A Question of Clarity

I stood outside today in the crisp dawn air and closed my eyes.  For a moment I was swept back into pastharvest seasons and found myself intertwined in a storm of realization.  So many seasons that all would seem the sameto someone who isn’t a sensitive.  And bysensitive, I mean to everything.  I cansee the energy waves in the air and I can tell which are positive and which arenegative.   I can hear frequencies thatshouldn’t be clear to my ears, yet human conversation is a frequency to which Iam quite deaf.  I can look to thefarthest point on the horizon, and in a flash, I can spread myself quite literallyfrom where my body stands, all the way to the point on which my vision isfixed.  I can tell you what each place inbetween smells, feels, sounds and looks like up close.  Human emotion that has been cast off hits mein solid waves.  I take them in, transmutethem and send them back out to where they belong.  This is my place.  It is usually a comfortable place until thelast few days.  A door it seems hasopened that should not be.  There is muchactivity among the most negative of energies (she who embodies apathy).  There is something very off balance.  The frequencies that should carry the wavesof love and light are being crowded with dissonance and the song is nowtainted.  I only speak of this to findout if anyone else has noticed this.  Iam looking for another perspective as I am somewhat at a loss and not sure whatto make of this. I only know that it is painful to tune into that frequency tofind out for myself and in some small way, I was hoping to find someone whosenses this as well so I may find a little clarity.

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Using Vedic knowledge beings can be divided into 3 types :Those in the Mode of Goodness..Classed as HUMANSThose in the Mode of Ignorance.AndThose in the Mode of Passion .are the beings who smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, eat meat and use abusive…
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Val: Let's cut to the chase, darling, as you have some thinking I'm not real, some saying "told you so" and some thinkig you are saying you've been lying...which is none of the above.Valana: You're the one that wanted to lead the conversation, you…
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Ancient Aliens – The World Before TimeHistory Channel, Season 15 Episode 629th February 2020https://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2020/06/ancient-aliens-s15e06.htmlMany ancient civilizations dates back to the time that is ever been recorded on earth.
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"Thanks Valana, so glad to hear you are a Christian, you said if we have something positive can post here?  I would love to"
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Joanna commented on Wandercloud's blog post Discernment
"Thanks for sharing, Beth...discernment, as I feel it, evolves and shifts with us...fine-tuning and deepening along the way...it's all part of the journey...💛🦋"
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"This is from the Movie:"Heal" on Netflix Channel. That are Life Storys.
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In an effort to lighten my energies I am writing about my experience as a "Walk in"  My body age is now 80 - my personality age (containing soul) is 74 because I entered this body during anaesthetic in an operation to save my life in the year…

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