A Unified Field

I am fascinating with science just as much as philosophy.

Any inspiration found is courtesy of the GoldRing.

In the concentric development of dimensional consciousness, humanity ismoved through into the 3rd dimension, following a course of evolution toreach the seed and primal root of individual sovereignty. The 3rddimension is analogous to the solar plexus region, where power iscentered in negative space for the purpose of the manifestation ofpositive creation. To manifest creation on the physical plain, thespiritual mental emotional and astral plains had to be segregated inorder to install a program for intensity and focus with in the extensionof the 3rd dimensional experience. The relationship required aregulator 'valve' which would filter out the highermultidimensional, timeless and infinite awareness, and would also inducea sense of being finite, with the temporal and spatial separation fromwholeness. It is this separation that allows for the regeneration andintensification of seed/root generation.

Through energy deceleration from the higher dimensions of non polarizedtimeless universal experience/energy, to physical duality and stabilizedcrystallization and manifested form, one way valves were institutedupon the organic though not always biological, light or energy streams.This process is the basis of astrological theory where the stars arecommunicators of energy and the planets measure, manage, characterize,and regulate between each other, these energy fields, for the beings andresidents with in their solar systems. From the cosmic energeticprospective, the omni-centric root chakra is the bases of dark matter,the black hole, or the seed of all that comes into conceptual existence.The void and the oneness of all that is, and is the first dimension ofthings.

The experience then expands into the atomic mineral elementalstructures, which is the 2nd dimensional domain of things, and is thebuilding blocks of creativity, variety, contrast, and abundance.

The 3rd dimension, as held with the energy of the solar system and thesolar plexus, becomes the power control and focus for manifestation. Itis here-in that existence arrives at a spatial temporal "mirror" orreflection of what is communicated to be created from cosmic thought, asexemplified by light and love, and its duality.

The 4th dimensional matrix and the heart chakra work in a quantum field,where all probabilities operate upon the astral energies of emotionaldesire, choice, and mental probabilities. Advancing a deceleration fromthe void raises a level of conscious awareness and the disappearance ofspace time.

The 5th dimension operates under concepts of unified field or "stringtheory" and cooperates with string membrane or topological fields ofcreation, which loop or warp and welt with the grounded beings, asfriction is applied

The throat chakra operates to simulate and synthesize the elementalenergies of diversity of the 2ed dimensional field of the naval chakrathrough communication and formulation of feelings into expressions.

With the acceptance of the 6th dimensional energies of GOD or the"higher mind", the focus of single stream of light known as the 3rd eyeis connected and focused into the 3rd dimension. The 3rd and the 6thchakra operate in harmony to empower creation with light energy. The 6thdimension holds the intrinsic mathematics of sacred geometrical forms,witch are the fundamental metamorphic paradigm, containing thearchetypes of all manifestation.

Upon full acceleration of, up and with in the soul template of theindividual light body, held with in the singularity with in the pinealgland of the brain, and the crown chakra of the mind, regeneration ofoneness occurs, and the ascension or expansion of consciousnessawareness is fulfilled.

This awareness is the restructuring upon organic biological matter,where spirit descends into form on behalf of the soul, in order toexperience enlighten and raise more matter into acceleration frompolarized crystallized potential energy.

When seeing the reversal of this energy from the soul into matter, thedeceleration of energy moves from the highest realms of recognizableenergy, which is the pulsations of divine sound, the music of thespheres, the power of the word of the prime intelligence. This is toinitiate the conscious sprite, into purposeful creative action. This"word" is the first creative principal of 7th dimensional sound, whichorganises the sacred geometrical archetypes of the 6th dimension. Thisdivine word is sound, and the sound is friction.

The love and light energy of absolute eternal abundances andtimelessness, flows into existence through layers or dimensions tobecome form. From the 6th dimension where its universal patterns are theinfinite generic geometric design templates, it becomes a unified fieldof living light energy in the 5th dimension. In the 5th dimension lightis spinning through the photonic grid of super conductive waves, whereall is held in the celestial realm of things. The rate of spin is nonpolarized, telepathic, and universal oneness of the resonant field.

Each dimension connects with its closest layer in creating reversal dissonances and accenting harmonics to facilitate the flow.

The geometric filters and valves between dimensions are not created byhigher intelligence, or higher consciousness, but by higher awareness,which are aligned with 8th dimensional agreements and 9th dimensionalhigher intelligent conscious awareness. From the 5th dimension energypasses through "star-gates" vortices into creation. These portals orcelestial light bodies, stars and planetary beings, that assist in theradiating of light and acceptance through love. Begins that manifest thethe expansion of reality into lower dimensions.

The 4th dimensional energy is lowered into contextual fields of contentand becomes emotionally and mentally tangential, where karmaticattributes are applied, and a polarization occurs on the Astral templateof the quantum field.

With in the 4th dimensional realm, duality is perceived to spin asquantum particles become recognizable as electrons, protons, neutrons,and the subatomic groupings of all space time particles.

In the 3rd dimension, the spin of matter locks into tiny space matrices,where events are manifested into spatial realities of individualperception and creation. Consensual reality is the collective agreementof perception of mutual participants in an active field of awareness.The solar plexus Chakra controls the mood and temperament of content ofeach shell that contains a separated peace of cosmic conscious energy,that appears in a spatial temporal location, as a charged materialparticle, event or past experience.

The 3rd dimension is always based on time as a liner separated pastevent that is measured empirically from the point of view of a relativeor subjective observer. The past is negative charged space which createsa vortex which sucks consciousness into unconsciousness and the lowervibratory rates of crystallized internalized being. The 3rd dimensionrests on a platform of elements. The elements are established by theimpersonal interaction of spirit and matter to create complete dualitywhere the attracted energy between them empower the sacred essence ofPrana "the life sustaining force which pervades all living organisms andthe universe, and can be likened to the soul" Kundalini andelectromagnetism.

The 2ed dimension and the naval charka operate to provide the positiveattraction and bring recreation and co-creation of the abundance ofnature. The 2ed dimensional consciousness is home deep with inexperience, as a gift of a appreciation in the comfort of the possessionof being. The essence of being is held in the root in which the seedreaches out to find nourishment from the deepness of the terrestrialsoil and communal substance of manifestation.

The spin and vibratory frequency of energy rests solely with in thegrounded being where the will and the power of eternal potential becomesa pulsation of oneness where duality ceases and the seed of theuniverse is mirrored by the reflection of light in its contrast to thedark.

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  • Very cool Daniel, thanks for posting :-)

    It looks interesting, I don't have time to read it all right now, but I think it definitely makes sense.
    • Thanks :-) It fits nicely into my own personal working model. I am currently updating it. Though I need more education/information on some aspects for me to consider it as true as I possible can. At least until something else becomes more true.
This reply was deleted.

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