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The question of "Who am I" is very important. It's at the heart of life itself. Since the dawn of civilization, we have gone through this form or that form, life after life, experience after experience....trying to find our identity, trying to find who we are.


And we usually always look for it, out there somewhere, out in the world of form. I'm a man, I'm a woman, I'm part of this ethnic group, or part of this country, I'm part of this religion, part of this family, part of this group of folks. People need a sense of identity, a sense of belonging, a sense of being part of a group, because they haven't yet found their true identity.


Or how about we tend to identify also, with our jobs, with our possessions, our spouses, our family, our this is who we are. And as long as we keep doing this...we will never find out who we are, because ultimately the knowledge of who we are lies within.


I've always found it weird how people like to cluster together in groups, and put a part of their sense of self, their sense of identity, into the group. I've never done that, I've always been a lone wolf, I like to be independent and objective. I am nothing and everything. I am friends with everybody and nobody. Even in high school, I was a jock and was friends with all the jocks...I was a nerd and was friends with all the nerds, I was an athlete and was friends with all the athletes, I was a stoner and was friends with all the stoners, I was an outcast and was friends with all the outcasts.....but at the same time, I was none of these things, and was never part of any group. At the workplace too, people cluster together into cliques and I knew everybody but was not part of any one clique.


I've studied every major religion, and I've been to their houses of worship, and they always seem disappointed when they can't get me to identify with their religion lol I tell them I identify with all religions. I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, I am whatever you need me to be. But at the same time, I'm not any of these things.


Even on this site too, people tend to cluster together into cliques. I remember Drekx Omega telling me several different times, you're making the wrong friends here, choosing the wrong allegiances....because I don't ally myself with him and his group of friends. You need to understand Drekx, I don't ally with anybody. I am Switzerland. I identify with everybody and nobody. I don't believe in taking sides, or choosing one group over the other. I don't need to look for a sense of community, or belonging, or some group...I look within myself for that.


I always had a strong sense of self. Obviously I've went through the issues of identifying with outside things...but the more I progress on the spiritual path, the more I identify with me....this soul that is experiencing this story called the life of John Jancar. I know I'm not actually John Jancar. I'm not a human either. I'm not a Sirian, or Andromedan, or Arcturian, I'm not a starseed or even a lightworker. I identify with all of these things, and none of them. I know ultimately, my soul was not forged on this planet, or in Sirius, or soul, ultimately, was forged within GOD. Beyond all manifested form.


So who are we? I've discovered....we are everything....and nothing. We come from God, therefore...we are God...but what is God? God is everything and nothing. God just is...and so we just are, so I just am...I AM. Simple as that. I'm not anything, but I am everything. I am a human, but I'm not. I am John Jancar, but I'm not. I am a Sirian, a Pleiadian, a Arcturian...I am them all...but I'm not any of them. I am an angel, an archangel...I am a demon and demigod...I am this computer, I am the room around me....I am this house....I am the sky and the stars, the rocks and the dirt.....I am this world, I am this solar system, I am this galaxy, my identity encompasses the whollleee of creation! But it also encompasses nothing! I am everything...but I am not. I just am.....I simply just am...


Now the question is....who are YOU? 


This is John Jancar, or me having this experience called John Jancar......wishing you much love, joy, and inspiration.

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Excellent :)

Divine solitude has it's place. It is very important, it's a requisite for spiritual growth, we have to take time for ourselves so we can reflect within and dive deep into our inner waters, only then can we truly find who we are. It's a process, a process I'm still on, as are all of us. For me, the more time we take alone, the better. But ultimately, like you said...we need each other, we need relationships, we need to share and receive love. It's very important...I guess a healthy balance between the two is ideal, although...I still prefer to be alone more often than not lol

I thank you for sharing this, and sharing your love and wisdom with us here...God bless you :)

I really like this post and I kind find myself in it.

I never feel true when i identify with anything and jet I see myself in everything,It's like I can be everything but still at the end of the day nothing of that.

I have never identified myself with my family,with my friends(and been friends with many different  people) or activity group I was in.

In this love time I fell in love with Krishna,Jesus,Buda.. and still I can't choose one religion to identify with.

:D really interesting...

"Guilty feelings for being so inconstant, usually followed..."

 That's me :D

I think that I feel you...I understand everything that you are saying and I like it really much. the end one thing matters,that's LOVE.

P.S. "Sometimes I think that the Masters laugh with our ingenuities..." ,so do I.

Thank you for commenting, me too I love Jesus and Krishna and Buddha...and I neither identify with one religion, I identify with all of them, and none of them. They are all part of me, but they aren't. And I think God is very similar. I think it's very limiting to identify with any form, because who we are ultimately exists beyond form.

Anyways thanks for commenting,  may God bless you :)

Great topic for discussion!...

..Be blessed and loved. :):):)

Hi Lezlianne, it doesn't matter now what happened with others here. As far as I'm concerned, it's over. I've recognized my faults, I've put out my hand in friendship and atonement...I passed my test. Now it's time for them to pass theirs, which I hope they come to do.

Thanks for the comment, I agree with you completely, we are on similar levels most definitely. I don't like labels, it's very limiting, and I am realizing more and more our true self encompasses all. God encompasses all, right? God isn't any label, even the label God. God just is, all.....and nothing. It's very weird to imagine for those who still seek to identify with forms, but this is so.

Like you said, it's about being....nothing beyond that. It's the presence. It's the awareness. It is the But yea I thank you for commenting and please don't worry about offending anyone, always feel free to express yourself!

I hadn't read that one before I replied and feel it needs to be addressed.

Picture God as the magnetic field between magnets, We can't see it yet it does have an effect.

There is so much most cannot comprehend as to cause and effect here.

We are energy, with emotions, with the power to affect things,

That will be enough for now,

Much peace,


Excellent :)

Lol that's so me!

Thanks Lezlianne!(=

I love it John,

Well written,

As for Your question..(=

I am.. whichever form I choose to make it manifest itself.

Same as everyone,

Much love and peace (=


Thank you Steve, indeed we are....we just simply and peace to you my friend :)



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