a message from our mother in Love

Grounding yourself through joy andcreativity

Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear friends,

I am the voice of the earth. Isalute you all in joy. It warms my heart to experience your presence andopenness towards me. I long to connect with you. We are meant todevelop together and jointly walk the road to a different, new world.

I would like to take you back to thevery origin of our mutual connection and cooperation. I am a livingcreature. I am a conscious being who has received you here on the planetin very ancient times. I was receptive to your arrival here on earthand wanted to learn and grow through your presence. You are not from theearth, you come from the stars. You carry a light within that is newand inspiring to earth and all the realms of nature here. Let meexplain.

As a planet I absorb light from theoutside. The light of the sun warms me and helps me bring forth life onthe planet. I am inspired by the great force of the sun and I need it tocreate and sustain physical life on my skin. The sun is a star. You arerepresentatives of the sun. You carry star light within your soul andbring this light to earth as you are born here.

What was the meaning of this lightdescending on earth? What was the intention behind your coming? You arehere to bring the light of consciousness to me and all of the realms ofnature. You are here to awaken us to inner life. Whereas the physicalsun helps me to create and sustain physical life on earth, your starlight helps me to evolve at an inner level, to grow in consciousness.

To offer a simple illustration ofthis principle, think of what happens when you hold a flower in yourhand and look at it in awe and admiration. You see the exquisite beautyof the flower; you sense its purity, marvel at the colours and enjoy thescent. The flower itself is not aware of its beauty; the flower issimply being itself. But because of your admiration, your presence, yourconsciousness enveloping the flower, something awakens inside it. Shewill start to experience itself as something beautiful and valuable. Sheenjoys your attention and a spark of soul light is awakened in her.

You will see that plants and flowersyou give conscious attention to, simply by enjoying them and caring forthem, will grow more abundantly, have more life force and developstronger roots into the earth. You are creators. By your thoughts,intentions and self-consciousness you are able to add life force andcreative power to living nature on earth. This is exactly what naturelongs to receive from you. All the realms of nature seek to grow inself-awareness, to reach out to the stars, make the connection andabsorb star light within.

Think of the animals you keep in andaround your house, your pets. So many of you have a special bond withthem. Whenever you enter into an intimate relationship with an animal,you receive their unconditional love and loyalty. The animal howeveralso receives something back from you. The animal is touched by yourhuman presence, and the particular type of consciousness that belongs tohumans. Your presence lights a spark of consciousness in their beingand it helps them evolve in their evolution towards greaterself-consciousness.

Everything in the universe isgrowing and evolving towards self-consciousness. Self-consciousnessbrings one closer to awareness of one’s own divinity, one’sindestructible light and creative power. Everything in the universegradually grows towards a state of consciousness in which it realizes: Iam part of God. I am Creator myself. To celebrate your divinecreatorship and handle it with responsibility is the purpose ofcreation.

You are creators, and you as soulshave come to earth to learn to deal with your creative powers in aconscious and responsible way. As creators, you are meant to contributeto my evolution, and to inspire the realms of nature which in turnprovide you with many services and blessings on the material andethereal levels. When you look at the current condition of the planet,it is hard to perceive there was once an original intention for a mutualcooperation between you and the planet.

Things have not worked out asplanned and many would say things have gone wrong. In this momenthowever, I ask you to remember your original excitement to embark uponour mutual adventure. Your loving intention is still alive within yourheart, even if you notice all around that humanity has used her creativepowers unwisely and has damaged earth because of it. Humanity hasveered off its course, taken a detour, one might say.

Originally, you came down to earthfrom a great source of Light, like angel-children. You were innocent andpure, but as your journey progressed, you were led astray. Humanitycame to a point at which it refused to cooperate with the forces ofnature, and instead placed itself in opposition to nature. Humanity thenlost its connection and roots into the greater whole. Out of fear,people sought to gain power over others and over nature, in order tosecure a place for themselves on earth. One could say a fall fromParadise took place. Where you had originally intended to serve life onearth, to nurture and inspire it with your creative powers, you nowexperienced the opposite. In the present, you see what happens whennature is not recognised anymore as a living partner in creation.  

Humanity’s lack of respect fornature and the planet deeply saddens many of you reading this. There issadness in me too about all that has happened. The realms of nature,both animal, plant and rock, have absorbed part of the darkness andnegativity spread by humanity. They have experienced in their own way asense of abandonment, a crack in the all-pervading sense of oneness thatonce was.

Yet, in the very heart of me, thereis lasting love and compassion for all of you, and I ask you to alsofeel compassion for yourself and the whole of humanity. You are involvedin a grand learning process. In any such process it is inevitable thatmistakes are made. It is part of growing and learning that you embark ondetours and dead-ends.

In this age, the collectiveconsciousness of humanity is changing. There are more and more peoplenowadays, who carry in their heart a remembrance of the original bondbetween man and nature. They have a silent awareness of the true andblessed relationship that humans are meant to enter into with me, theirhome planet. Feel again, how deeply you are connected with my being.

I love you so. You are my angels oflight, and still my faith in you has not withered. I ask you toacknowledge me and allow my energy to pour through you again. I am aliving partner walking right beside you on your path of incarnation onearth. By connecting yourself more intimately with me, by groundingyourself more, you bring your star light deep into the material realm.You let it shine and radiate and that will bring the changes on earth sodirely needed right now. By connecting to me from the heart, your trueself will come out. Every human being has a unique contribution to maketo this grand adventure. Your unique gift inspires me, adds life forceto nature and inspires other people as well.

What is grounding about?

I would like to say some more on themeaning of grounding. What does it mean to be connected to earth, to begrounded? Being grounded means: being present in your body, being ableto feel your body from the inside out, feeling the flow of life in everypart, from your head to your toes to your fingertips.  Check foryourself if you can experience this flow. Can you simply feel yourfingertips at this moment? Your toes? Can you feel the life inside ofit?

Being grounded means that you anchoryour star light, your soul light, deep into matter. The part of thematerial world closest to you is your body. The cells and molecules ofyour body are open to receive your light, your soul. You are the sun foryour own body. Your consciousness makes your body alive and endows itwith healing power, life force and vitality. The anchoring of your soulinto your body gives you the strength to fulfil your truest desires inlife. Be aware of your creative power. The more you anchor it into yourbody, the more you truly incarnate on earth and create the changes inyour life that you long for.

When you are grounded, you feelclear and quiet. You are open to your soul’s inspiration and at the sametime you are connected to all that happens around you in everyday life.Making the bridge between cosmos and earth, feeling that connection, iswhat it means to be grounded.

Many of you carry your soul light inthe upper half of your body, around your heart and head. You find itdifficult to let it truly descend into the lower part of your body, yourbelly, legs and feet. One reason why this is hard for you is fear ofyour own greatness. You have fear of being the radiant angel and starthat you are and to make a difference in the world. This fear is old andits roots extend further than only this lifetime. In the past, you haveincarnated on earth many times and you have often felt unwelcome. Youare all in the process of healing this old pain.

I will suggest two ways of groundingyourself and feeling that you are indeed welcome on earth, in yourgreatness, your creative power and your divinity.  

Grounding yourself through joy

The first way is through enjoyment.You are really not used to enjoying. Enjoying what? Everything you canexperience on earth. Your body offers many possibilities for enjoyment,but many of these have been deemed sinful or inferior in your culture.Enjoying the movements of the body, the sunshine on your skin, eatingand drinking, the warm touch of another. Being able to enjoy this has todo with being able to truly receive. Why is this difficult foryou?

Many of you feel there is somethingwrong with you, that you are somehow not right the way you are. You feelyou have to achieve and work hard in order to receive acknowledgementand appraisal. This is a silly idea, seen from the perspective ofnature. Have you ever seen a wild animal work hard to gain recognition?Well no, the animal simply is and takes its right to be forgranted, not as something it must deserve. The animal is able to enjoywithout reserve the sun, the food, a water bath, the seasons and naturalrhythms of life.

You are all invited to receiveand to experience yourself as a divine being who is allowed to receivesimply because of who you are. You are invited to enjoy the simplethings life in a body has to offer you. Receiving seems to be easy, butit is not. It requires a deep level of self love, a deep recognition andappreciation of who you are. Dare to reach out to that level of selflove. Choose one moment every day, in which you ask yourself what youcan do for yourself now that truly pleasures and fulfils you. What doyou really feel like having or doing? Then do it. Do it for you, becauseyou honour yourself and because you are here on earth to enjoyyourself.

When you truly enjoy, whatever itis, without guilt or shame, you are grounded. You are completely presentin the now moment and all is well. There are no thoughts of the past orthe future. Enjoying is being in the now, fully grounded.

Grounding yourself throughcreativity

There is a second way of becomingmore firmly connected to earth, more grounded. It is the way ofcreativity. This is what you are made for. Every human has a naturallonging to express themselves, to manifest themselves in the world. Thishas nothing to do with achieving fame or success in society. Rather, ithas to do with finding a way of expressing yourself that gives you realsatisfaction. It may be the case that raising a family deeply fulfilsyou, or that leading a company inspires you. Perhaps caring for animalsin some way is your heart’s desire, or it may be a type of artisticexpression that feels natural to you.  Every soul longs to expressitself in some manner. The moment you answer to that longing, you feelfulfilled. The moment you allow the natural creativity inside to unfold,you feel “yes, this is me, this is how my energy wants to flow”. 

In that moment, your soul connectsto the heart of earth, the heart of this reality. It is important tofind out what you truly long for in your life and to make room for thecreative flow inside you. This is where your divine essence touchesearth and finds material form.

Now, I would like to impress on youthat you should really stand up for yourselves a bit more in thisrespect. Many of you suppress your impulses to do what your heartdesires.  So often you think of ‘how you should behave’, what isexpected of you, your duties and responsibilities. In that way you willnot find the key to the unfolding of your creative power. Your creativepower speaks to you from your belly, from your gut. It is not concernedwith all the limiting rules and obligations that you have internalized.Break free from this! Feel the fountain of fire and passion springingfrom your belly, and let it flow freely. Sparkles of light will findtheir way from your belly, to your heart, from the inside to theoutside, and you will express yourself in your own original way onearth.  You will see that your creativity will touch other people andthat it will make them joyful and inspired. Following your passion anddesire has a much more positive effect on the world than virtuouslydoing what you’ve been told and forcing yourself to comply with limitingrules and structures.

This is a time of change. It is atime to be brave and take risks, to hear the voice of your heart and actaccording to it in all areas of your life. By truly surrenderingyourself to your heart’s guidance, you dig your roots deep into earth,and you start to feel that life here is truly worth living.

Full circle

The first way of grounding yourselfwas to enjoy and receive. This is an ingoing flow. The second way isabout an outgoing flow: creating and giving. By creating from the heart,you give yourself to the world. Receiving and giving, enjoying andcreating, together make a full circle. It is a healing circle.

The more you dare to enjoy and findyourself worthy to receive, the more you connect with your naturalinspiration, the energy you are meant to share with this world. And asthis flow of inspiration becomes stronger and finds a creative form inthe world, the more you enjoy the love and joy that will befall you onyour path. The flows of giving and receiving, creating and enjoying,mutually reinforce each other.

I, the earth, benefit from thishealing circle of receiving and giving. In this flowing, dynamic circle,I am working with you. It is my desire to nurture and stimulate yourdivine creative power, this unique sparkle in you. Human beings who havedeveloped the capacity to enjoy and create, will naturally enter into adifferent connection with earth. They will be aware of their greatness,their divine nature, and for that very reason understand also that theyare held and carried by a force of Life that connects all beingstogether. Experiencing your own greatness goes hand in hand with a senseof smallness, the realisation of your embeddedness in the great web oflife that sustains you. Humans who honour and respect themselves,naturally cooperate with their living environment, other humans,animals, plants, all of nature. Knowing your greatness goes togetherwith recognising your place in the larger whole, and deriving joy fromthe part you play in it.

A journey to the New Earth

In closing, I would like to ask youto travel with me to the future, to a new earth. Imagine that theevolution we are now in together has progressed a few steps further. Iam myself evolving towards a more expanded self-awareness. This newawareness has been awakened inside me, urged by both the good and thebad times on earth. I am becoming more self-conscious and creative in mybeing. There’s a longing in my heart for a reality in which humanityand earth reinstate their original bond of love and companionship. A newearth on which we joyfully cooperate and I am again inspired by yourlove and thoughtful attention, while I provide you with all that youneed, living in a physical body and attuned to the rhythm of nature.

Imagine this new earth that you allso long for, present in the now moment. In our hearts it is alreadyalive, as a seed. Let us nurture this seed with consciousness and haveit sprout in our imagination. See yourself living on this new earth.What is the first thing you notice? Humans are living in harmony withnature here. Technology is used to support nature rather than manipulateit. See whether you can find yourself a house on this new earth. Thereis a place and a community there in which you feel like you belong. Letyour imagination guide you, and feel no restrictions. Where do you liveon this new earth? Can you find a natural surrounding in which you feelcomfortable? Feel the climate, feel the ease and simplicity of lifethere. Life is pure and simple there, as it is meant to be.

Now take a look at what kind of workyou do. Work means anything that inspires you and gives you a sense offulfilment. What are you doing? You probably live in a small communityof kindred spirits and you do exactly what your soul inspires you to do.What form does your creativity take?

When you see or feel this, know thatyour soul is speaking to you in the present. What you are seeing issomething that you long to do right now, and something you can doright now, if only you trust and dare to be who you are. This is thework of your heart.

Now in this imagination of the newearth, feel also what it is you truly enjoy. Let your inner eye provideyou with a situation in which you truly enjoy yourself and receivesomething from what earth has to offer you. Let an image of what that isspontaneously well up in your mind. What is it that .truly makes youfeel: all is well and I am content.

Feel the flow of giving andreceiving in this place, this new reality. And hold on to it when we goback to the present.

Earth is in a transition stage andthe more people remember what their inspiration is, what they are hereto give and to receive, the sooner the new earth will become a reality.It is you who will give birth to this reality. I thank you for this and Ifind joy in your presence.

© Pamela Kribbe 2010


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    or go to the site of pamela. Much much love to you and to all you beloved ones!

    • Thanks Mariza and Sonny, Finally got to read it. This is wonderful. Thanks. Need all the grounding I can get these days.
  • Marique, the print is yellow, but, if you hold your mouse button down and scroll down on the page, you can read it....it's difficult to see, but can be read. It's like that black print on the dark blue....almost impossible to see.
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