A young Korean artist was taken to Hell by Jesus Christ, and she was told to draw on canvas what she saw, so that the world would know the destination of the wicked. What do you think about these paintings? Are these accurate depictions of hell? Would a loving creator send his own creations there as punishment? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to bring the devil’s cake!


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  • So calling bullsh*t on this one.

  • this is a very good post,however,the only evidence i know of is that i witnessed a Realm in a vision in the past 6years where i saw a soul entity who resides in one of the realms of twilight,and i also have read in past study,that there are dark cities,i wonder if this referral would be purgatory?? i wonder,i was given this image from a past member,who is no long a member of ACC,maybe its description is accurate,any comments about its graphics.all most welcomed.8114989896?profile=original

  • Even karma is an archon system you need to remember your multidimensional immortal sovereign self
  • I don't see how my homosexual sister is evil. She is lovely.

    • Well, not everything that sparkles is gold honey, and not everything in the bible or in the stuff people say based on the bible is true. But in general this is true: If you harm others, such as by letting them die in a ditch like most people do the poor, justice comes. And that's why America is set to be beset by ALL SORTS of problems and God doesn't care.

  • I have an Aboriginal friend who had a dream, three times, that he was sitting in the fence between Heaven and Hell, and he could choose which one. He said he was being bad at the time and it helped him to choose to be good instead, and it was the best choice he ever made.

    I think that guilt demands punishment and that these people requested it.

  • for sure Archon programming there is no Hell.

  • what's really interesting here is that so many people into new age stuff believe in outrageous claims about ascension, money being given away so no one has to work-et's are going to step onto the 3d stage and save us, on and on but even though christian hindu and buddhist saints/gurus/masters incarnate all say there is a spirit realm where people are tormented and/or tortured-a realistic extreme nightmare-these same new agers don't believe it

    • I don't think it's a matter of whether theres punishment or not I completely believe we have to pay our debt through different incarnations we feel what we sow.... In that is a lot of torture. Something really bad happened to me when I was a teen so I believe that person in their next life will suffer the same pain they inflicted upon me.

  • Lisa, yes, and it is high time to leave ancient ideas and ancient texts where they belong to, the past.

    We should try to lisen to the voice of God that speak in the present moment! Why should God only shout from past when he is omnipresent?
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