as in elsewhere, 'lake of fire' is interpreted as 'second death', which is ignored by those who preach about the heinous 'eternal torment' nonsense.

      Also note that 'unbelieving' as in all parts of the bible is not 'reasonable scepticism', like we may use it in modern times. The bible uses 'unbeleive' even in the context of an obvious proof such as in the case of Israelites having enough evidence that Yahweh was leading them from Egypt. So Yahweh condemned only those who 'crossed the red sea' but still went on with 'un-believe'. Yahweh did not condemn their children, who did not see the miracles. He did not condemn 'resonable scepticism'. In revelation we are told of a time when God will reveal himself unambiguously but still some will go on with 'un-believe'

      So it seems that the bible uses 'un-believe' like we would 'denialism' in modern times. Scepticism is ok but denialism is not. Some pple will refuse to believe the truth because they donnot want it, not because there is a lack of evidence. Such 'un-believe' is what the bible often condemned.

      Denialsm is an act of cowardice!!
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